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message 1: by René (new)

René (bookgeek4life) Hi Elizabeth,

I think it would be alright to send an email back politely explaining that you couldn't finish the book and why. Not all books will be up your alley and I would hope that the author understands this.

Treat it like a personal read and if you would stop, then stop.

I've only sent back one book before that I just refused to finish. I explained that while the plot was good, I couldn't connect with it. To me it read more like a textbook than a ya novel. I didn't feel like I would be doing them or the novel justice by continuing to read it. I don't think they took it personally (they never emailed me back) and they still published the book.

I'm usually pretty stubborn so if I can I'll finish the book. Authors get bad reviews all the time, I just think it's better if it's constructive criticism rather than book bashing.

I hope some of that was helpful :)

message 2: by Tiffy (new)

Tiffy | 2 comments I need advice. I am wanting to become a blogger,problem is I'm having a hard time find someone for a few people to run it with me. I don't have friends who read so I came up with a face book page. Now I am wanting to have assistance running it and starting a blog to go with it. How did everyone get their start???

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