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message 1: by JJ (last edited Nov 27, 2013 03:12PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

JJ Does anyone else think Abe will play a big part in finding Sydney? I think he should have been the first one Adrian called. He has been repeatedly mentioned to have more power in Alchemist affairs than the Guardians or any other Moroi. If anyone could find her whereabouts it would not be Lissa or Marcus, but Abe. Maybe it's just me because I'm amused by their relationship. He kinda treats her like he treats Rose. I think the relationship he has with Rose mirrors the ideal relationship Sydney would want with her own father. Professional when needed but in the end...well...blood is suppose to be thicker than water, right?

Gina No I agree with you, I think he's definitely going to play a major role in rescuing Sydney. That moment they had in the Fiery Heart where he mentioned he would do anything for those he cares about in my opinion was kind of a hint that in silver shadows he's going to help get Sydney back. Rose and Adrian are both going to try and rescue her which is reason enough for him to help, but you're right that there is a connection between them and I think Abe respects her for rebelling against the alchemists and will aid them because he genuinely wants to. :D

Sandra With that bit about Abe in the book I felt the same as your two. I was all: "Aww, I knew he couldn't be that bad." If anyone knows how to get information it's going to be him, he has so many influences in so many things both moroi and alchemists. I think Abe respects Sydney more then she will ever realize, and I think that happened when she told him to back off in the Bloodlines #1. And I think that conversation they had in TFH is just to kind of let her know she is on that list, even if she doesn't realize it.

Can't wait for the next book, I really want to know how this plays out. How they will get to her and how she will fight from within.

message 4: by JJ (new) - rated it 3 stars

JJ Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm so curious about how they'll bail her out and the effect that this will have on her psyche. Honestly this book was not my favorite from the serious. The whole time I kept thinking, "so when are they gonna get caught?" But it was necessary for the next book I suppose. At least we know why her blood taste bad to Strigoi, but then there was the bit about Adrian tasting her blood. Wouldn't he also find it repulsive?

Sandra That's true, but maybe it's strange to only Strigoi, I was wondering about that too. Or maybe it's because Adrian has spirit? I don't know. I hope it get explained some more in Silver Shadows.

Gina I thought - and I could be totally wrong here mind - but I thought the reason strigoi couldn't drink sydney's blood was because they're technically dead and she has magic that she draws from nature or "life magic" if you will. Moroi also use the same positive magic as her which is why Adrian can drink her blood and also why their stakes can kill strogoi - moroi and witches both have "positive, life magic" that clashes with the strigoi's technically dead state. Haha I don't think I explained that very well and it could be totally wrong, but that's what I've pieced together from the books, you're right its not exactly clear :D

Sandra yeah, that's it. And you explained it perfectly. But I hope they explain it some more in detail in Silver Shadows :)

Gina Yeah me too, I'm sure Richelle mead could do a way better job of explaining it than me, but thanks :D haha omg I just want silver shadows now :'( !!!

message 9: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Gina wrote: "I thought - and I could be totally wrong here mind - but I thought the reason strigoi couldn't drink sydney's blood was because they're technically dead and she has magic that she draws from nature..."

I'm pretty sure you're right with that. That was certainly how I understood it but I honestly didn't think it actually needed further explaining. I mean, at some point they're going to have to explain it to someone else and that might clear it up further in future books.
I seriously hope that Abe comes in to help. It seemed like it was going that way in TFH. He is just too much awesome to not have been involved in a high security prison break at some point in his life. And we already know he's happy to supply explosives :P

Sandra Abe has some spies in every thinkable department of any thinkable organisation, he will be their ringleader no doubt. I don't think he will settle for any less role.

Some how I'm thinking that springing Sydney from that hidden place she is at will be a lot harder then springing Rose from her prison in St. Vlad's. Makes that look like child's play haha.

message 11: by Gina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gina Totally agree with you, Abe will most definitely be utilising his network of connections - it wouldn't surprise me if he had alchemists within the re-education centre who owe him favours! Haha :D everyone owes zmey!

Whitney I feel like Abe will help Adrian find her, however, her memories will have been tampered with. And she will be brainwashed like that other alchemist guy (the one that raped her sister). I think the alchemists will use a special ink on her tattoo making unquestioningly loyal to them. Adrian will have to find a way to break down her defenses and get the special injection from Marcus to break the spell on her tattoo so she can be herself again.

Sandra I think the Alchemist will mess Sydney up, but I don't think they get as far as to actually tamper with her mind... They only know about the Vamp lover part, they don't know about the magic, so the re-inking will have no effect, but she might be able to act like it has and fool them all with the big finish. Maybe she even has to lie to Adrian if he is brought in to test her loyalty... That would actually be so cool if that would happen. The drama and suspense...

message 14: by Gina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gina Omg that would be cool! Like she'd have to act all brainwashed and indifferent but drop him a clue that she was still her - like wear her cross necklace!!! :D

Scarlet Abe helping Sydney is something that had never occurred to me. When he said that line about doing whatever it takes to protect those he loves I assumed he meant ratting out Sydney to the Alchemists if he thought it would somehow protect Rose.

But now that the cat is out of the bag about Zoe being the one to turn in Sydney (and what a horrible sister she is BTW!) I definitely agree that what Abe said to Sydney was foreshadowing that he will play a big role in her being rescued. Sydney is friends with Rose which probably means she is someone Abe will to do anything for to keep her safe.

Binari Yeah I think all the main players from the VA series will play a huge part in Sydney's rescue: abe, rose, lissa, dimitri, christian and sonya

message 17: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy I really want everyone to get together and help, but the blurb for Silver Shadows seemed to suggest Adrian was going to be on his own. They may have just been trying to make things more dramatic and stuff by saying that everyone else would give up. I hope they were just being dramatic anyway. I can't imagine people like Rose, Dimitri, Eddie and Jill just sitting back and waiting while their friend gets tortured. I have to wonder whether Trey will decide to get involved too.
But back to Abe, if Rose is involved he will help, and I reckon he has a soft spot for Adrian too after everything that happened between him and Rose.
One thing I am sure of is that July is WAY TOO FAR AWAY!

Sandra I'm still wondering, except for Jill and Sonya who will figure out the connection between Adrian and Sydney. They must be smart enough to figure out that this sudden capture by the Alchemists is not something ordinary.

I love the fact how she gave Eddie a fake 'spell' to get him out of the way. And I agree! July is very far away still!

message 19: by Gina (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gina Yeah, so far Jill, Sonya and Eddie are in the know - as a side note how cute was Eddie when he was all "you guys just work"?! - but I have a feeling Rose will definitely figure it out. That conversation she had with Adrian at the end of last sacrifice when she told him that someday he'd know when he had found the right person, well I think that'll be brought up again between them - maybes if Adrian wants to convince her to help Sydney :D

And yes July is too far away! It gets released near the end of the month as well - its practically august! :D

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