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Personalized recommendations > More Young-Teen Friendly John Green-esque novels?

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message 1: by Kaleigh (new)

Kaleigh | 17 comments I would highly suggest Eleanor and Park, but it is intimate. As far as I remember they never have sex, but they do mention it and other mature themes. It's a great high school age age and up book

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia | 432 comments So, by John Green and David Levithan you're looking for real world problems/ issues, but not sexual ones, maybe...

You know that they wrote a book together? It's Will Grayson, Will Grayson.

Also look for Sherman Alexie 's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Flight.

And look at Chris Crutcher's Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, Whale Talk, Deadline.

Maybe by cleaner you meant younger? Try Catherine Gilbert Murdock's new book Heaven Is Paved with Oreos, which is mg, tween. She's got another series with older protagonists, that starts with Dairy Queen, but this about their younger siblings...

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