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So, you have an idea or you want me to think of one

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Asha | 607 comments Sorry i had to ho to dancing. I suck at ideas so could you please come up with one?

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Yeah I have a good one I think.
Here it is:.

My charrie has Leukemia. If you dont know what that is, its cancer of the blood. Anyways thats waht he has. Your charrie and mine are a couple and she tried so hard to keep their spirits up, but its almost not enough. Just when you think hes starting to get better, worse comes to worst and unfortuantely he ends up passing away. After a couple of years of dating here and there, you find someone else. You two date for a year in a half and he proposes to you. You gladly accept. On the day of your wedding my charrie mysteriously comes back from the dead.

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Asha | 607 comments Yeah... Unusual but i like it.

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Would you like to start

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Asha | 607 comments Shouldn't we make carries first?

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Thats what i meant :)

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Asha | 607 comments Oh sorry i will soon gtg to bed

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Asha | 607 comments Name: Sonya
Age: 19
Img src=""

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name: Joshua
age: 19
appearance: post a pic asap

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Asha | 607 comments Cool so did you want to start the rp?

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Joshua was admitted into the hospital again. This time it would be a while. He didn't mind of course cause that was just him. He did hope that contacted Sonya. He wanted to see her again. He felt bad in a way cause she had to put up with this. He knew that he would get scolded for saying it in front of her, but sometimes it's hard on her. She won't admit it of course, but he has seen it in her eyes

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what is your time zone

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Asha | 607 comments ((Australian eastern standard time))

Sonya walked through the white hospital wards again for the hundredth time. She smiled sadly at nurses and doctors as they passed, most of them knew her now because she was Josh's best friend.
As she walked into his special room she put on a smile, trying to be brave for him but also for herself "hey goofball" she said softly as she walked up to his bedside.

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"Its about time your slow ass showed up" he teased her and rose up and hugged her. He was fighting the sadness inside him though.

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Asha | 607 comments She hugged him back with a smile "its not my fault that you won't let me come unless i bring gummy bears and then i go to the shops to by them and the line is a mile long" she said, sitting down on the side of the bed and handing him the gummy bear packet.

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he laughs and grabbed the bag. she already knew how to make him smile. he took s couple funny bears and ate then and say the rest down. "I have to have more kemo theropy done" he told her

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Asha | 607 comments She didn't really know how to react to this news "well thats good right? It means that it will go away" she said with a soft smile. Sonya knew it was hard for him but he just had to keep going and it would go away eventually... She hoped.

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"well in a way. I just feel incredibly sick afterwards." he's told her as he shuddered, remembering the terrible sickness it brings

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Asha | 607 comments She intwined her hand in his, cardul of the wires and

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Asha | 607 comments ((Sorry ignore that))

She intwined her hand in his, carful of all the wires and stuff coming off it "i know but i'll bring more gummy bears and i'll be sitting here with you the whole time" she said softly with a small smile.

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"Why are you so nice to me" he smiled and kissed her hand. He was only able to get a peck before he had you cough like crazy

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Asha | 607 comments She quickly took a glass of water off the bedside table and held it to his lips "because i love you" she said softly, answering his question once his coughing had stopped.

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he took a dip of water and looked at her sadly. sometimes he felt it was easier to just give up.

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stay on brb

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Asha | 607 comments She put the water down and took his hand again, giving it a light squeeze "hey" she said with a concerned face "turn that frown upside down"

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Asha | 607 comments K

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"its just hard at times babygirl" he said softly

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Asha | 607 comments She leaned down and pecked his lips "i know" she said softly, running a hand over his cheek "i know"

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still there

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her kept his hand on her other one. he gave s small smile and laid down. "you wanna lay down with me" he asked

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Asha | 607 comments Sonya nodded and gently lay down next to him, turning on her side so she could see him.

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he snuggled close to her and tested his head on her arm. He smiled again, wishing he wasn't in the hospital and he wasn't sick

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Asha | 607 comments She just lay there, enjoying his closeness. They hardly ever got to just be together these days and she knew that it was stretching their relationship but they kept holding on.

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he now pressed his body to hers. " i still have ano th er hour befor my kemo, you wanna have a little fun

message 36: by Asha (new)

Asha | 607 comments She smiled cheekily "depends what you mean by fun because i'm not terrorising the nurses and doctors or the other patients for that" she said

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"oh c'mon, the door is locked and these walls are sound proof. We can even take it slow, so you won't be as loud you screamer" he teased and laughed

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Asha | 607 comments She suddenly realised what he meant and blushed "josh..." She said softly, bitting her lip "we're in a hospital"

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"Yeah, tell me about it. It looks like I wont be leaving it either. Sorry, forget I said anything. Im not going to push you into it" he told her and turned to his other side, facing away from her

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Asha | 607 comments She wrapped her arms around his middle and buried her face in his neck "Josh i'm sorry you know i really want to but... Not here. Its a hospital" she whispered against his neck.

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"Well, I hate to tell you. We wont be able to ever again, cause they said I have to stay here until I get better or..." he trailed off and sighed sadly. He knew he wa sgoing to die, he could feel it with each passing day. It still didnt remove the fear.

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Asha | 607 comments She closed her eyes as tears began to slip down her cheeks. They had tried to be strong for so long, not even mentioning the very real possibility of his death, but it was always there at the back of their minds. Now that he had said it though it seemed so real.

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He turned baco over and held he rtighter than he has had in a while. "Im sorry, I shouldnt have said that" he said starting to cry himself. He now felt incredibly guilty.

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Asha | 607 comments She snuggled into his chest, crying fully now "don't think like that Josh.... Don't leave me" she said softly through her sobs "don't think like that i promise we'll do it again someday"

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"Please, dont make me make a promise I dont know I can keep. But I will say this. I swear as long as Im breathing, I will never leave you." He told her and kissed the top of her head. By that time the doctor came in and looked at them. "Its time Josh" Josh slowly pulled away from her anf followe dthe doctor

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Asha | 607 comments Sonya sat up and wiped her tears as Josh walked out with the doctor. She move to the chair beside the bed and pulled out her uni work. She was so behind because she was spending all this time at the hospital but she would never tell Josh that.

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A couple hours have passed and Josh entered. He was already pale from the sickness and he groaned as the doctor helped him into bed. But as soon a she laid down, he sprung back up and ran to the bathroom and vomited uncontrollably

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Asha | 607 comments Sonya had fallen asleep in the bedside chair but woke up to the gentle touch of the doctor. She smiled and then heard the vomiting, they both walked to the bathroom and she went up to Josh began to rub his back softly.

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"Sonya, I need to speak with you." He told her softly as he guided her back into the room. "The kemo seems to be doing its job, but Im afraid hes going to have to stay here until he gets better. I know its not something you want to here, but there could be a small chance that it could be much more aggresive than we anticipated" he told her

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Asha | 607 comments She turned to look at Josh, still curled over the toilet bowl "but his 20th birthday, its in 2 weeks doc. Can't he just come home for one day? It doesn't even need to be a whole day, just a couple of hours?" She asked, getting a little desperate now.

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