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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Okay so if you don't know how to get started up with this group, or you don't know how to role-play, or just want to know what this group is all about this is practically a summary of all that;

-:To start with please read all of the rules, if you don't follow them well,none of us moderators will be too happy
-:Please make a character. Go over to 'Character Sign Up' to begin and make a character. You can make up to 5 characters but when role-playing clearly state who you are rp-ing as, but I would suggest only making more than one character when you're used to the group.
-: QUICK NOTE! Mod's can have more than 5 characters, enough for one in each year so we can keep the group moving. Though if you're not a mod and really do want to have more than 5 characters then ask a mod and we'll have a little chat amongst ourselves, basically if we think you're experienced enough with our group then we probably (maybe) will let you have more characters!
-:If you want to begin role-playing go to one of the 'area' topics and begin or just send a message to another character asking to role-play together. To role-play, clearly state who you are role-playing as and try to use good grammer and spelling.
-:If you have any questions, suggestions or even complaints please post it on the appropriate topic, we would love your feedback!
-:And finally, ENJOY! This group was created to have fun in the amazing world of Harry Potter! Go and make friends or even enemies if you want, go and discover strange magic or secret corridors and have FUN!

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
If you want a class to be held please go over to requests so the moderators can begin a class as a professor. Please do not post as a professor, but don't worry the professors are only there to move along a class

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Ok so! Because 'days' in our little rp world is so confusing, whenever a moderator finds that the day should end or that class should start or whatever; we shall put a post on where ever there is an active conversation AND no buts ;) Thanks!

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