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Victor Giordano  | 7 comments Mod
Can you identify another cause and effect pattern in today's SSR reading? If not, pick a stem of your choice. Don't forget the detail / because.

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary V. | 3 comments I love seeing Hughes react to Jazz at crime scenes. It puts a smile on my face when he proves him wrong because it's a teenager proving an officer wrong.

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Krzysztofiak | 5 comments One cause and effect pattern I had noticed in my book was a cycle. The author, A.J, has to try and adopt a new idea when trying to live with a bunch of rules and eventually gets used to them and actually, when he stops he starts gain to do something that he doesn't like or doesn't get, and once again enjoys it.

message 4: by Enrique (new)

Enrique | 4 comments I think its crazy how Derrick Rose is out for at least another season, because he came back and didnt even play alot and then gets injured again.

message 5: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 4 comments The cause is that Gracie got charged with murder and the effect is that she got hung for it.

message 6: by Omar (new)

Omar Torres | 6 comments I found it interesting that the theories for the killing of J.F.K was that the CIA, the governor, the limo driver and many more people were suspects of the killing. Its interesting because so many people are suspects but they still are not sure on who did it and where the shots came from.

Nick Jose Villalon | 2 comments Effect: The character Cooper almost jumped off a bridge in an attempt to kill himself.

Cause: His parents didn't accept him being gay.

One cause. One effect.

message 8: by Gaby (new)

Gaby Castillo | 6 comments I find Tyler really suspicious because all the student at Soundview High School are all hyped up on Lucy's disappearance besides him, Madison, and Courtney. Lucy was a pretty, smart, snotty, rich girl that everybody envied. On the other hand Tyler said the rich was annoying and he hated them. Could it be possible that he can be PBleeker? So far in the book I think he is responsible for Lucy's disappearance.

message 9: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie C | 5 comments I think the mom is being really unfair to Jack because he wants to go to Room and he wants to see the things he used to have but she doesn't want him to. Shes being really unfair to him because she won't let him go back to these things she finds bad. He doesn't think they're bad because it's all he ever knew.

message 10: by William (new)

William | 2 comments Cause: Kernel left Beranabus

Effect: Nadia left the group, Kernel found Shark and Dervish, Kernel went back for Beranabus

One cause with multiple effects

message 11: by Marisol (new)

Marisol Martinez | 6 comments The cause: Lias mom is worried that she is not eating and asks Lias dad
The effect: Lia leaves upstairs with her step sister while her parents argue

message 12: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 5 comments One cause was when the lt was discovered as an impostor and then an effect of that would be that he blew up the land rover

message 13: by anthony S. (new)

anthony  S. | 2 comments thy cause:they help a corperation build a maze to study kids in order to help them find a cure for the flare
thy effect:some of the kids get killed and some are scared for life

message 14: by km20505 (new)

km20505 | 5 comments The Science of Fear- People tend to be afraid of events that are highly unlikely due to the fact that they sound very catastrophic because the big amount of description is given of them in movies and such is too high.

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