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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
So now you all need to create a character. You can have up to five characters; whether their siblings, best friends, lovers, enemies or just strangers it doesn't matter. Please don't start role-playing until you have been approved by a moderator. Once you have been approved, you'll be put onto the student roster and will be sorted (although you can tell us what house you'd rather be in). When creating your character please don't use a character or even a name from Harry Potter (like Potters, Blacks or even Longbottoms).
Oh and one small thing. You're character's can't be some sort of amazing and sparkly person who can perfectly do everything. Give your character some faults and some positives, it gives them depth and makes it even more the fun when you fail epically at some sort of spell and then do it correctly later, it gives you this happy buzz.
Make your character realistic and give the profile lots of details, we all want to know evrey little quirk you character has, or if they have some sort of weird way of speaking. Anything vaugly important include it. We all love thick and rich characters so please try to do well.

Ok time to meet some students! Please include all information you deem nessesary in a little 'profile' in a post below;

Full name:
Wand: (a good website to find out the wand specifications that I, and a few others, like to use is; )
Physical description:

*Younger wizards and witches cannot preform this type of complicated magic
N.O: If you want to be a animagus please make sure you are of appropriate age (say around 14 years of age). The animal you want to turn into has to have some sort of link to you're characters personality, as well as you're physical features. Remember that becoming an animagus is a long and tedious thing to do and they are rather rare, so we can't have too many animals running around ;)

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Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
Name: Mirabella Nox

She has no nickname currently.

Age and year: 14 and 4th year

Physical description: she is 5'4" and skinny with slightly tanned skin, has dark, almost black hair and hazel eyes that sometimes look yellow in the sunlight.

Personality: she is very quirky with a charismatic personality. She has no problem talking to strangers and love to tell jokes. She also has a laid back side to her although it isn't obvious at first and she is also very forgiving, giving everybody a chance as long as she can see that they are good somewhere inside of them. She is often late to places and is almost always a bit disorganised but she always tries her hardest. She excels transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures as she loves to be as close to animals and nature as possible. She also loves charms and likes to play pranks on people when she is given the opportunity. She can be a bit cheeky at times but she is a fun, loving and loyal friend to those who treat her with the same respect.

History/blood/family: Her father is a Ravenclaw and her mother is a Slytherin. She seemed to gain much of her fathers intelligence but lacks his diligence and gained her mothers stubbornness and bravery but none of her wickedness. She grew up living in a muggle town with her parents because they liked the quieter life and went to school like an normal muggle would. She was introduced to magic from a young age with things such as bewitched vacuum cleaners and other things like that. Her parents were thrilled when she got into Hogwarts(although they expected nothing less from their daughter) and she has been going there for the past 4 years.

Pets: a black cat named Umbra

Wand: a supple, 12 3/4 in ebony with phoenix feather
Patronus: a wolf

Other: she is an animagi and she can turn into a gray wolf. Her identifiable mark is her eyes being the same colour no matter what form she takes. She is not registered.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
So as an example I think I'll put up mine (and I also need a character XP)

Full name: Caeli Corona Rouva
Nickname(s): Lili or Crona, her sister Equulei calls her Lili because it is a lot easier to say and she prefers the name Crona to her first name.
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Year: 4th year
Blood: Pure
Wand: 13 inches Willow, dragon heartstring
Preferred House/Position: Slytherin
Physical description: She is 5'2" with pale ivory skin and is extremely slender. One of her eyes is a bright purple and the other is covered by a leather eye patch. She has straight long black hair with one silver streak on the side and long bangs that constantly covers her eyes and shadows her face. Most people always try to get the eye patch off of her to find out what is underneath but she just can never be bothered to take it off, and she thinks of it is a pain to put it back on.She is very lean and graceful and walks like she is of royalty. She wears her school uniform with pride but in casual attire she wears simple knee length black or white dresses as well as a white coat with black fur trims. She always wears a necklace with a angel charm as well as a small bronze ring on her right pinkie finger.
Personality: Crona is usually quite quiet and proud but when you get to know her well you find that she is a very kind and caring person although very awkward in showing her feelings but still extremely proud of her heritage and would feel disappointed if she didn’t make it into Slytherin. She feels slightly scared around people so she acts very tough and cold-hearted but always feels bad for it afterwards. Although she has an immense fear of people she is very manipulative towards people who she or her friends don't like. Once you befriend her and gain her trust and she trusts you she is extremely loyal and kind towards you. Crona cherishes her younger sister and absolutely spoils her. She is extremely respectful for her elders and seniors as well as people her age or younger who she thinks deserves it. Crona excels at Astronomy and Defence Against the Dark Arts and enjoys both immensely. She loves to play games like wizarding chess or even muggle games like cards but if she isn't playing games or sitting with her head in a book she would be sitting quietly in a corner eating candy daydreaming.
History: Both of her parents are pure-blooded Slytherin and she is proud of it, although she feels slightly pressured to live up to their expectations; doubting their trust slightly. She first discovered magic when she accidently showered sparks in shapes of constellations into her little sisters's face giving her big green pussy welts. She had never had that many friends before she came to school as most of the other children she was with were too stuck-up for her pleasure so she would stay inside studying, reading or playing by herself of with her pet cat; Pavo.
Family: Equulei Cygni Rouva (little sister), Eridane Rouva (mother), Orion Rouva (father)
Pet(s): Pavo; a black cat
Relationship(s): Equulei is her sister, Mirabella is her best friend
Possessions: A old and worn bound book, violin, chess sets and games.
Patronus: A sleek black panther

And yes here is the other :)

Full name: Equulei Cygni Rouva
Nickname(s): Equ
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Year: 1st year
Blood: Pure
Wand: 11 inches Ash, Unicorn hair
Preferred House/Position: Slytherin
Physical description: She is only 4'11" and is small, slight and delicate in every part of her body. She has rosy pale skin, bright purple eyes like her sister and white hair which she always wears in two pigtails with one black streak to the side. Her long bangs are held back by a multiple of brightly coloured clips, some even adorned with cute little pictures of animals. Equulei looks a lot like her sister and tries to have the same posture as her, but her body is full of energy so she is always skipping around. When she isn't wearing her uniforms she wears brightly coloured cute outfits that is always easy to run around and play in. The only accessory she wears a necklace with a angel charm, exact to her sisters as well as a bronze ring on her left pinkie finger.
Personality: Equulei is a bright and bubbly child, she can almost always brighten up the mood of any place and is always found smiling. She looks up to her sister a lot and tries to always be together with her. Equulei has many friends but she still sticks by her sister and when she is alone she always plays with her stuffed toys and talks to them. Equulei, unlike her sister at times, is always truthful and is always willing to help anybody. She is a very pure child and takes immense interest in all creatures, whether magical or not and loves the subject Care of Magical Creatures. She isn't as proud of her heritage as her sister, its more like she has no care for it and disregards the fact that she is pure blood, by almost never mentioning it. As a child she would sometimes go into the muggle town, always watched over by Crona, and play with the other children. She is still very childish and has yet to mature and when there is candy involved she would go into the extreme.
History: Both of her parents are descended from a line of pure blooded Slytherins but she feels no pressure into what house she goes into besides the fact to be with her sister. Her parents know that it is useless to pressure her into not liking muggles and have long given it up. She had later signs than most kids of magic but when her sister returned for christmas one winter she was so excited that she burst sparks into the air as well as long streamers which did end up attempting to strangle her mother.
Family: Caeli Corona Rouva (big sister), Eridane Rouva (mother), Orion Rouva (father)
Relationship(s): Crona is her big sister
Pet(s): A Eurasian owl named Aquila
Possessions: A large collection of stuffed toys
Patronus: Unable to learn that magic yet

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Well I guess I should approve both of mine as well as Mirabella Nox, thanks!

So... both Crona and Equ (from mine) have both been sorted into Slytherin
Mirabella Nox you belong in Gryffindor!

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Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
equ doesnt sould like a slytherin. i honestly think that she would be a hufflepuff. cool. btw i thought you said you would make me a moderator DX<

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
give me a sec

message 7: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Fine I give in, Equ is now officially in HUFFLEPUFF!

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Full name: Luka Phillips

Nickname(s): none

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Year: 4

Blood: Half-Blood

Wand: 12 ½ Ash with Dragon Heartstring

Physical description: He is 5’8”, average height for his age. He has olive skin, bright green eyes and shaggy dark brown hair that reaches just past his ears and is parted to the side. When dressing in casual clothes his preferred colours are black, white and red and you'll often seeing him wearing merchandise of his favourite bands or other pop culture references that none of the purebloods understand. He constantly wears a jacket that his older brother gave to him and it's often paired with black or dark jeans.

Personality: Luka is genuinely a nice person once you get past his awkwardly shy exterior. He isn't the best at expressing his feelings so it can be very frustrating being friends at first. He is also very observant of his surroundings and other people’s moods. He is very charismatic when he needs to be and can charm his way out of almost anything. It can be hard to gain his trust easily, but if you do he is a trustworthy and loyal friend. When you do make friends with him it’s like he becomes a whole different person. He’s used to being reserved and quiet when at home around his family so when someone really talks to him he won’t shut up. He spends his free time writing, listening to music, playing guitar and studying. He is a huge fan of marvel movies and comics and can practically recite the Lord of the Rings books of the top of his head after reading them so many times. Luka is very studious and is constantly practicing charms in an attempt to live up to his brothers standards. His favourite subjects are Defense Against The Dark Arts and Transfiguration.

History: Luka was always brought up in the shadow of his older brother, a graduate from Hogwarts who achieved top marks in all of his subjects as well as taking part in various extra-curricular activities. His father completely ignored him as a child and as a result he ended up becoming closer to his mother; his mother being a muggle and his father a wizard. His father is a stern man who expected only the best from his two sons. However, Luka did not discover his magic until a later age and therefore thought that he was a Squib for quite a long time, much to the disinterest of his father.
Eventually Luka’s mother left his father, after seeing how magic was impacting on her and her son’s life in a negative way. She left and took Luka with her, bringing him up into a normal muggle lifestyle and introducing him to all of her favourite books, movies and TV shows; things that she had previously not been able to show him. For three years Luka and his mother lived a normal suburban life outside of London, only seeing Luka’s father and brother at Christmas. But when Luka finally discovered his magic at the late age of 8, his mother was distraught and kicked him out, forcing him to go and live back with his father. By this time Luka’s brother Noah had already been enrolled in Hogwarts for three years. His father no longer ignored Luka after discovering his magic, instead he became stricter over Luka’s study and practice of magic, choosing to homeschool Luka rather than let him attend a muggle school where his head would be filled with nonsense. Luka has not seen his mother in 7 years, since she kicked him out. He tried to visit her once only to find that she had left without a trace.
Luka devoted himself to his studies in an effort to live up to his father’s expectations and to fill the shoes of his older brother. Luka's biggest fear is that his father will think he's a failure and that his mother no longer loves him because of his magic.

Family: Older brother Noah Phillips, Mother Carol Phillips and Father Lupus Phillips

Pet(s): A Black Tabby Cat called Cookie. He regrets this name and prefers to refer to his cat as "The Dark Night" or "The Oncoming Storm". His cat is slightly on the crazy side and Luka's pretty certain it has brain damage to some degree.

Possessions: An engraved pocket watch, previously owned by his grandfather and his brothers faded leather jacket that he considers his most prized possession.

Patronus: Dog

message 9: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
yup thank you Maison Luka is now approved! Having a patronus isn't nessesary but you can have one if you as so desire
Luka is sorted into the house of GRYFFINDOR! Please do enjoy yourself in this group

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LoWT | 125 comments Full name: Lucille Averie Adoric

Nickname(s): Luce, Lucy/Luci

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Year: 4

Blood: Half - blood

Wand: 12 inch Hawthorn, unicorn hair

Physical description:
Lucille is rather petite, reaching only 4' 11" in height with pale skin that can sometimes look translucent. Her hair is silvery-blue coloured and waist length, frequently seen tied up in a simple ponytail with a black ribbon. Her eyes are an icy blue and are framed with simple, square glasses. She wears her uniform with pride and the school jumper never seems to leave her person. When not in uniform, she wears a variety of jumpers, jackets and long sleeved shirts accompanied by jeans, all of which are either black, white or some form of purple.

She is rather quiet and standoff-ish when first meeting people but that's only due to her having a severe case of being shy but as soon as she is familiar with someone she changes into a rather witty and funny person. She is almost frequently seen with her nose in some form of book, whether it be a novel or a historical text. She has a rather...interesting weakness to pastries .Her natural curiosity leaves her with an insatiable thirst for knowledge but in under no circumstance would she choose to use this against someone as she would rather sit and chat than resort to conflict (unless pastries are involved of course. They are always an exception. With this in mind, she is quick to process situations and will attempt to resolve any issues before things get to hectic. She has a strange fascination with the stars, and although she won't ever admit to this aloud, believes that each has their own story surrounding them. Her favourite subjects are Divination (quite obviously. Astrology is only open for 5th years and above so yeah) and Ancient Runes.

History: Lucille knows little about her magical past, only knowing that her wizard father had left one day never to return. Based on this, she knew nothing about the magical world other than what her mother had learnt from being with her father. When her magic first revealed itself, she chose to give her mother a memory potion in the hopes that it will somehow make life better for her mother.

• Mother - Jean Adoric
• Father - Unknown

Relationship(s): N/A

Pet(s): Koshka - kitten. Mainly black with white patches on his tail, left ear and feet

Possessions: A simple silver chain with a small, ornate key pendant that was gifted to her by her mother.

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
((She sounds awesome :DDD))

message 12: by Rhiannon, Lower Body Moderator (new)

Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
She will be sorted into RAVENCLAW!!!

message 13: by LoWT (new)

LoWT | 125 comments ((Why thankyou Maison XD she's been sitting in my head for a while waiting to get out~ -does a dance- whooooooo ravenclaw~

message 14: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
((yay party! whooo!))
Welcome LoWT to our little group of fun and randomness :) enjoy!

message 15: by LoWT (new)

LoWT | 125 comments ((Many thanks dear Alice-chan~ let the randomness commence!))

message 16: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
((Yup ;) ))

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Full name: Evelyn Willow Nightingale

Nickname: Eve

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Year: 1st

Blood: Half-Blood

Wand: 10 inches ,Yew, Unicorn Tail

Physical description: Eve has red hair that hangs well past her shoulders, reaching down to her lower back. She has bright forest green eyes and pale-ish skin with a couple freckles littering her face. Her height is 4’12”, an average height for her age. She has a slender figure. She loves wearing bright colours when she’s not in uniform and loves pretty dresses.

Personality: Eve is bubbly, easily excitable and a very friendly person. She loves to read, write, draw and play pretend (even if some jerks make fun of her for it and call her a baby). In her spare time she loves to explore or play make believe games. Her knees are often bloody or bruised from her treks or "adventures" through the 'wilderness' (which more than often a small forest or gully). Her favourite type of books are fantasy and romance novels, just like the type her mother, who is an author, writes. Although she's had a bit of a hard past concerning her father she chooses to be bright and happy instead or brooding. She is very creative and loves to draw and paint and her dorm room walls are plastered with her drawings and paintings.
She is friendly but is extremely shy until you strike up a conversation about something she is passionate for. She loves to make new friends and considers everyone she talks to her friends. The hardest decision she’s ever had to make was deciding which of her 6 cats to take with her to Hogwarts.
Her favourite subjects are Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures.

History: Eve is an only child who grew up with her single mother. Her home was located out in the countryside in a small town surrounded by valleys, forests and wide open fields for her to explore. She didn’t know until the age of 6 that she was magical because her father (the magical one out of her parents) disappeared when she was 4 years old, her mother has no idea what happened to him. She discovered her magic at age 6 when one of her paintings came to life right before her eyes because she wished for it out loud.

Growing up with a single mother, Eve took on practically all of the everyday chores as her own. After her father left her mother was no longer as happy as she was before, blaming Eve for her father walking out on them. Her mother being a writer, neglected Eve and spent most of her time writing or working. People call Eve a baby for her childish ways and make believe friends but in reality it's mostly the only company she had had for the last 6 years of her life. Eve doesn't have any proper memories of her dad and can no longer remember what he looks like.

Family: Mother- Heather Nightingale, Father -Unknown

Pet(s): Aurora, her snow white cat

Possessions: Her art kit that includes brushes, paints and hundreds of coloured pencils, her 5 favourite books.

((So I got bored and created an extra character today. I decided to make her a 1st year so Equ could have a friend ^^;))

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Sweet Eve sounds like a cute chick! I have decided that Eve shall be sorted into the house of HUFFLEPUFF!! Enjoy ;)

message 19: by Maison, Upper Body Moderator (new)

Maison | 2243 comments Mod
(( Hell yeah Hufflepuff for the win XD))

message 20: by LoWT (new)

LoWT | 125 comments ((I just realised that everyone except for equ has a pet cat XD

message 21: by Maison, Upper Body Moderator (new)

Maison | 2243 comments Mod
((Equ is just a special snowflake XD))

message 22: by LoWT (new)

LoWT | 125 comments ((That's definitely true XD

message 23: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
((obviously she is))

message 24: by LoWT (new)

LoWT | 125 comments ((Oh sorry if I like derp up with a reply...I suck at using apple products :p

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Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
Ok so anabelle made a character so I thought I should post it. I might use her if anabelle isnt.

Name: Daisy Chain

Age and year: 11, 1st year

Physical description: she has light brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. When she isnt wearing her school robes you can usually see her wearing floral skirts and short sleeve T-shirts

Personality: She is very kind and loyal to her friends and family. She can be a bit bossy at times and often sucks up to teachers. Her favourite classes are transfiguration and charms. She hates failure and has an immense sense of pride. All in all she is brave, loyal, determined and proud.

History/blood/family: Her parents her both muggles and were surprised when Daisy received the letter from Hogwarts. Her first experience with magic was when some kids at school were teasing her and she got so angry that she exploded some ones pencil case, coating everything in ink.

Pets: A snowy owl named snowy

Wand: Unyielding, 11 3/4 inch, oak with dragon heartstring.

message 26: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Sweet, I would guess that she would be sorted into... GRYFFINDOR! Enjoy yourself out there Daisy ;) ((by the way cute name ;) i guess...))

message 27: by Rhiannon, Lower Body Moderator (new)

Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
Im not sure about the house though. Do you think its Gryffindor? I wasnt sure about it. It just sounds a bit ify.

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
((Hey! Welcome to the group! :) ))

message 29: by Alice, Head Moderator (last edited Dec 02, 2013 01:13AM) (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Heya! Its sweet to have you on here! Ok so I guess that I'll approve of all of those guys (very handsom if I say so myself) and now for the sorting!!!!
Arron Nicolas Heideman is in GRYFFINDOR!
Johnny Marcus Lamont is in SLYTHERIN!
James Riddyn Lamont is in RAVENCLAW!
(look I'm sorry that Jame's isn't in Slytherin but from what I can see from his personality he really is more of a Ravenclaw)
Now off with you! Go and explore the amazing magicalness of this rp site!

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Pineapple | 56 comments Full name: Cecil Alexandrian Starling

Nickname(s): Cece (only good friends though)

Gender: male

Age: 14

Year: 4th

Blood: pureblood

Wand: 12 inch, cherry blossom wood, phoenix feather and unicorn hair core

Physical description: 6’2” with light olive skin, lean but well built in physical appearance. Scraggy black hair that almost touches his shoulders and on occasion covers his face. He has bright piercing green eyes and usually has an awkward smile on his face, which suggests he might have done something naughty or suspicious. He can be seen usually in uniform, but other than that he wears what ever is comfortable with a loose fitted black jacket, and a sliver ring in the shape of a dragon biting its own tail.

Personality: usually quite tired and lethargic when not interacting with people. Most of the time is quiet unless he’s around people he’s fully comfortable with. When he is around people he knows well he can be bright and bubbly with a seriously sarcastic sense of humor. He cares genuinely for those around him but can be very cold at times.

History: he was brought up well, with a strict set of rules. He’s an only child but surprisingly not selfish or stuck up.

Family: mother and father

Pet: long eared owl called laquisha

Possessions: silver ring, and a trinket box.

message 31: by Maison, Upper Body Moderator (new)

Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Cecil has been sorted into GRYFFINDOR! Yay! -sparkles-

message 32: by Rhiannon, Lower Body Moderator (new)

Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
wow im getting all the hot guys XD

message 33: by Rhiannon, Lower Body Moderator (new)

Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
oh wait i didnt see the llama

message 34: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
nice, nice, you're so smooth

message 35: by Rhiannon, Lower Body Moderator (new)

Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
i know right. smooth as a babys butt

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments Full name: Lilac Tahleah Ink
Nickname(s): Tea/T, Lily
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Year: 1st
Blood: Mud-blood

Wand: 12" Holly wood (unstained so ivory in color) twisted in shape with small blooming flowers engraved along one curve. Its core is veela hair.

Physical description: she is realtively short with thick hazel hair that comes down to her waist. She has green eyes but instead of having stripes she has an iris like a spiderweb. She usually wears comfortable green clothing with her green converse along with (usually) a pair of gloves. Her hair is usually out with a lavender ribbon in it. She always wears her brothers pocket watch; (silver with little green enamel shamrocks around the outside of the circular front, silver vines and plants welded in the center of front with little gaps between them where you can see the grey/white clock face with thin black roman numerals on it. It has delicate ornate clock hands.)

Personality: She tends to pop up out of nowhere and is always eating. She is shy at first, but is very bright and chitterish around her friends. She is easily distracted and spends a lot of time exploring and going on adventures, even if its only in he imagination. Easily described as "off with the faeries" (kinda an idiot)

History: She was born in a village in Ireland, spending most of her time going on imaginary adventures through the Irish country side with her older brother (also his Raven and her cat). Her mother was extremely sick and died when she was 8. Her father spends most his time away from home working overseas , so her brother and older sister have always acted as her parents. She lived on a hundred acre farm of rolling green hills, she had 2 donkeys, chickens, and ponies roaming freely. When she was 7 her brother left her too, he went away to boarding school and she was left with her sister. Her brother always told her stories of magic when she was young and she spent a lot of time attempting to do it, unlike the other children though, she succeeded at it. She would sneak off at every spare moment she had to try and practice, and her elder sister always scolded her when she got home. When she was 9 and her brother was home for the holidays, she was busy making flowers grow in the wood, usued to being alone, she didnt notice when her brother snuck up on her, and was startled. He told her he went to an all boys wizardry institute, Durmstang, and told her of all the wonders ofthe wizard world. He also told her that she was not able to parctice magic until she went to wizard school, but even so, their relationship only grew stronge from then on. Her elder sister obviously was unable to do magic, and slowly distanced her relationship with her siblings. At age 11 Lilac was overjoyed to be accepted to Hogwarts school of wizardry, although she was sad she could not be with her brother, she was overjoyed that she had been accepted.

Family: Elder Brother; Samurai (Sam), 15. Elder Sister, Jadia (Jah), 14. Mother; Marianne, deceased. Father; Kirrin, 43.

Pet: Prusha; Himalayan Ragdoll cat with dark blue eyes.

Possessions: a butterfly net, a small brown satchel full of the things she need on her adventures ( a compass, magnifying glass, handkerchief, binoculars, and some small jars and vials, small animal bones ( including a wishbone), a set of dice, a collection of maps, and gold), a jar of cookies and other sweets.

message 37: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Ok so thank you, so Lilac has been sorted into the house of GRYFFINDOR!!
Now go into the world of our magical role-playness! whoop!

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Mr_awesome | 575 comments Full name: Milos Akuma
Nickname(s): Miko
Gender: Male
Year: 4th
Blood: Pure

Wand: 13 inch Blackthorn, Phoenix feather core

Physical description: His height is approximately 6'1'. He has brown, wavy hair which is usually fairly messy despite his orderly nature. His skin is slightly tanned brown color and is fairly thicker than normal skin. He does not get cut or burnt easily. His eyes a light honey color. Upon his face he has a small Greek nose, thin lips which usually show no expression and some light stubble. His advanced facial hair gives him the treatment of an adult among strangers. He likes to wear black business suits when a standard uniform is not required. Wears black bikie gloves a lot of the time, removing them only for extreme focus and accuracy with his wand. Dresses accordingly to the season and clothes that are as tidy as can be. Has a slender, rectangular figure and is stronger than your average jock but has no muscles to show for it.

Personality: He is dedicated to wizardry and will execute tasks with expertise and haste. Is very loyal towards those he respects and those of higher authority. Although he may seem to be cold and malicious, he is actually merciful and courteous. This is also linked to his affinity for cats as he reflects their behaviour quite well. During his free time he may do inventory and check on his pet. He likes to be tidy and punctual. Likes to practice his magic training as to succeed in overcome any rivals that may stand in his way. Dislikes people who act like idiots and cowards in times of need, and is not scared of but dislikes dogs. He has almost no fears except one of death, which could also be described as common sense. his forte is that of ingenuity. He can, even with limited resources, create something useful out of useless stuff.

History: His background is not too well known as he seemingly apparated out of nowhere. He could be considered an orphan. His foster parents decided to take this new child into their home as he seemed to have been abandoned and left on the street. Much too young to have remembered his last name he adopted his foster fathers surname. Although he may not be their son he is still treated as if he would be, and although they may not be his parents he still cares for them as if they were. He discovered magic at the age of 7 when he accidentally turned his favourite deck of cards into a small shiny rock. He did this while attempting a new magic trick.

Father: Mort Akuma
Mother:Shinda On'Na

Pet(s): A lovely ginger and white cat, whose fur can be easily changed. Loves to be used for experiments and travelling long distances. Has a curious nature, is loyal and does not inflict damage upon people he likes. Immune to poisons and has thick skin like Milo's. His name is Kuro. May perhaps be a Kneazle or at least partially.

Possessions: Owns a hand-held, pocket sized atomic watch. This is bound together by powerful binding magic and time spells. He also owns a small shiny rock, his most prized possession. Owns a secretive book full of experimental spells he found walking one day. The book has descriptions of side affects when using spells, generally affects include fatigue, dry mouth or can even in extreme cases result in death.

Patronus: A lion

Other: Favourite subjects include "charms" and "potions". Though he does well in "Care of magical creatures" as there seems to be mutual respect between him and animals.

message 39: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
That is a nice and totally 'original name'. Sebastian Michaelis. You know that it could even be considered as copyright. If you could edit him to be a tad more original and not a character that is already made, then that would work. Also 'time-lord' science and magic? No. You are a wizard. You have no need for 'time-lord' science (although you did say magic). As well if you could maybe add when he discovered magic in your description.

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Vortex | 895 comments Full name: Vitali Revya
Nickname(s): Vitali
Gender: Boy
Age: 14
Year: 4
Blood: Pure-Blood
Wand: 11 inch, Ash, Unicorn Tail.

Physical description: Vitali is 6'0". He has hazel eyes and greenish-brown hair. His hair is not long and is short on the back a sides, and slightly longer at the front and top. He has no defining features. He doesn't wear out of school uniform unless it is a casual event, then he wears a white cloak, with a green shirt. On formal events, he wears a white suit.

Personality: Vitali is kind and will always help others. His favourite subjects are Herboligy and Potions, though he does great in every subject. He is secretive, because of his history, and that he doesn't want a repeat of the past. He loves information, he collected it to find a certain someone but then it became a habit. He is alos very curious and always wants to know stuff.

History: His dad died protecting his family against snatchers when they tried to take away his wife and son. Vitali caused his fathers death because he kept blabbing about how powerful and rich his father was so the snatchers kidnapped him and put him up for ransom, so when his father came, he fought the 5 snatchers, killed 2, crippled 2 to the point where they are catatonic but the leader killed his father so Vitali has been trying to find the whereabouts of the leader.

Family: Only child, Dannete Revya(mother).
Pet(s): An Owl named Noctillion
Possessions: Book of Alchemy, Book of Healing, Book of Spells
*Patronus: A fox

message 41: by LoWT (new)

LoWT | 125 comments tall is he?
any defining features (scars)?
what colour are his eyes?
how long is his hair?
what style is his hair?
why don't people notice him?
does he enjoy company of friends?
what does he wear out of uniform?
what is the form his chimera takes to 'blend in' (they /do/ shapeshift)?
what else happened in his history?
why does he like to sneak around?
what caused it?
why does he love information?
is it because he's just curious or does he want it to use this knowledge against people?
why is he so secretive?
what are his favourite subjects?

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Oh and also you can't take a chimera to school. Only cats, owls and toads are allowed

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LoWT | 125 comments winged cats...

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
no it won't be fine to use 'I said' and stuff, you have to do it in 3rd person

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
ok as well, you want to describe his hairstyle, what he wears when he is not in uniform, as well add more into his description. Once you do that i shall approve of you!

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LoWT | 125 comments Lachlan wrote: "Full name: Vitali Revya
Nickname(s): Vitali
Gender: Boy
Age: 14
Year: 4
Blood: Pure-Blood
Wand: 11 inch, Ash, Unicorn Tail.
Physical description: Vitali is 6'0". He has hazel eyes and greenish-b..."

Uhh...Lachlan? People don't all know what you look like IRL....need to be more descriptive :P

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Vortex | 895 comments done

message 48: by Alice, Head Moderator (new)

Alice | 3971 comments Mod
ok so Vitali, you are approved! Vitali has been sorted into the house of RAVENCLAW!!!! Please do begin and have fun in our magical harry potter role-play!

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LoWT | 125 comments YAAY RAVENCLAW BUDDY!! X3

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Mr_awesome | 575 comments I can has entry to school?

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