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Thomas Watson | 81 comments The third book in The War of the Second Iteration.

On a mission to bring aid to a beleaguered star system, John Knowles and Eb'shra Wirolen have been hurled by a freak accident across countless light years. They are marooned in uncharted space. As they work to repair their damaged ship, the Eli'ahtna, and the friends they've left behind launch a desperate rescue mission to bring them home, the castaways discover that although they are truly lost, they are not alone.

In this third installment of the series, chance or fate lead to discoveries that promise to change everything Robert MacGregor and his friends think they understand. For the universe is about to reveal itself as more complicated, and dangerous, than they imagined.

Three books done, two to go!

The Plight of the Eli'ahtna

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Thomas Watson | 81 comments Now available for all eReaders and in paperback.

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Thomas Watson | 81 comments I've got this book, and the two previous volumes, involved with the Smashwords "Read An Ebook Week" promotion.

The coupon codes can be found on each title's individual page.

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