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message 1: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments The Embodiment of Evil Itself, a creature that uses the power of psychic, has threatened to destroy the Academy of Magic. Quick! Stop the creature from conquering the known world. Work together! Create cunning strategies! Most of all, use your magic wisely!

~ The Headmaster

PS: The power of psychic is NOT able to be used by any players.

message 2: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! PHYSIC POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 3: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments I run into the scene. It looks like someone knocked over all the stuff in the arena. All the weapons have been scattered and the knives have been stuck in the walls. "What happened in here?"

"I happened in here!"

I looked up. There in the air hovered a boy in a black cloak. Hmm, probably one of those morons with the power of darkness.

"Actually, its psychic."

"How did you..."

"Because I'm psychic."

"But psychic isn't a power!"

"Watch it be a power. It holds all twelve elements in one magic! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!" With one motion, the boy knocked me upsidedown into the wall.


"Fool! You cannot grasp the true form of my attack!"

message 4: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) {*sobs* I so want to be the villain now... Dammit, why do I love villains so much?}

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I was in the library when I hear a loud crash coming from the arena. Dropping my book, I run out, ignoring the librarian telling me to stop. Bursting through the door, I find Jason crumpled against a wall, a boy in a dark cloak hovering across the room from him. I shoot a jet of water towards the boy.

message 6: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) {The boy deflects it with his physic powers. xP Couldn't help myself.}

"Tell me how he did that!" I yell, making a face of awe. I was at the arena using my fire when I heard evil cackling and furniture crashing about. I'd ran her in curiosity, and the faint sense of excitement for trouble. I did not expect to see another Fire-user, Jason, sprawled on the floor. And a boy with a dark cloak hovering in the air a distance away.

Having a huge crush on Telekinesis, Telepathy and other physic powers, I know exactly how he did that.

I just had to ask.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I shrugged at Alessia as she ran into the room. "I have no clue," I shouted, getting frustrated as he deflected all the jets of water I threw at him. Trying for sneaky, I used my powers to lift all the water out of the small pond at the back of the arena, freeze it, and drop on the boy's head.

~Defender of the Shire~ (defenderoftheshire) I ran into the scene, taking in the unexpected sight. I let my bag slide off my shoulder and darted to the side, planning my move. I shot a long stream of water towards the boy from behind, hoping to catch him by surprise.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Both my ice and Naomi's water hit the boy, who was busy trying to deflect J's fire. The boy fell for only a second, but it was long enough for everyone to shoot him with their power.

message 10: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (last edited Nov 26, 2013 03:54PM) (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments Still, the boy got up and deflected the power to only one person. Jason.

"Darn!" I yell. The water all hits my fire blasts and absorbs.

The cloaked boy pulls out a clock and throws it into the air. Instantly time is frozen.

Now the boy splits himself into copies. The copies leave the arena and infiltrate the entire Academy.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

"Everyone split up and follow a copy! Someone tell the others!" I shout, and run out the door, following a copy to the library.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I heard someone say split up so I wondwr why, then I see the villain

message 13: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments I get up and follow the 4th copy. I tackle him to the ground and punch him in the mouth. He disappears into a purple fume.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

The villain went up in purple fumes, is it the end off him I wonder

message 15: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments ((The copy disappeared into fumes.))

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I shoot ice at the copy I followed into the library, it dodges at the last second. I shoot again and this time I nick it's side, it dissolves into fumes.

message 17: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments The boy in the cloak disappears unharmed.

message 18: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) "Is that a relief to you guys? Because I'm epically upset the person with Physic powers wasn't me," I mutter, crossing my arms and frowning. I've known for most of my life that Physic powers are just a dream. But then again, water, fire, grass...all those elements can't be powered by human will, too. Yet, it's possible now. And Physic powers were right in front of me just now. I kick over a small piece of debris on the floor, irritated.

message 19: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments "C'mon! Its not possible to have psychic. In fact, its not psychic, its evil! It is impossible to have the Evil Formation in the blood."

message 20: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) "What do you know?" Alessia asked, raising an eyebrow. Evil...she liked evil, to be honest. She supported Villains for being so cool... Heroes were lame. And she felt slightly disappointed being on the hero side currently.

message 21: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments {Alessia, you're a mod, just so you know.}

message 22: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) {Thank you. xD}

message 23: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments Jason ran up to the magic-proof door to the arena. It wouldn't open. "Darn it!" Jason had been already had a bad day by getting thrown into a wall, but now him and all the cool people were locked into the arena.

message 24: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Alessia smirked, putting a hand to her hip. "So, no where to escape now, huh?" she raised and spread both her hands, and in them were electricity charging very brightly. "Come on, let's see how good you are," she said, flinging one of the energy balls at Jason.

message 25: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments Jason split himself into copies made of fire. As force, the fire could move through anything. The copies opened the door from outside and kicked the door open. "That's how," Jason gloated.

~Defender of the Shire~ (defenderoftheshire) Naomi jumps out from her corner and shoots a stream of water at Jason. "Hey y'all! What's up?!"

message 27: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) Alessia smirked and shoved Naomi and Jason aside before striding out of the room. "Ventilation," she commented.

message 28: by Ebony (new)

Ebony Ebony stumbled in, wearing wrinkled clothing and an irritated look. "Can someone please explain what's going on? I wake up to find some weirdo in a cape flinging stuff at me..." She trailed off when she looked at the other students, suddenly serious. "Guys? What happened?"

message 29: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) "If you didn't see it, then it's nothing much," Alessia replied, waving a tired hand at the other girl she didn't bother to find the name of. She hadn't had much sleep and seeing telekinesis in the hands of someone else was playing on her temper. Add in the fact that she had an attitude as well.

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Melinda walked in and saw the mess. "Jeez guys, you could at least fight each other cleanly." she said.

message 31: by Ebony (new)

Ebony "Ok. I'm officially pissed off." She pulled her dark hair into a pony tail and cracked her knuckles and neck.
"Ok." Ebony said, shaking her hands, "I'm ready to kick some butt."

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Melinda put her hands up. "Don't look at me. I'm out of this."

message 33: by Ebony (new)

Ebony "Fine by me. I need to go find that buffoon in the cape who interrupted my naptime."
Ebony walked out of the room muttering under her breath. "Who the heck wears a cape anymore? What a weirdo."

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Melinda snickers a little and shoots the girl with a blast of water. "Look!" she calls out. "I just saw him!!"

message 35: by Ebony (new)

Ebony "Are you being sarcastic with me?" Ebony turned on this person, she hadn't met her before. Ebony narrowed her eyes and said, "I thought you said you were out of this. And that was obviously a clone. There have been a bunch of them. If you would look around at the school, which I might add is under attack, you would know that!" Ebony had subconsciously made a fierce whip around the room. Hair flew about wildly and clothes billowed until Ebony got her temper under control.

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Melinda patted her hair down. "Sorry. Just couldn't resist. And dude, control your temper."

message 37: by Ebony (new)

Ebony "Why do you think I sleep all the time? It's better than being hopped up on meds. No telling what I would do... Truce?" Melody held out her hand. "At least until we exterminate the school of freaky cape wearing vermin?"

Jessica~We Are All Heathens~ (puppyluvr) Melinda took her hand. "Truce."

message 39: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments A guard walked into the arena. "Oh, sorry students, its time to get out. Just doing a school check. A boy named Jason just told me that craziness just happened in here."

message 40: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) "Oh, he needed to tell you, huh?" Alessia laughed, leaning against a wall and watching the "truce" between two other girls. "Guards these days..." she muttered, shaking her head and scoffing, "Seriously."

message 41: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments SCENE CHANGE

Jason was lying down in the hospital area on the North Hall. Doctor's rushed over him, trying to figure out what happened. They won't figure out. he thought to himself. After he told the guard to the arena, the guard called up a nurse who took him to the North Hall. He was bleeding from his left arm.

message 42: by FantasyFan J, Light the fires! (new)

FantasyFan J (ff101spch) | 691 comments "Just stay calm," the nurse just kept on saying as the doctors ran around, each shouting out random things to each other.

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