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The aristocracy are top of the Magical hierarchy. They are the ones with all the power. They run the Ministry from behind the scenes and have the majority amount of seats in the Wizarding Parliament. They aristocracy are split into three factions- the light, the dark and neutral or grey. There are 32 families who make up the aristocracy. The oldest male heir will be referred to as Lord, the oldest male will be referred to as Lord as well but they will have a title like the Duke of Essex or something. The females will all be referred to as Lady.

The 32 families are as follows. D- Dark, L- Light, G- Grey

Potter- L
Dumbledore- L
Malfoy- D
Black- G
Lestrange- D
Nott- D
Longbottom- L
Greengrass- D
Shackabolt- L
Weasley- L- the Weasleys lost all their wealth
Zabini- G
Fawley- D
Bell- L
Danvers- G
Abbot- L
Avery- D
Burke- D
Carrow- D
Crouch- G
Flint- D
Gaunt- D
Macmillan- L
Olivander- G
Parkinson- D
Prewett- L
Roiser- D
Rowle- G
Selwyn- G
Shafiq- L
Slughorn- G
Travers- D
Yaxley- D

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