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Sean Lockwood I have recently read Jack Finney Time and Again after Stepehen King recommended it at the end of his latest book 11.22.63.

I have to say I enjoyed 11.22.63 alot more.

Ive read a plethora of time travel related bokos including:

Timeline - Michael Cricton
Time Riders - Alex Scarrow
11.22.63 - Stephen King

Im after my next adventure if anyone can help? I love the idea of time travel and I am looking for a book that centres around it.

Many Thanks

Brenda Clough You've read LEST DARKNESS FALL, by L. Sprague DeCamp? THE END OF ETERNITY, by Isaac Asimov? Classics of the genre -- you can hardly talk about TT without reading them. I have written in the area myself, but it's a favorite SF trope and lots of people have. How about the recent REDSHIRTS, by John Scalzi?

Simone Replay by Ken Grimwood

I loved Replay by Ken Grimwood

Simone and In the Garden of Iden (The Company, #1) by Kage Baker

In the Garden of Iden (The Company #1)

by Kage Baker

Simone especially:

Blackout by Connie Willis

All Clear by Connie Willis

Black out and All Clear by Connie Willis... annoying that it's 2 books because you can't read one without the other.

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J. Dallas I can recommend two books. One is straight forward time travel, the other is quasi-time travel.

1) Bid Time Return (Also know as: Somewhere in Time) By the late, great Richard Matheson.

2) Time out of mind (Quasi-time travel) By John R. Maxim.

I have read and re-read both of them numerous times.
As an added note, in case you were unaware, Jack Finney had a sequel to Time and Again. It's titled: From Time to Time.

Brenda Clough The sequel is depressing, however. I do not recommend it. Finney wrote it years after the first book, and it is way less good.

Simone Brenda wrote: "The sequel is depressing, however. I do not recommend it. Finney wrote it years after the first book, and it is way less good."

agreed. Not as good by far!

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Leann Try The House on the Strand. I read it years ago and still think about this story, especially the parts set in the past.

Cheryl is busier irl atm. And of course there's a time travel group right here on goodreads. We're discussing Time and Again June 2014.


Garrett Smith Sean,

Take a look at our time travel book, Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) by Garrett Smith . You can read the first two chapters at our web site www.paradoxseries.com.

We are currently working on the second book in the series.

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Michael McGrinder Connie Willis has been mentioned. I would add her Doomsday Book . Some hate it, some love it; some who love it think it highly flawed. I loved it.

JDK1962 Not actually a time travel book, but Robert J. Sawyer's book Flashforward did some playing around with time that I found very entertaining.

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C. check out my 2 bookshelves on the subject, you should be able to find some titles that are appealing Happy Reading! :D



P.S. I did not care for Jack Finneys' Time and Again

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