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Victor Giordano  | 8 comments Mod
Can you identify another cause and effect pattern in today's SSR reading? If not, pick a stem of your choice. Don't forget the detail / because.

message 2: by Geza (new)

Geza I honestly do not like this book at all because the story lags so behind and it's so uneventful. I'm hoping the change this book tomorrow.

message 3: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Magana | 4 comments I think it is sad because Jasper was able to learn more about the crime than the cops did.

message 4: by ae20481 (new)

ae20481 | 2 comments I found it the character Richman weird because in the book the company can't find anything on the guy from his old guy in marketing. Even though he wasted thousands of dollars and didn't get any customers.

message 5: by Naty (new)

Naty Ceja | 4 comments Since Ermaso's Mom is alcoholic and passed out in the bathroom they had to take her to the hospital. (Cause and Effect).

message 6: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Guerrero | 5 comments They should just trade the whole Chicago Bulls team to win the lottery. They should trade other players for Carmelo Anthony, and surround the team around Carmelo instead of Derrick Rose since Derrick Rose is constantly getting injured.

message 7: by Adrian (new)

Adrian | 5 comments I think its a smart idea to Boozer, Deng,and Noah because they need a better team not just a team that revolves around Rose. They need good people that we can rely so we don't rely on Rose since he is always injured.

Suppaswagzilladoe | 5 comments its dope how they just ripped up this poor guys work that was that Lucas shmit

message 9: by Isai (new)

Isai | 6 comments Since Derrick Rose got injured the Bulls season wont be as successful this season as it was expected. (Cause and Effect)

message 10: by Ivan (new)

Ivan Salgado | 3 comments Since the girl that has leukemia is going to die because she had it strong make a dream foundation is making her wedding real. Cause and Effect. She has leukemia so make a wish foundation is giving her a good wedding.

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