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The EXODUS is nearly upon us...

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Thomas Meyers Click here to find out all about the new FREE short story coming soon! Are you excited?

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Nicola Parkinson | 6 comments Mod
I had the great pleasure of reading this short story last week *grins* and man are you all in for a treat!
I was left hanging when I realised I'd reached the end of the story but as the ever wise and somewhat smart ass author pointed out
* in my best Texan voice* "It's called a short story for a reason"
glad he couldn't see me cos this resulted in my sticking my tongue out it him :P

Once out I will post part of the story...... you know to get you gripped :)then post the link to the rest of the story. Ohhh and if you are yet to pick a copy up why not pop on over to the book page on facebook as I know there are a couple left up for grabs..... simple hit the like button and get a free kindle copy *subjuct to the 25 free copies being available*

Till next time #HonourTheBond

message 3: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Meyers Alright everybody, lets see how we can get Nicola to do her Texas accent and post it on YouTube!

I do thank Ms. Higgins for her kind remarks on Exodus and I hope they're shared with all of you once you read it. And yes, there are still plenty of Kindle copies left to be given out. So if you want one go hit that LIKE button as soon as you can!

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