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message 1: by Ivanhoe (new)

Ivanhoe Jones | 5 comments The Escort Wife is the story of an ordinary couple and the tough decisions they have to take during a financial crisis.

Leah Armitage, wife of David Armitage, is a mother of 3 adorable kids. She is a woman who can do anything for the welfare of her family, and, thus, when her husband comes up with the idea of getting into the escort business, she readily agrees to be a party to it. Little does she realizes then that the decision they have taken to survive the financial turmoil will change their lives forever and that what she is getting into is more than she has bargained for. She finds herself thrown into a world she is not prepared to deal with. Open to abuse , addiction and sexual manipulation, Leah is surrounded by hedonism and decadence to the point where she seems to lose connection with her real self. The story of Leah losing her way makes a good read but how she bounces back to reclaim her life and win back the people she loves is something that makes it a great read.

The book explores the nature of human life through relationships, desires, motivations, and happiness. As the author himself states, “While stress and emotional triggers may differ, basic human desire does not.” The desire for maintaining the same life style, the stress of dealing with a devastating family business leading to financial crisis seems to be the motivation behind Leah’s and David’s decision to get into escort business . As such, Ivanhoe Jones’s characters are realistic, human and believable. The readers are familiar to them as they read through - one can easily relate to their emotions, stresses and conflicts.

What I liked most is that even though the book has some extremely intimate scenes, there is no overdose of sex, something unlikely in a book of erotic genre. I think these scenes can more appropriate be termed as sizzling romance upheld by a definite purpose.

message 3: by C Joy (new)

C Joy (yurioujo) | 22 comments Looking forward to reading this, it's fresh and intriguing

message 4: by Babus (new)

Babus Ahmed (ajoobacats) | 1 comments Thank you, have downloaded it, hope to review it in 4 weeks

message 5: by Ivanhoe (new)

Ivanhoe Jones | 5 comments Joy wrote: "Looking forward to reading this, it's fresh and intriguing"

Hi Joy
My fingers and toes are all crossed that you get something from the book and enjoy it

message 6: by Ivanhoe (new)

Ivanhoe Jones | 5 comments Babus wrote: "Thank you, have downloaded it, hope to review it in 4 weeks"

Thanks Babus I hope you like it

message 7: by Ivanhoe (new)

Ivanhoe Jones | 5 comments Heather wrote: ""

Thanks for posting that link Heather, marketing is obviously not my strong point

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