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If your wondering who the staff are or who is your head of house, this is where you go;

- Herboligy: Abel Moreau, a small bearded portly man who is slightly on the strange side
- Divination: Lilian Aaunuette, a vicious french woman who is a true seer
- Arithmacy: Matilda Frost, is as cold as her name suggests as well as being very stern
- History of Magic: Binns, yes he is still at it, our lovable ghost professor
- Study of Ancient Runes: Bathsheda Babblin,belives that all writing should be in runes, a very young energetic woman
- Astronomy: Maxwell Villion,he is well, one of the best looking professors Hogwarts has ever seen, probably besides professor York, professor Thorn and professor Luim but he has not a speck of modesty
- Charms: Felix Thorn, the charming charms teacher who is a known alcoholic but still extremely nice
- Defence Against the Dark Arts: Alistair York, and energetic handsome ex-Auror who can be extremely hard-core during lessons
- Potions: Safrika Wickham, is probably one of the saner of all teachers, but she does look like the muggles idea of a witch
- Transfiguration: Xinoh Luim,loves to entertain his class, bringing everyone into activities with joy
- Muggle Studies: Kevin White, is fairly boring, the only interesting trait in which he has is the fact that he is married to a muggle... yeah...
- Care of Magical Creatures: Gilbert Hues, loves getting the students to be 'hands on', though he can get a bit carried away

Of course the Headmaster; named Charlie Griffith a kind old portly man who has the immediate reaction of 'santa' to each student.

Madame Thornton is the cold harsh librarian who is practically in love with her books.

Monsieur Ryan Elliot, the flying instrustor and Quidditch referee is the warm hearted French-Canadian who is rather fond of putting maple syrip ontop of everything.

Mrs Veronica Mercury is the vicious Russian care-taker who cannot stand the sight of her sparkling clean corridors to be dirtied the slightest is extremely harsh and on point with the rules.

Madame Aria O'Conner is the portly old scottish woman who runs the Hospital wing with warmth and care (and of course a nice shot of scotch)

Mr Oak Ballogun is the quiet and impassive African game-keeper. He is quite nice though he doesn't show much emotion. He will always wecome you even if you feel like you're not wanted and will always offer you some of his strange looking... lumps? which supprisingly taste ok.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Ahh right head of houses, so;

Professor Lilian Aaunuette is head of Ravenclaw
Professor Xinoh Luim is head of Hufflepuff
Professor Alistair York is head of Gryffindor
Professor Felix Thorn is head of Slytherin

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