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What I don't understand, or maybe I do and I just want to call people out . . .
Ashley Ashley Nov 26, 2013 07:48AM
Okay, so I am going to admit that back in the day I was one of those dorky fourteen year old girls who fell in love with this book the moment I read it and then wanted to jump off a cliff in New Moon when Edward left. I would spend whatever money I had on Twilight junk at the nearest Hot Topic and when I first saw the movie I loved it just because I loved the book.

What I understand is people not liking the book the first time they read it, because everyone has their own opinions, so on, okay. What kind of ticks me off is when people, who used to love the book, now bash it and say that Meyer is a bad writer. Um, excuse me, opinions can change, yes, but I find it strange that thousands, even millions of fans of this book suddenly started hating it and I think a lot of that has to do with the movies.

And I will admit, the movies changed my view on it a bit, yes. But you know what else I think? That people started reading this book because it was the thing that everyone was doing, so now people are hating this book because it is the thing that everyone is doing. And for people to let their judgment be so corrupted by others does not make it okay to sit there and bash the author.

Yes, Twilight did get out of hand with the movies, soundtracks, people biting each other, yeah, and maybe this book is the most unrealistic thing ever written, but all in all, it's a work of Fiction, and I don't think it's half bad. It's my guilty pleasure. And I'm not going to make a discussion topic about "Is she just a bad writer?" Because all of those teenage girls who loved Twilight grew up and think that it's cool to talk about how much it sucks.

And if you don't like Twilight, that's fine. Just don't pretend to suddenly hate the book when you still plan on reading it and watching the movies when no one else is around.

Thank you.

I was a 14 teenager in love with Twilight too, but then i re read them this year (i'm 18 now) and damn! I couldn't understand why i like them so much! I mean, they are not as bad written as a lot of people say, buy they really are cheesy and Bella is the worst leading woman ever. I can't help hating her after I used to love the books. And I don't think these because is on trend to hate Twilight, is because I grew up and I see everything is wrong with the saga :/

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To Ashley... I will admit to wondering the same things that u touched on in your post. While I had no clue about the Twilight books til after I saw the 1st movie back in "09", I went out the very next day & bought all 4 books, & was sucked into the vortex that is Twilight. Book or movie. (Although the books were way better IMO)

While I have read plenty of authors who are by far better writers than Meyer, when it comes to this genre, I still feel love for this series. It just had something that sucked me in & kept me there. So I don't understand either, the bashers of "who once loved it & now hate it" mentality. Or the ones who feel they need to explain themselves, for once "lovin" the series. I love the series for many reasons. The main one being is that the series got me back into reading again. So for that reason alone, The Twilight Saga will always be one of my faves.

While we all have our opinions. & opinions/reading tastes do change over time, it does baffle me how u can love something so much for a time then turn around & just flat out hate it. This has happened to me too with other books/series but not where Twilight is concerned.

For the record I'm 36 I first read Twilight when I was 31.

Ha I'm a former fan who now hates Twilight! Twilight is the perfect teen girl fantasy- perfect Mary Sue and perfect hot guys who fall in love with her. It's super appealing and that's why I bought and read all four books when they came out.

But looking back, it's so poorly written! The whole reason it was appealing then (Mary Sues and bad daydream-type fantasy) is why it's so bad lol! No characters are fleshed out because you're supposed to fill them in with whoever you want and feel like you're Bella in the middle of a world that loves you and recognizes you're *different* and *special.* Also, the way it portrays relationships is
suuuuper messed-up (Edward/Bella ticks all 15 of the Natl Domestic Violence Hotline's list of possible flags for an abusive relationship)

"And if you don't like Twilight, that's fine. Just don't pretend to suddenly hate the book when you still plan on reading it and watching the movies when no one else is around."

But maybe this question wasn't directed at me because I actually do hate the books? lol, they're not my guilty pleasure or anything. It would be boring as fuck to reread them, I just think they're terrible books to give young girls (not because they're badly written fantasies, btw, I think everyone should read really bad books and love them when they're kids, it's just the whole "portrays relationships in a scarily messed up way and I don't want girls growing up thinking that's an ideal" thing)

People change. It's often said that your personality changes every 6 months until you hit 25. People grow up, they stop liking certain things, they move on to different things etc.
I think Twilight is one of those cases where on the one hand you have a whole bunch of societal pressure to hate on it, but on the other you have a bunch of kids who read it at young ages mature and grow up.

Twilight is popcorn literature. Is that bad? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes you need an easy read. I find that my own "hate" for Twilight is dimming. I used to loathe it when I was younger and perhaps that may have been influenced by public opinion at the time. Though I'm still not a fan by any stretch I find that my opinion on Twilight is kind of inane in the long run. It's just not really that important anymore. People like it, that's cool. People hate it, that's fine too. We all have different tastes and preferences.

I think that yes, societal pressure has perhaps influenced some "ex" Twilight fans to "hate on it" but I also think that the original target audience just grew up. Read more, experienced more real life, matured and developed. So their tastes changed along with them.

I LOVED the series when I first read it, couldn't get enough. The characters were engaging, the story suspenseful and I personally felt an emotional connection immediately. But by the time I came to the end of Breaking Dawn I found myself asking, 'okay now why did I start reading this again?' Perhaps it fell short of its initial potential, or went in a different direction than readers anticipated from the first novel. I was fascinated by the Cullens as a family. I was intrigued by Edward and wanted to figure out why he fell in love with Bella. Some of this was covered in Midnight Sun, which unfortunately never made it. But truth be told the whole vampire baby thing creeps me out and the story lost much of its appeal for me after that.

It is a fascinating story. I am 36. I still appreciate the story. Then again I am not a couch critique and I believe that all literature has its place. This story is not masquerading as a classic so why am I to treat as such with excessive evaluations and critiques. Most who are have not learned to appreciate a piece of art for what it is. Not every work is a masterpiece and was not meant to be so. Generally as people age they tend to value worth by comparison even when comparing and apple to an orange. Your frustration is valid. Look at the world we live on. It's like expecting a goose to be an Eagle and constantly criticizing that goose for its absence of Eagle like features. You simply can't compare geese to eagles. The geese will never measure up. If you grow up to be one of the ones who appreciate this particular story for what it is Kudos to you. Remember we live on a fickle world. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate the geese when everyone is pushing for everyone to be Eagles.

I liked Twilight and New Moon, but after reading Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn I changed my views. Something about Eclipse just really annoyed me. And after that point all the books started to annoy me.

I started reading them when I was sixteen, and I started to hate them when I was sixteen. I think I just grew up. I was also overseas when I was reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and I think I started to realize how small minded Bella was. She became a 'Small Town Syndrome' character to me. (A character who knows nothing outside of their own situation and their own problems and has lived in the same place, with the same views for their whole entire life.) Basically she never developed as a character.

I never actually saw the movies when they were in cinema, so they did not influence my stance on the books. I think as my life situation and my views changed, what I enjoyed reading changed as well.

I agree 100% Everyone in my opinion hates on Twilight for absolutely no reason, I have been thinking and came to the conclusion that people don't just hate on it because they actually hate it, but because their friends hate on it.

I like the Twilight Saga. It is not in my favorites but I did enjoy them. My view on it haven't changed that much. I know from the moment I got halfway through the first book that the main character was weak and I didn't like that but I still like the books. I think Meyer is a good author to me, My only really big problem with the Twilight Saga was how weak the main characters were in their own ways but I got over it and found that I just liked the story and I loved all the background characters with it.

I never got the chance to read these books growing up. But once I saw that a movie was coming out based on the books that's when I started to read the books. I'm 34 years old and honestly I love every word of each book. Then when seeing it on screen made me love it even more. What I got out of the books is that when you find your true love you will stop at nothing to be with him/her. I guess I'm a sucker for those happy endings. But I like the immagination that Stephenie had when creating these books. And to see it come to life on screen was the best. Call me old and crazy but I never did like to read while I was in school so I guess I'm catching up and opening my mind to things other than soap operas and reality TV.

Ashley wrote: "Okay, so I am going to admit that back in the day I was one of those dorky fourteen year old girls ..."'re only 15 this year!

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Katie Blahaha
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I think some people have just outgrown those books. I'll admit when I first read Twilight, I thought it was awesome and I still think the series is an ejoyable series to read. But as I've grown and read different and, yes, better books, I can more objectively see the flaws in the writing and the characters.

I don't hate the books (except the last one. I definitely hated the last one), but I've grown out of them.

I actually like the books a lot, and I am *very* happily married. Perhaps that is part of my attraction to them. I am living my own fairy tale, and Bella gets hers, so I don't have to be jealous of her. I just get to say, "Yep, me too." I think I like them more now than I did in high school/college, when I was still wading through the miserable sea of dating.

I couldn't even finish the 1st book the first time around. The quality was that horrible. I thought it was that boring and I began reading it when I was 15. Having read a lot of books already by the time I was 15 I had an idea of what was well written and what wasn't. I couldn't stand Bella or anyone in the book. I hated twilight before it was cool.

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People BITE each other? O.O

I completely agree with Ashley and with the tone of your rant. It is a rant that I have personally ranted many times. I'm not saying that everyone does this, I can accept that some people genuinely hate the books and some people genuinely just changed and realised it wasn't as great as they first thought. But half the planet? I don't think so. And it's curious that, at least with the people I know, it is specifically the people who originally loved it the most that hate it the most now.
I can understand that some people genuinely don't like it or genuinely grew out of it but it's pretty clear that most of them are just changing their opinions to suit what's popular.

Also, the fact that this saga was so loved that it became as famous as it did clearly shows that no matter what anyone says, it is in fact really good. I agree with some of the negative things people say about it, but I don't like how some people totally bash Stephenie Meyer when she in fact succeeded in getting most of the female population obsessed with her novels in the first place. Even if they all started hating it afterwards.

I only read these books because of the movies. I am a big fan of adult paranormal romance, and after enjoying the movies gave this book a chance. I personally feel too old to appreciate the YA genre as a whole. I don't think she is a bad writer, but did find the novels a little too wordy. Too many words used to describe details that don't add anything to the story as a whole. Other than that, it was okay.

Tamara (last edited Dec 31, 2013 09:42AM ) Nov 29, 2013 02:10AM   0 votes
After reading so many good book and so many talented authours Stephenie Myer and her writing style/books/characters all became flat to me.Looking back I liked the books sure but now I cant stand to read them

I love Twilight and I read it in middle school..but I read it so much that now I can no longer read it...because I already know what's going to happen and all. I guess I've grown out of it. The only book I can read over and over is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

It might be with the way the books progressed. Let me come out and say right away that I loved the first book. But I was not taken off my foot by the characters like most people. I know that my female cousins simply adore Edward and keep photos of him in their schoolbooks. But I had nothing. Not even for Bella. The only thing that got me hooked was how these people were so stubbornly in love with each other. I liked it. But then, that's where it stops. The books never try to rise above it.

At the end of the fourth book, if you ask me what this series is all about, I don't really know. I think the reason for all the hatred is that these books are simply about a girl's triangle love story and nothing much else. Perfect for people who are interested in reading such a thing anyhow. But for people who are not emotionally invested in any of the characters, it's a drag.

I agree 100%. When I first read the Twilight series, I wasn't that keen on them - I've never really liked novels that focus heavily on romance, and I like my female characters to be strong and independent - Bella seemed to lose a lot of character when she met Edward, and that didn't sit well with me. However, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way the story was written, and it annoys me when people talk about how poor Meyer's writing skills are - she writes perfectly well and probably ten times better than I ever could. For me, it's content that I don't like, but the way it's written is fine! I think lots of people changed their opinion about Twilight when it became 'mainstream', and now they make fun of it and some can be downright nasty. Get a life!

I was a grown up with kids and still couldn't put them down. She manages to end every chapter with suspense so you keep reading. They don't seem to have reread value however. The suspense is gone and there isn't a lot of depth like Harry Potter, where you get more out of it each time you read it.

Ashley wrote: "Okay, so I am going to admit that back in the day I was one of those dorky fourteen year old girls who fell in love with this book the moment I read it and then wanted to jump off a cliff in New Mo..."
People biting each other? LOL

Jessica (last edited Nov 27, 2013 03:54PM ) Nov 27, 2013 03:53PM   0 votes
I read these books because they were a fast read I found them to be entertaining. I watched the movies after I read the books, and liked them as well. I think it is pointless to carry on about whether an author is a good writer or not - you either like the story, or you don't. I'm not a self-appointed gatekeeper who wants to stop writers I don't care for from publishing, and I hope my friends aren't either.

the reason fans hate this series is that once they read better books, they realized that this series is overrated and maybe less worthy. i loved it the first time i read and these books led me to more and more awesome books in the genre. i do not complain. i know there are too many story flaws which readers point out and compare it with other books. what younger audience appreciate, mature ones will not. that is why i steer clear of the hate discussions of any book. all i ever do is change the rating to suit my mood swings.

I read them when I was young too - 2007/2008, which would have put me at 11 years old - and at the time I really loved them. I didn't wave it around, but I certainly made fanmixes in my head with every song that came on the radio and related everything to the series. What happened to me was I started reading more. It was my first introduction to teen fiction and I loved the difference from what I'd been reading before.

However, once I started reading more and exploring different authors/genres I realized that the characters were kind of flat. Since that's been covered to no end, I'll move directly to my second point: some of the plot points in Twilight made me uncomfortable. The level of obsession in the relationship just straight up crept me out, and the whole baby thing. And don't get me started on the age differences within the different relationships which was also about the power balance and how Edward - and Jacob - always seemed to be the ones doing the rescuing and actually doing stuff. Bella had her moments, but overall she was very damsel-y. That's probably just personal preference, though.

The writing isn't bad, but I'm not willing to label it as "good" either. It was mediocre.

I think most of the people that loved the books then changed their mind to hate them were caving to social pressures. It became a point of being teased if you liked the Twilight series. Much like the young female fans of boy bands (à la One Direction, or Justin Bieber, or whoever came before him), fans of Twilight were called "stupid" and "crazy" by the media and by society as a whole until they were ashamed to be fans of something and turned to hating it. That's just my two cents, though.

I was older when I read this. I loved the story for what it was at the time I read the series. I'll admit by the 4th book I had had enough of the story and I just could not finish it. I found out how it all ended by watching Breaking Dawn. Now I believe the ending for the Breaking Dawn movie was completely different to the book, however it didn't bother me one bit. I received my closure to a story I ended up barely caring for and I am ok with that.

I will say however I was an avid bookworm when I was a kid. Right up until I had my daughter. Then I stopped reading. Life and raising a child sucked me dry and I felt guilty to take a little time out for me to read. My daughter was much older when I picked this series up and I wanted to know what all the hype was. Thanks to these books I found my reading mojo and now I do not feel the slightest bit guilty to sit down and lose myself in new worlds and characters. So thank you Stephanie Meyer :)

deleted user The Twilight series will always have a special place in my heart because it got me into reading ya books. :D
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I like Twilight, but it isn't as appealing as it used to be. I've sort of grown away from it, and I'm not that old. i'm only 17

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