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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Alright! Hi :)

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Hey! :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments So are you alright with the apocalypse idea?

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Ya that's great! Any like sub-plot ideas?

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments I love apocalypses this is so exciting lol

Um, do we want zombies or no?

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Lol me too!!

Um sure, So I was thinking maybe we could do like brother and sister for each of us. Maybe the zombies attacked when both of the siblings were very young. One of them were forced to hide away in a warehouse because they were orphans, and too young to defend themselves. The other siblings were the son and daughter of the 2 head generals in the defense against the zombies, their parents died in an attack and they had to take over, changing them into serious bad-asses who have very little patience.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Oh my gosh yes!!!! That is the best idea I've ever heard I love it! Could I play the brother and sister in the warehouse?

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Lol thanks! Ya that's great! Lol I actually wanted to be the generals!

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Yay! Perfect! So for characters do we just want a basic format?

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Whatever you would like :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Alright ;) that's fine ill go get started :)

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Sounds good! :) I will too!

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Name: Brielle Marie Davis
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://m.weheartit.com/entry/36922860... (I'll format the pictures when I can get on my laptop, it's impossible on my iPod with weheartit) Brielle is a relatively small girl all around. She only stands around 5 foot and might be 90 pounds sopping wet. She has about lower back length chocolate brown wavy hair she tends to keep to the side in a braid. She has a pale complexion and these gorgeous green blue big round eyes.
Personality: Brielle grew up in an abandoned warehouse with her brother. People came and people went. She quickly learned she couldn't trust anyone and no mater what, people always left. This left Brielle with a hardened heart. She doesn't want people to get close, but even in a world surrounded with flesh eating monsters, boys managed to force their way in with honeyed words. Then they left again and left another brick on Brielle's heart. This has left Brielle fairly quite, blunt, rude, and a little snarky.
History: It was supposed to be a safe city. Completely quarantined and heavily guarded. But yet they still penetrated it. They still attacked. Brielle was only seven years old, but the memories still haunt her. She remembers the screams of her parents as Drew dragged her into a locked closet. Their parents were prepared in case of an attack and there was a small trap door that led out of the house. They safely made it to a warehouse after the attack. There had been a young woman in the old warehouse who took care of them and explained the basics of survival to the twins. She, however, disappeared eventually just like everyone else. So that is how the two lived for the past 10 years. They hunted a little, but lived through the black (you see, the government was still trying to keep order. They had these certain check points you were supposed to go to and they would distribute food, but it was for an insane price.) bartering system market. There were still many attacks, but Brielle and Drew knew many hiding spots in the warehouse.
Other: Brielle has a scrawny pitbull mutt she calls Bruce she treasures almost as much as she treasures Drew. Drew hates the stupid dog, but won't do anything to take him from his sister.

Name: Andrew, Drew, Liam Davis
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://m.weheartit.com/entry/9399655/...
Drew stands up at 5'10" and, like Bri, is scrawny, but he is toned. He stays in shape, he does exercises to stay strong. He can't afford not to. He has dark brown hair that he keeps a beanie over. He has those same pretty blue eyes Brielle has. It's not hard to tell that they are twins.
Personality: Drew is without a doubt the more diplomatic of the twins. He understands that in order to survive, he must make deals and interact with people. He believes that safety is in numbers, even if he doesn't trust the people. This is why he chose to live in the warehouse which always seems to have people in it, despite Brielle's protests. He is pure business. He swore to take care of Brielle to a dying woman he called Mom and he is determine to stay true to that, even if it kills him. Needless to say, he is fiercely protective of Brielle.
History: On that horrible day, he made a promise to his mom to take care of Brielle. He has tried his best to keep her as sheltered as possible. To keep the true gore that happens in the city away from her eyes. He has done a pretty good job, but in return he has subjected himself to some pretty horrific images. He doesn't tell anyone they are twins for fear it will become a target.

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{{Full name: Toby Steven Spears

{{Any Nicknames:

{{Birthday: June 14th
{{Age: 18

{{Gender: Male

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

{{Personality: Toby is strong-minded ,just like his sister, but not as impulsive and keeps to himself more, not really speaking up. He's still incharge, but stays quiet and stays in the shadows, making him quite mysterious.

•Perfect shot with a gun
•Incredibly smart
•Good planner
•Might not speak up, even if he has a good idea.


{{Hair Color: Brown
{{Hair Style: Long and shaggy
{{Eye Color: Light gray
{{Skin Tone: Deep tan
{{Clothing Style: Loose, easy to move in
{{Height: 6 2'
{{Weight: 204
{{Any tattoos, scars, marks (etc.): Small scar across his lip, and burn scar on his left thigh.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Martha Spears) {Mother(43)-Deceased}
(Drake Spears) {Father(44)-Deceased}
(Gracie Spears) {Sister(16)-Alive}

{{Full name: Gracie Ann Spears

{{Any Nicknames: Cece(What everyone calls her) General

{{Birthday: June 11th
{{Age: 16
{{From?: LA, California

{{Gender: Female

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

{{Personality: Gracie could be a subtle person if her life was different, but it's not. Her life has turned her into mean, ruthless, impatient, impulsive "Professional Badass." She's very independent and reliable. Anything in her that has even the tiniest bit of sympathy or kindness, it's buried so deep hardly anyone could pull it out.

•Skilled with knives
•Skilled with pistols

•Impulse, "Act before thought
•No sympathy

{{Appearance: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/53388773...

{{Hair Color: Blonde
{{Hair Style: Long, straight
{{Eye Color: Deep brown
{{Skin Tone: Lightly tanned
{{Clothing Style: Tight, black, easy to fight and move in
{{Height: 5 3'
{{Weight: 115(A lot from muscle)
{{Any tattoos, scars, marks (etc.): A large scar across her stomach from a knife.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
{{History: Gracie had grown up with no fear, so 10 years ago when the zombies came in when she was simply 6, sure she didn't fight, but she was never afraid. That was until she was 9 and both her parents were killed. Nevertheless a year later she was forced to take command. She didn't really get a childhood, leaving her insensitive, impulsive and rude.

(Martha Spears) {Mother(43)-Deceased}
(Drake Spears) {Father(44)-Deceased}
(Toby Spears) {Brother(18)-Alive}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✿ ~ ♥ ~ ✿~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments I like them!! :) are mine alright?

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They're great! So you wanna start?

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Thanks! Sure

"I don't see why we can't just go out and live in the woods. We could hunt out food instead of steal for it," Brielle said with a frown as she lightly kicked the sidewalk. They spent their time slinking through the city during the brightest time of the day when most of the zombies were wherever they go. They scavenged the city, searched houses, sometimes stole looking for things so Drew could smooth talk and get a can of food it of it down at the Market. The Market was an old warehouse that used to package canned goods. One of the workers, if you could call them that, had known the twins nearly since they were on their own and gave them a special deal on most of te food. He gave Brielle the creeps though, like he had a darker motive.

Drew shook his head at her complaint. "We've talked about it," he hissed, "now be quite. I'm too hungry for another confrentation." He knew that Bri had a point, but he didn't like the idea of not being around people. People were an asset he wasn't willing to give up. And in the city they held a sort of power that he wasn't willing to give up. He stopped and picked up a small key chain and flipped it over. The smallest smile appeared on his face at the symbol on it. "Happy birthday," he said in a soft whisper as he tossed the Batman keychain at Bri. He knew full well how much she liked Batman. She used to make him tell her the story. Most of it he made up based on what he remembered from the movies back before this whole thing happened. She hung onto those stories like a lifeline. He glanced behind him at we before he slipped around the corner with her close at his heals.

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Cece woke up long before Toby or any of the other soldiers and went out to the pier, the only place she could think since this whole thing happened. She sighed and wondered why she went on with this? Day after day, killing, but for what? It's not like the zombies were retreating, and people were dying. It would just be easier to join her mom and dad. But she knew she couldn't, she just couldn't. They didn't live this Earth for her and Toby to give up. They left knowing they would win, they left trusting then, she couldn't let then down.

Toby woke up sweating, his nightmare was re-living his mom and dads deaths. Their death had made the whole force solemn, but even more him. He was there. He was there when they're bodies hit the floor, he saw the light leave their eyes. It haunts him every night, fills his head with the image. It was the only image that could still break Toby down, it was the thing that could still cause him to cry.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle walked quickly out of the Market. She understood she had to be a little flirtatious along with Drew's smooth talking, but these men acted like they haven't seen a woman in ten years an it gave her the creeps. She knew that Drew wouldn't let them do anything to her, but when old Elijah tried to grab her wrists. She should have stabbed him in the hand or something. She slipped er had in her pocket and lightly gripped the knife before running her thumb over the key chain. She waited by the door for him to catch up and lead the way out.

Drew watched as Bri stormed out and turned to Elijah. "Keep your hands off her," he said softly as he took the two cans of food from him.
"You know, I could make her very comfortable if you just send her with me," the man said, looking directly at Drew with his beady brown eyes. Drew simply gave him a look and turned away.
"I will not be considering that, but thank you for the offer," he said firmly and left the store. Bri and him walked in silence back to the warehouse. They passed the pier. It was rather dangerous, especially with food. Occasionally there would be gangs who would jump the incoming ships that brought supplies to the military base on the outskirts of the city. Which you'd think would be suicidal, but it didn't seem the ships crew fought the gangs off too hard. Drew stopped dead in his tracks when he saw somebody there. Bri ran into him and without thinking loudly said, "wha-"

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After re-catching his breath Toby looks around, but yet gets scared again realizing Cece was no where to be seen. He figured she was just by the pier, but he never be too careful. He threw on a brown leather jacket and started sprinting to the pier, but slowed down seeing 2 figures, obviously looking at his sister. He snuck into the shadows and put his finger over the trigger of his pistol and narrowed his eyes, preparing to shoot.

Cece slowly turned around, her hands up. After many years of war, she could tell when someone unfamiliar. She turned around, the innocent look in her eye. If it wasn't a zombie, normally actual people took pity on her. "Listen" she says strongly. "I have an entire army, and they will attack you!" She threatens, even though her hands were still up.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle kept her mouth shut tight as she looked at the girl. It was all she could do to not to roll her eyes at her remark about an army. She had enough sense in her to let Drew do the talking. She very slowly walked up so she was standing next to him and looked over at the girl, trying her best to keep a blank face as she waited for Drew to talk with his smooth, calm voice. He was pretty good at keeping his head.

"Fair enough," Drew said slowly. He shifted the cans of food in his arm to a pocket in his jacket slowly. Whoever this girl was, she didn't need to know they had food. She claimed she had an army, so he was sure she would try and take. "We don't want any trouble. I'm Drew Liam and that is Brielle Marie," he said evenly. Him and Bri had decided along time ago they would never give last names. Last names implied they were related and that became a disadvantage, but giving two names led people to trust them, even if they didn't realize it.

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Cece slowly lowered her arms. "I'm Cece, General Cece" She informs them. "What I want to know is why you're not attacking me. If you're not, I can assume your simply a civilian, and in that case you too should be away in a safe house." She says blankly, walking past them, clearly grabbing her pistol that is in her back pocket.

Toby slowly emerges from the shadows, cautiously. He sees Cece be completely surprised at his appearance, so much so she stumbles back into both of them. Toby quickly picks her back onto her feet. "Gosh..so embarrassing" She mumbles but Toby stays silent

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle actually did roll her eyes at the blank remark. She glanced at Drew and made a slight face at him before returning her eyes to the, in her oppinion, arrogant girl. She just had to keep her mouth shut. Just keep it shut until the girl, General–another eye roll–Cece, left. At the slight of the pistol, Brielle arched an eyebrow and wrapped her fingers around the handle of the knife in er pocket slowly.
At the sudden sight of the boy, she instinctively stepped back and looked to Drew quickly. When it appeared he was no imminent threat, the look of panicked shock was replaced by timid curiosity.

Drew stiffened at the General title. He had heard stories of the military. Many trackers came telling the stories of these generals. They were supposed to be fighting zombies, but he heard they also tended to terrorize and abuse their power around wanderers away from the safe cities. Well, according to what he had heard they, the wanderers, were essentially criminals in the eyes of the government and military. He started to spin a quick lie about how they needed fresh air, but he was untutored by somebody stepping out of the shadows of the building. Don't let his diplomatic aura fool you, he wasn't one to mess around and grabbed a knife from his belt in a swift motion. He had to turn and lightly catch Cece with his shoulder, surely a rather uncomfortable catch for Cece, to avoid catching her with the knife. He turned and looked at the boy, but sense little danger, so he slipped the knife away and signaled for Bri to do the same. He looked expectantly at the two. Might as well get answers.

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Toby was the first to speak up, as Cece was still silently scowling at herself. "I see you've already met my sister, but I'm Toby, and as I'm sure she has already told you, we are generals. And as I'm also sure she's already asked, what are you two doing outside of a safe house?" He asks curiously, not bothering to bring down his pistol, and noting that both the two of them has weapons, sure only knives, but still and who knows they could have more.

Cece noted this as well, but took it more extreme. In one swift movement she removed her own knife from her belt, and put the girl in a head lock, her knife wavering over her head. She'd noticed in more situations than not, wanders of different genders tended to have a close connection, especially if it was just the two of them, and typically the boy would do anything to save the female. "What I want to know is how did wanders get there hands on weapons? I know for a fact they don't sell them in the black markets. But however you got them, I demand you hand them over, now!" She says cruelly,

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle's eyes widened at the sudden head lock and immediately started struggling. Screw the knife above her head. She didn't care. "If we hand them over how the hell are we supposed to protect ourselves?" She hissed slightly breathlessly as she continued to struggle. They were the first words she had said during the encounter, so of course they had to be in a tone lke poison. She tried to twist her head out of her grasp, but had little luck. So, she stopped struggling, knowing Drew would start talking. Halfway through his sentence, she shot a pointy elbow into Cece's gut, praying she would losen the grip. ((I'll let you deride if she does :)))

"Drew and Brielle," Drew replied, his eyes lingering on the pistol before looking at Toby. Pistols both scared and fascinated him. He didn't like the idea they could kill in a mere second, but at the same time he kind of did. But, being at the business end of one left little room for fascination. He was about to respond to Toby's question when Cece out Bri in a headlock. His jaw locked and a fire momentarily flashed through his eyes, but was gone quickly. Anger would do no good, and it was obvious Bri had already let too much go. "Lets act like adults here," he said, an edge to his voice. "Let her go and you can have both little kitchen knives. We had them simply to protect ourselves on a brief walk," he said smoothly.

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Cece didn't take the blow lightly, but her grip didn't falter, she'd had worse. But she decided to slowly release her grip. "You're lucky I didn't snap your neck! Even though I rightfully could have!" She spits. "Now hand them over! I didn't kill you you and don't make me regret it!" She snarls holding out her left hand impatiently.

Toby took a step closer to the boy. Sure, they said they were just taking a walk, but for some reason he just didn't trust him. His instinct told him he should shoot him now, but he'd learned that he couldn't always rely on that. Toby also stayed quiet, he had for many years. It was his job to be large, intimidating and silent. His sister was always the arrogent, ruthless, impulsive one.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments As soon as Brielle could feel the grip losen, she twisted her head out. If only she had Bruce with her. He would tear this arrogant girl apart. She glared at the General and she could feel herself start to tremble in anger. To her, Cece not doing anything and letting er lose showed a sign of weakness, but Brielle said nothing about it. "I'm overjoyed with gratitude," she said coldly. She looked down at her hand with distain and rolled her eyes. "I will hand then over when-" but was interrupted by Drew.

"Thank you for letting her go," Drew said in a business tone. It was impossible to tell if he was being sarcastic or not when he used that tone, and that was just how he liked it. He looked at Bri with concern, but considering the fact she was practically spitting mad he figured she wasn't hurt. As long as she keeps her hot mouth shit thy should be fine. He handed over the knife he had without any objection. They had more back at the warehouse anyways. Bruce was guarding them, the one thing that dog was good for. "Brielle, give then the knife."

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Cece smiled coldly at the knife, tossing it behind her and catching it behind her back with the other hand, obviously just showing off. "You heard your little friend, hand it over!" She snaps at her holding her left hand out again and giving her a look.

Toby crossed his buff arms, his pistol not wavering the position.

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(Sorry hit done too quickly)

It was the same drill, Cece demanded she got what she wanted and Toby stood in the back as part of her persuasion method. He really didn't mind, he'd let her do all the work as long as nobody was completely dependent on him, he feared leadership,

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle rolled her eyes and planted her feet defiantly. There was no way she was going to hand over her favorite knife to some arrogant bully. "See I have this thing where I can't follow demands with a pistol pointed at me and Drew," she said coolly. Her muscles stayed tensed so she would be prepared in case the General, every time that word floated into her mind it was dripping with sarcasm, attacked her again. She really didn't like that girl. Her eyes travles from the pistol in Toby's hand back to the General. "Aren't you people supposed to protect us? Not strip away the only protection we have?" She asked coldly.
((I'm having too much fin playing he XD lol))

Drew could have screamed at Bri with her defiance. She was being cocky and it clashed horribly with Cece. All he wanted was to go home. No confrontations. He even told her that. Did she not see the pistol pointed at the both of them? However, he didn't like the idea of Bri submitting to a general. But come on, these people ha a lot of power. He was curious about their response to Bri's question, but knew he had to change the conversation quickly. "Brielle! Dammit! Hand over the knife. We need to get back. Grandpa Bruce will be worried," he said exasperatedly. Lying was one of his strongest suits. Even the best couldn't tell when he was lying. He masked his true emotions and made their situation seem hopeless. "Grandpa Bruce is so old and has such a weak heart," he explained to the two. "The last thing he needs is to see us missing," he said through clenched teeth to Bri.

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Cece smirked coldly, and gave a rude chuckle. "Well maybe you should've thought of your Grandpa Bruce before defying me." She raised her eyebrows cockily at Bri and laughed again, this one sounding even more cold and more distant, faded. "No boy, you think I haven't seen old people sad, people die!? We're in a damn war!" She screams at Drew. "If you cared cared about your dang Grandpa you wouldn't have left him, would you!?" She screams at him again, her anger with herself coming off and being pointed towards him as she whispers to herself. "You shouldn't have left them Cece..." She mumbles to herself, almost feeling as if she would break down right then and there, but to no avail, she quickly hardens again. "You don't like pistols being pointing towards your head girl?!?!" She taunts. "Well how about this then!" Cece screams pulling out 2 of her own, the fingers posed on the triggers.

Toby sensed his sisters feelings, and he knew they weren't good. He also knew she was being incredibly impulsive, pulling out all her weapons at once, she would never normally do that. He had to stop it from getting any worse. "As you can see, my sister here is incredibly eager for those knives, so Bri, if you'll allow me to call you that, if you would so kindly hand yours over. I won't be the first to shoot, but I assure you my sister will have no problem doing so, and I'll likely follow suit. So if you'd be most kind and hand the knife over." Toby speaks up, smiling widely and trying to make light of the situation even though it's probably useless.

((I know right!!! These characters are seriously so fun to play! This quite honestly is already one of my favorite ever roleplays))

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle rolled her eyes again at the General's practical temper tantrum. She didn't care about dear old Grandpa Bruce. Bruce was her dog and as long as she was home in time to feed him everything was fine. Her outburst really was pathetic to. It was obvious she wasn't use to defiance and now that somebody wasn't worshiping the ground she walked on she was throwing a fit. That was how she saw it. The sudden sight of the two pistols did make her wary. Maybe the General wasn't mentally stable. She had to try hard not to smirk at the thought. She sensed that she could be in real danger now. She glanced over at Toby when he started talking. Yeah, it was time to give in. Just not to her. She took a step closer to him and handed him her knife. "My name is Brielle," she said coldly. Only Drew was alou to call her Bri.

Well, that outburst was not the reaction Drew was hoping for. He was hoping for some pity. At least now he knew what he was dealing with. Come on Bri. If she did not knock it off they would have trouble. Who knew how close Cece was to snapping. It wasn't wise to push somebody like that and there was nothing he could do about it. If she didn't shut up they were going to have more trouble than just three pistols pointed at them. He also noticed the slight rift in Cece's anger. But before he coukd process it Toby spoke up. He glanced at Toby, rather startled by him speaking. What it looked they were doing was a good cop bad cop scenario and it worked. He was actually semi surprised at how quickly Bri had submitted. It wasn't like she was stupid, he was sure she could sense the danger, but she was very prideful and it landed her in near death situations.

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Toby felt the cold, slick metal slice into his hand, a shape of a well-made knife, one of his favorite weapons or as Cece likes to say "Tools", he handed the knife off to her, knowing she'd take it anyway. He shifted over slightly and whispered so that only she could hear her. "Alright, go ahead and tell them." He resumed his position and waited for Cece to let them know, ready at any point to need to either shoot or grab.

Cece smirked, not lowering her guns exept once
to grab the knife from Toby and pocketed it, but soon returned the gun to her position. "We thank you for giving up your weapons and now we will kindly ask that you return with us peacefully, I suggest you not argue. I can easily knock either of you out cold with a single punch, and I also have two well loaded pistols in my hands." She smiled at them coldly. "Yes, as I just said I have two loaded pistols, either one of which I don't I don't mind shooting one of you with. We won't shoot both of y'all, we need to interrogate you, but I have problem shooting one. Oh, and I'll make sure that where I shoot you will kill you, but also cause you to die slowly, causing extreme pain. And I will make the other watch, which I can imagine would be so hard for you two probable love birds." She smiles coldly again, almost smirking. "Ha, never underestimate how cold and cruel a army general can be, especially one who has lost loved ones. I hope I must not tourture or hurt any of you, but Id I have to I promise I'll have not trouble doing so

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments ((Back!!! Sorry! Between school and basketball it got too busy))

Brielle wasn't intimidated. Pissed, but not intimidated. If anything, she bought the empty threats were silly. The girl had to be her age and she didn't believe the General would torture her or Drew. Most definitely not Drew. The boy, Toby, he seemed like the no trouble let Cece do whatever the hell she wanted type. She figured she could play their game. She'd play the exact way she knew best. And that was silence and defiance. It was amazing how angry people would get when you refused to answer their questions. Or even give a reaction. As long as she could keep her temper under control, Brielle would have her way. Te only response she gave to the General's last statement was she looked her dead in the eye and ached an eyebrow.

Drew didn't know what to expect after he was disarmed, but it wasn't that. He curled his fingers into fists and looked at the two. "Interrogate us for what? Do you think we are secretly leading an army of zombies? No. We were out walking. We are not lovers. Simply allies. Actually," he said in a rush, looking between the two, "I'm sure you understand out relationship." His voice was low and solid. He felt like had been played and he hated being played. "You act like you're the only one who has lost loved ones," he whispered, staring at Cece. His eyes traveled down to her pistol and he shifted his weight. "But we are rightfully your prisoners so take us away," he finished, the slightest edge to his voice.

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((It's all good!))

Cece narrowed her eyes at Drew and bit her lip and she moved closer to him, trying to completely comprehend the situation. Her eyes were so narrowed and her face was so closeto his, it was completely unnatural. She decided to speak, a very distinct edge to her voice, but soft enough so only he could hear. "No Drew, you are correct, I am not the only one who lost loved ones, but beside from Toby here I know very few people who were there, right there, fighting in the same area as them. Who were there to see them hit the ground, not only saw them hit it but heard the thundering sound of the life leaving them as they hit, and seeing their eye roll back and not being able to run to them because your about to join them being over run with zombies. And the biggest pain haunts you to this day of the fact it could have been your bullet that pierced their skin from a bad aim. And yes Drew, I do act like it's only happened to me, because pretty much that experience only has happened to me!" She tells him, her voice thick with emotion and her eyes threatening to bring tears, though they don't. She then gets out of his face. "Toby" Is all she has to command and he instantly grabs Bri with a grip that will not faulter. And Cece grabs Drew'd arms pinning them behind his back, she carefully stroked her hands all the way down both his arms, her long lean fingers finding the perfect spot to grab for the most support.

Toby picks up Bri tightly. He didn't particularly like holding people against their will but sometimes duty calls. During the quite lengthy walk, his arms actually got somewhat tired. Even though she had a particularly small frame and he had muscular arms, it still wasn't easy carrying another human. He set her down but quickly pulled his arms around her waist to insure she couldn't get away. He made a move to break the awkward silence. "You know we aren't always this cruel, if you get us at the right time, we do have a nice side." He told her trying to lift the mood, then he took a glance over at his sister. "Well at least I have a nice side." He says shrugging, knowing Cece would never have a nice side.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle's eyes grew wide when she felt herself being picked up. "What the hell are you doing?" She growled. She immediately started squirming, elbowing, kicking, she even resorted to biting, but that reminded her way too much of the monsters that roam the streets and haunt her dreams. So before she actually made contact she stopped and continued fighting. "Put me down. I can freaking walk," she said through clenched teeth as she tried to escape his grasp. It was bad enough she had to go with these people, but to be humiliated by being carried? It insulted every ounce of her dignity. She continued to fight, but, she hasn't eaten all day and she was getting weak. She finally stopped fighting, muttering obscenities under her breath. She breathed a sigh of relief when he put her down, but it was cut short when he wrapped a strong arm around her waist. She set her jaw and continued walking, pointedly leaning away. She snorted at his comment, "I'm sure. You seem like the real charmer."

Drew instinctively took a step back as she stuck her head in his face. He listened to her story that was in gruesome detail and could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He always had too much of an over active imagination, and he didn't really need the description. It was bad enough to see his own parents die. He couldn't imagine seeing... No, he stopped himself and focused at the task on hand, and the potentially unstable girl speaking to him in a dangerously low voice. He looked back straight into her eyes, but his blue eyes were soft. If he wasn't in quite as stressful situation with two guns trained in him a second before he might have played on that emotion, but he felt now wasn't the time. That's how it seemed Drew's mind worked, it was always businesses. How to survive. How to keep Bri alive. Speaking of Bri, he turned around when he heard her and instantly stiffened. "She can walk," he said sharply, but his words obviously meant nothing to Toby. He hated the idea of Bri being carried, but he knew tere was nothing he could do about. He didn't take his eyes off Toby as he picked up Bri. He had to admit, he was impressed with the fight he out up. At this point he was done caring about being diplomatic and negotiable. It was obvious these two wouldn't let then go. His priority now was to make sure he and Bri stayed together and safe. "Are you going to feel me up or just grab me?" He said, feeling the tickling of her fingers up his toned arms. They walked, to God knows where. Drew kept his neck cranked back watching Bri and Toby. After a while, without looking away from the two he asked, "what are we being interrogated about anyways?"

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Toby mouth formed a hard line feeling the sarcasm in Bri's voice. "You know sweet heart your not the sweetest apple on the tree either!" He tells her an edge to his voice. "I think you might understand we can't all be charming, these are dark times filled with war, a lot can change in a person when their lives are filled with war. But I suppose you would know wouldn't you? Being a wanderer and all." He lectures her, his voice becoming quieter and deeper, as it does when he get angry, and quite frankly more people get intimidated by this rather than if he were to tell, and he uses it to his advantage. Seeking Bri was no longer struggling all that much her pulled out his loaded pistol and whispered to her. "Make one move to get away, and I'll shoot you on sight, got it?" He tells her quietly and releases his grip around her, carefully keeping the pistol posed at her skull, his finger hovering over the trigger. He heard Drew's question and with a roll of his eye nodded at Cece to answer him.

Cece hated this, and she hated these two horrid people, Drew and Bri, so stubborn, so defiant, and annoyingly they were smart, which she knew would make it harder to get a good interrogation out of them. As they walked she purposely tightened her grip and dug her nails into Drew's skin, not for pain, but for dicomfort, she was in one hell of a pissed off mood. She heard Drew's question. "You're obviously wanderers, as you've given us no reason to believe anything different. Our army, well our whole government really doesn't know much about the wanderers and the other rebels, we'll simply use the information that you will give us to track down and eliminate your kind." She tells him with false sweetness, and a voice that tells him he should've known that. She saw Toby release Bri, and decided to do the same with Drew, her hands were getting kind of tired from squeezing so hard. She drew her pistol, locking her bullet into place and pushing the barrel into his skull. "I promise make one move and I will pull this trigger, no questions asked." She threatens him. "You'll soon learn, I've lost almost all of my humanity..." She takes a sick laugh. "Hell, I'm more of a machine than a human." And with that she released him, the gun still aimed.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle involuntarily leaned back the lower his voice got, but she never broke eye contact. She was starting to hate Toby just as much as she hated Cece. It was a shame because he at least had the potential to be nice. He even admitted he could be nice, but it was obvious he was just like the other generals she had heard about. "Of course I'm not. I've seen what happens when girls are sweet," she said, trying to match the low volume level of his voice. But instead of sounding intimidating, she made it sound empty and hollow. During his lecture, she made a decision. Around him, she would still be quite like with the General, but instead she would scared. Or maybe confused. Either way she would make herself appear—her thoughts were interrupted when she was let go. She had enough sense not to run away so she looked at Toby. "I don't have a death wish," she said flatly, but looked up so she was looking him in the eye, "but thank you."

Drew sighed slightly when he felt her dig her nails into his arms. Because there was no pain, he almost thought it was comical how girlish the act was. No, not funny, more pathetic, sad even. He sighed again when he Bri caused Toby to snap. He shook his head slightly and turned his head away. He didn't like Cece's explanation for the interrogation. Who planted the seed in the government's mind that all wanderers were bad. Granted there were a few. Some thieves, murderers... Okay so all criminals were wanderers but not all wanderers were criminals. He shifted at the eliminated part. Did they plan to kill them all? He hated the tone she used. Condescending like how you'd talk to a child. He shook his arms out when she let them go and was going to turn his head to look at her when he felt the cool metal of the gun touch his head. Great. "No moves," he agreed in a monotone voice. Yes, it was sad the way she had her humanity pulled away.

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Toby simply nods at her thank you, but does whisper something. "Hang on to those manners sweetheart, here they might just be the only thing that keeps you alive, as you can tell my sister is very short tempered." He advises her, seeing they were approaching camp. It wasn't a pretty sight, but for Toby it was the only home he'd ever have. The whole camp was surrounded by a 10ft electric fence, and at each corner an even taller steel guard tower filled with snipers. On either side of the steel entrance door was a line of soldier, posed with guns at the ready. Toby coughs awkwardly "Welcome Home." He say sarcastically.

Cece smirks as they keep walking, she thought she might finally have them under her control. As they approached the camp Cece let out a pleased sigh. Upon sight of Drew and Bri the line of soldiers let out a sound of thousands of bullets clicking into place, posed on their targets, waiting to order to shoot. "Hold your fire!" Cece barked so loudly even those at the back heard perfectly clear. As soon as they heard the order, the soldiers put up they're guns and stood still, saluting Cece and Toby. "At ease" She tells them with a wave of her hand. The 2 closest to her, obviously the leaders of this specific group, came over. "You want us to take these things. "Nah" Cece replied "I think Toby and I can escort them to the chamber just fine." She tells him in a monotone voice. The two nod and they begin to walk into the camp.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle curled her lips in at the advice and nodded. She couldn't decide why he kept calling her sweetheart. Was he being a sarcastic little son of a bitch? It was hard to tell. She couldn't tell with his tone. It didn't seem like he was, but why else would he be calling her that? She was far from anything sweet. Maybe it was just a pet name he called everyone. It was hard not to assume the worst with these people. Manners, that's exactly what it was, she thought sarcastically. At least her act was working. Getting on Toby's good side would help her a lot. Being vulnerable worked with men a lot more than angry defiance. Who cared about the General. She had a feeling if Toby liked her she would be in good standings either way. She felt little goosebumps cover her arms as they entered the camp. The sight of the camp made it very real that they were prisoners. Brielle's eyes flashed at the comment of one of the soldiers, but said nothing.

Drew shifted his weight at the sound of all those bullets clicking in to place, poised to kill them with one wrong move. As if it wasn't bad enough having one pistol trained on his and Bri's head now they had thousands of snipers trained on them. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise and his muscles stiffen, ready for action. He didn't relax when Cece gave any of her commands. Crap, this was actually happening. He looked from Cece to Toby then at Bri, who he was satisfied to see was silently causing no trouble. He turned back to the two soldiers that had came over. It was sick how they referred to his sister and him as things. He was actually relieved that Cece would be taking them. Not because she made him feel safe, but because he already knew her and had a feeling she wouldn't harm him or Bri int he process. After they left, he glanced at Cece, "where are you bring us?"

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Cece turned to Drew with annoyed eyes after hearing his question. "Did you really just ask me that twerp?" She snapped at him. "I said we'll escort you to the chamber." She sighed and rolled her eyes. "But I suppose you don't know what that is, do you? It's the only place in the entire camp for prisoners, so it's pretty packed. It contains everything, the interrogation room, the prison cells...and well the torture chamber." She explains, her voice faltering at the torture chamber, even with barely any of her humanity left, something about torturing someone softened her. "Now shut up or I'll pull this trigger, you're idiotic comments are giving me a headache and pissing me off!" She snaps at him the hardness returning to her voice.

Toby whispered to her once more. "It's filled in there from head to toe with prisoners in there, they're mostly male, so if stay pretty close to your brother there if you don't want nothin' to happen to you." He tells her plainly, but kindly. He tried to be genuinely kind to all their prisoners, for multiple reasons. For one he knew it'd be a little easier to interrogate them. And second he knew Cece would never drop her badass, hardened, cruel act, so it was up to him to be the "good cop." He then spoke to both Drew and Bri. "You two take a good look at this place. Make one move to escape and you won't make it out alive. So I suggest you don't try, because if you do, that's the last thing you'll ever try." He tells them, with a cruel smile.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle's eyes grew and real fear flashed across her face upon hearing it was packed with prisoners. The only thing that scared as much as zombies were men. She learned that many lost their morals during this whole zombie business. To be a woman wasn't safe, but to be an unarmed woman was suicide. And she has a sinking suspicion that these men were not innocent wanderers. "I-" she whispered back, a slight tremor in her voice. She swallowed and whispered a little more strongly, "I will. Thanks," she said, letting her eyes fall. Yeah, she was playing off that very real fear. She had a feeling it wouldn't change anything, but it was worth a shot. God she hated men. After Toby's threat, a question popped in her mind, but she didn't voice it after the General's outburst.

Drew blinked at her annoyance. The look on his face screaming well I didn't know so don't yell at me. This girl yelled a lot and made a lot of threats. This was a common trait of a lot of make wanderers, actually. Maybe her and the make wanderers would get a long. He also noted the break in her coldness at the mention of the torture charmer. Another confirmation that he probably wouldn't torture either one. For the entire prisoners? That sounded like a brilliant idea. He'd have to keep one hand on Bri at all times. There was something satisfying about pissing off the person who is holding you captive. He was starting to understand why Bri did it so much. Maybe he'd permanently ditch the diplomat seat. If only it wasn't viral to survival. Well, assuming they made it out alive that is. "Thank you both for the lovely suggestions," he said with a curt nod. "We do not have a death wish," he said, repeating his sisters comment.

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Cece sneered at him. "I can see perfectly fine you don't have a death wish, but don't think I still won't kill you if you push me over the edge! Now shut up like I told you too!" She snaps as they approached the "chamber." Cece honestly hated taking prisoners in their, men didn't only intimidate the female prisoners, they kind of made a little nervous too, though she'd never admit it. Even though the was the head general, they were still very disrespectful towards her. As they stepped up to the door Cece took in a deep sigh before pushing it open. Almost instantly the long-time prisoners came over to her and Bri. Cece sent a glare in the direction of a couple who backed away, but even more took their place. These sick men hardly ever saw females, much less two fairly good looking ones at one time. Cece and Bri were getting over whelmed, the guys gathering around and feeling and grabbing Cece from every direction, she was completely violated and uncomfortable. The overflow of men caused her to lose sight of Drew, but luckily she knew she'd find him again, since all the prisoners were wearing the same thing and he was the odd one out. The guys were now really getting on her, one even started to feel up her shirt, successfully. Any physical contact made Cece uncomfortable much less this. She put her pistol to the ceiling and fired, the men retreated from both her and Bri. "You animals!" She barked, her voice echoing even louder than the gunshot. "I am the general! You're lucky you're not all dead! Now move it or you will be! And Drew, come here, now!" She snapped as the prisoners made a line for her to get to the elevator. As they walked toward it, she same guy put his hand up her shirt again, she turned and shot him dead without hesitation. "Put him out!" She barked at another.

Toby just rolled his eyes at Drew's comment and Cece's reply. Even though he was her sister and he respected her greatly, he would admit, she was a little impulsive. As they walked to the "chamber", Toby felt a pain In his stomach, he hated it when Cece went in here. Typically either him or a soldier would drop the prisoners off, Cece never went in, after the incident... And he couldn't believe she was going in now. He felt guilty because if she ever did go inn, he was right there protecting her, but now he was watching Bri and couldn't be there for her. With a sigh he walked in behind her and instantly his worst fears were conformed. The men ran to them like a moth to a lightbulb, practically attacking Bri and Cece. He decided to fend off as many as he could from Bri, if he couldn't help Cece, might as well help someone. But Toby saw it was too much and he had to let Bri out of his sight, helping Cece get the guys off of her well toned body. He saw a guy run her bony hand far up into her shirt he was about to knock him out cold, but instead heard Cece's gunshot ring and pulled his fist back. Cece yelled and eventually the prisoners listened. "Bri, here!" He yelled for her, but didn't know if she heard over Cece's commands. As they walked he saw the same bony hand run it's way up her shirt. Toby's head flew over to the owner of the hand, his eyes blazing, he was about ready to snap the guy's neck, but before he could do anything he heard another gunshot and the guys limp body fell to the floor. Cece was both impulsive and pissed off right now, great.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Brielle glanced over at Drew and caught his eye as they approached what could only be the chamber. Once she did she crossed her fingers at her side and glanced down, motioning with her eyes for him to look down. It was their sign for stick together. She knew by the sounds in there they would. She glanced at Cece to see how she was reacting to those whole thing. She was starting to feel frantic and she didn't like it. She wasn't even armed! She slowly walked in behind Cece. It was like somebody opened a flood gate as a wave of men surrounded them. She stayed close to Toby as men swarmed her. It was animalistic. She tried to fight them off with Toby, but his presence made little difference. Then he disappeared and she found out he made a big difference. Men were touching her everywhere. In places she should be touched. This was worse than anything she ha experienced in the warehouse. Her heart was pounding. She tried to throw elbows and some connected, but she was weak from trying to fight Toby. Hands ripped at er shirt. Suddenly a hand went up her shirt and grouped around. "Drew!" She said in a strangled voice. She tried to fight, but it was like they had her pinned and one was trying to put his hand down her pants. He was half way successful before Drew pushed his way through the crowd and punched him. Finally a shot rang out and the men backed off.
"You alright?" Drew asked before he went to Cece. Brielle nodded slowly and followed him until she found Toby. She glanced over at Drew before walking to Toby. At least he was armed. She glanced up at him and realized she was trembling.

Drew glanced behind him at a low "Drew." , ignoring the pistol on his head. He glanced at Bri, then down to her fingers and nodded. He knew how afraid Bri was of most of the male population and he had a feeling this was all men in the chamber or whatever. He walked in with Cece, wishing he could stay with Bri. The onslaught of men was ridiculous. He had to find Bri. There was no way he was staying with Cece. He let the crowd pull him away. He prayed he would never become become like these men. He shoved and punched a couple to get them out of his way. It sucked behind small. If these men weren't taller they were stronger and everyone wanted the girl for himself. A chill ran over him at the thought. He shoved a few men and ducked a punch. He heard Bri's strangled cry and it ignited a new fire. He shoved an found her. She was completely surrounded by man. One had his hand up her shirt and another was going for her pants. He ran in and punched the man with his hand down her pants, hard. He let go and finally a gunshot sounded. He helped Bri up and put a protective arm around her. "You alright?" He asked, his voice low. She nodded, but he knew she lied. He groans when he heard Cece call for him and walked with Bri over. He let Bri go to Toby and walked silently with Cece to the door. He felt a chill when he saw Cece kill a man who put his hand up her shirt and frantically looked behind in o make sure Bri was okay.

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As all four of them boarded the elevator Cece slammed her fist into the button for the bottom floor, anyone in their right mind could tell she was overly pissed. "I swear... EVERY DAMN TIME!" With a long dramatic sigh she turned to Bri and Drew "I'm sorry..." she muttered, even though she hardly ever apologized, but this was too horrible to just let slide, she was there too, she'd been violated too. "Some of these guys have been here since the war started 10 years ago, actually we have a lot in common, well we've lost any ounce of humanity." She says and gives off another sick laugh. "But I suppose you don't see me sticking my hand down Drew's pants now do you? So I guess we have some differences, but not much....war can change a person..." She says, slowly talking more to herself than to them, the last part so quiet almost no sound came out at all.

Toby was furious. Those men, those boys, those beasts, they had taken advantage of his sister. They were about ready to strip her black spandex suit right off of her, right in front of them. They were barbaric, all of them. He was almost glad Cece shot one dead. Sure, they'd been in here a while, but they was no reason to go mad and feel up his little sister. He was so glad she never wanted a boyfriend, and he hoped she never did want one. Just the thought of her loving some boy gave him shivers. But Cece was in no mood for a love interest, especially right now, she was steaming with anger from head to toe. After she was done with her rant Toby spoke up, "Yes, my apologizes as well, but don't worry, at the interrogation floor it'll be just us, no other prisoners. Cece interrogating Drew, and I Bri. Oh yes, and please cooperate. As you witnessed just now, Cece will use any means to get what she wants." He says as kindly as possible, referring to the now dead man as they stepped off into a dark floor.

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 663 comments Drew was infuriated at this point. He didn't care if they shot him, he was standing by his sister. She had just been felt up and violated and she practically had her shirt ripped off her and they were still going off about the stupid interrogation. He glanced at Cece then Toby and realized he was probably feeling the same thing for Cece. He looked back at Bri, knowing full well it was best to leave her alone right now. In the warehouse a boy had smoothed talked his way to Bri's trust and got her alone... The time Drew came it was too late. No matter how much Bri tried to deny it, she had never duly recovered. He looked at Cece and gave her a nod, acknowledging her apology. Who's bright idea was it to go through a prisoners cell to get to the interrogation room? Shit. They were about to be interrogated. He looked at Bri and gave her a look of encouragement as they stepped off. He didn't want her to be with Toby, but he was glad it wasn't with Cece. They clashed too much.

Bri flexed every muscle she could to stop the trembling and stared at the wall of the elevator. She flinched as Cece yelled, but honestly felt like doing the exact same thing. Images of the warehouse flashed through her mind and a shudder still managed to rip through her clenched body. She had her jaw clenched so tight she was afraid she might break a tooth, but couldn't undo it. She would rather face zombies than the prisoners again. She hated both Toby and Cece for making them walk through that. At least Cece and her... She couldn't finish the thought. How did they manage to get in this situation? She shook her head, but it ended up as a horrible jerky motion since she was so tensed. She focuse on not thinking. She heard Toby's speak, but didn't hear the words. She realize they were leaving the elevator and forced herself to follow. Thinking of the steps, not why she had just endured and not of the interrogation she was about to face.

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Cece silently walked off the elevator, which was almost odd considering most of the time she was yelling. There was nothing else in the room besides a gray wall with three door, each about 15ft from each other, Cece stopped abruptly. "As you can see there are three doors behind me, center is the interrogation, the other two, torture chambers. We have them together, for um obvious reasons..." She said, though it still made it un-comfortable. She had personal experience with torture chambers. Not even a whole year ago she was taken by wanders and tortures to get information. Since she wouldn't talk, they tortured her till almost death, her only hope was the rescue mission that saved her. She was in a coma for four months, but the memories still haunted her and she refused to tell anyone.

Toby followed his sister out of the elevator, and even still he listened intently on what she said even though he knew the place backward and forward. He heard her speak about the torture, he remembered her hurt and he felt her pain. After Cece had finished her little speech, it was Toby's turn to speak up. He walked up next to Cece, so that he was facing them when he talked. "Which one of you would like the pleasure of going first?" He asks with false kindness, flashing them a smile. "You know if our first one gives us enough information, we may not even need to interrogate the other one." Toby informs them slyly.

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