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Victor Giordano  | 8 comments Mod
Can you identify another cause and effect pattern in today's SSR reading? If not, pick a stem of your choice. Don't forget the detail / because.

message 2: by aj21022 (new)

aj21022 | 2 comments Nailer's dad is high and not himself, so when he see's him with Pima and Nita he threatens to kill them all.

message 3: by Jesus (new)

Jesus H | 2 comments Because Darrel was eating a lot, he gained 10 pounds.

message 4: by Katie (new)

Katie Ramirez | 2 comments I couldn't really find a cause and effect, but in the story so far the main characters Max and Frannie are in a research lab. They find all of Max's friends in a room, but they look like they are about to drop dead. I wonder how Frannie feels like because this new world of cross mutations between human and animals is a very surprising to her.

message 5: by Julissa (new)

Julissa D (JD20293) | 2 comments Sethie is mad at her mom because she wouldn't let her go to Jayne's or her boyfriend's for thanksgiving. Also because her mom is never there and now she wants time with her. (One cause multiple effects)

message 6: by Claudia (new)

Claudia U | 5 comments on page 153 Maggie talked to the girl locked up about the cause of the drunk accident she was in.

C:Because of the accident
E: she has a limp, people look at her when she walks, and she lost her tennis scholar ship.

message 7: by Alfredo (new)

Alfredo Recendez | 2 comments Now that Sissy and boy are gone from there abusive guardians they now live with some friends but they get in trouble as they are graffiting on a wall and boy falls of the building and dies, none of this would have happened if there parents never had left them.

message 8: by Joselin (new)

Joselin P. | 6 comments Nikki keeps calling Dee when she is not supposed to, The police could find that suspicious. Dee is also mad at Nikki.

message 9: by Janeth (new)

Janeth E | 2 comments Christian Grey is very mysterious therefore Anastasia continues to want to be with him and discover more of he is.

message 10: by Sarah (new)

Sarah S | 2 comments I first understood what Nina did, and why she did it, but now i'm not sure what was going through head when it wasn't confirmed it was her.

message 11: by Samuel (new)

Samuel R. | 3 comments Michel needed some food so he went to the store. 1 cause and effect.

message 12: by Jesse (new)

Jesse Mercado | 6 comments Carter hates Andre and he tries to beat him in everything so it makes him be good at everything that andre does

message 13: by Jesse (last edited Jan 30, 2014 07:57AM) (new)

Jesse Mercado | 6 comments i think that Carter should stop trying to go with their friends when he wants to be in drama and he is good at doing plays and stuff like that but hes to afraid that his friends are going to think he is weak

message 14: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 5 comments I really like how Clay is deciding to listen to the tapes that Hannah recorded because he could've chose not to listen to them at all and not get involved with something that happened in the past but instead he's interested and is choosing to listen.

message 15: by Martin (new)

Martin  I | 3 comments I like this book because there's a lot of peer pressure of doing stupid things.

message 16: by Salvador (new)

Salvador Salgado | 3 comments I dislike how this girl falls from the tree and she doesn't even get hurt, because last time I fell from a tree and I sprained my ankle. She doesn't even get hurt, but then again I landed wrong and maybe she landed differently.

message 17: by Danny (new)

Danny | 4 comments I think my character is really strong to be able to go through all the things he has to and he has to wake up in a different body everyday

message 18: by Eric (new)

Eric Ruiz | 3 comments I think Jonas should just wait for his Chief Officer because he would get in trouble for leaving the prisoners by themselfes

message 19: by Tammy (new)

Tammy | 3 comments I think this book is a good mystery, but sometimes it is confusing because sometimes it's not clear who the narrator is. There is 4 or 5 main girls in the book, and that is why it is confusing who the narrator is. But also because sometimes the narrator is like a person observing them all.

message 20: by Manny (new)

Manny Rivera | 3 comments i think that raymundo shouldn't have left to Puerto Rico in the first place.

message 21: by Edwin (new)

Edwin Montero | 2 comments I think this book is boring because it doesn't have an interesting feel to it by starting off talking about a dumb conversation.

message 22: by Brody (new)

Brody | 1 comments I'm reading Lone Survivor and I think it is crazy because they have to go through a lot of stuff to become a navy seal. They have to go through a lot of physical pain but they also get emotionally torn down like every day they get screamed at constantly but they can't say anything and just have to take it.

message 23: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Bachochin | 4 comments I hate the way that the babysitter treats Chloe because she was just a little girl and her parents gave her strict instructions about not going in to the basement.

message 24: by Joselin (new)

Joselin P. | 6 comments I think Brit is wrong for putting up an act that she's perfect because by doing that she is risking the truth to come out and people will judge her for being fake.

message 25: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela Castillo | 3 comments What I would say to Deenie would be to realize that she can really hurt herself by working out to much because she's already half way there. She's already lost a friend because of her fear of not working out.

message 26: by Amber (new)

Amber Smolen | 5 comments I really don't like this book because it doesn't catch my interest . its just really slow , like there isn't any action or romance in it.

message 27: by Claudia (new)

Claudia U | 5 comments I think what butter is going to do is crazy. He is tired of all the people bullying him because he is obese so he is going to decide to make his own webpage where he is going to record him self eat himself to death. Which i think is an insane way to die and showing those people who hurt you.

Victor Giordano  | 8 comments Mod
Claudia wrote: "I think what butter is going to do is crazy. He is tired of all the people bullying him because he is obese so he is going to decide to make his own webpage where he is going to record him self eat..."

that's messed up. reminds me of the movie seven.

Victor Giordano  | 8 comments Mod
Amber wrote: "I really don't like this book because it doesn't catch my interest . its just really slow , like there isn't any action or romance in it."

what does it have in it? why not switch it?

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