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message 1: by N. (new)

N. (n_michaels) | 2 comments Hey everyone, my novel is 100,936 words long. It's +18 and up material.
Please let me know if you're interested.

message 2: by Tianna (new)

Tianna | 4 comments Hey there,

Can I get a blurb on what it's about :)

message 3: by N. (new)

N. (n_michaels) | 2 comments Yup!

After years of being pressured into becoming a neurosurgeon like her father and refusing each time, Katherine Slav’s father has enough of her partying and cuts her off from all financial support, leaving Katherine to find her own place in the world, out of her father’s provision.

Finding a job was a priority. Finding Eric Miller was a bonus, a bonus that quickly proved to be impossible to conquer. How can you have the only man who resists you every step of the way? How can you seduce your boss without losing your job?

Struggling not to blur the lines, Eric tries to keep Katherine at an arms length, but the more he’s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes. At the end, Katherine gets what she wants, but is it all she thought it would be? Discovering Eric’s secret and baring her own, Katherine fights for her newfound love with everything she’s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric’s life? Will she be enough?

message 4: by Tianna (last edited Nov 25, 2013 09:42PM) (new)

Tianna | 4 comments Fun stuff! I'd be willing to give it a try :) Shoot it my way at

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