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Where the horses, pegasus and other horse-like creatures stay. You can ride them, but the horses aren't really designated for anyone in particular. Cleaning out the stables is a popular, and well hated, punishment.

Not intended for Centaur, and Centaur find it insulting if you suggest for them to stay in the stables.

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cecilia Eve, despite the fact that children of Hades didn't really like horses, had always thought the stables to be comforting. She loved the horses the same way she loved the water and the sky and rolling hills. She loved horses and riding and flying the same way she loved writing and reading. They were calm, intelligent, the same way she was. They understood her. Eve figured that was what she liked about them. Horses understood her in a way people didn't. So, as she usually could be found here, Eve was perched on a stack of hay in one of the regular horses' stalls, rubbing it's soft muzzle mindlessly as she flipped the pages of her book. It was her favorite way to spend a day, learning things around life. No death. Just living, breathing intelligence.

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Alex had been hiding in the loft, being the silent Hephaestus child he was. He was ignored by most people, and had happened to inherit his father's ability to be bad with organic creatures. So, there he was: Sitting in the loft behind a bale of hay, holding a Greek book in his lap, reading it slowly. He was unaware that there was someone else in the stables, though he was hidden well.

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cecilia Eve frowned slightly, closing her book with a soft, resounding thud. The redhead was quite used to being alone, with the exception of a few random animals, so Eve was acutely aware of another human--half, actually--presence. Maybe it was just the gifts her father had given her. The gift of life and death. Unlike most Hades children, Eve wasn't depressed or morbid or dark. She was bright, and in love with life. It wasn't hard to mistake her for a daughter of Demeter, given her abilities to deal with plants and other living things exceptionally.

Anyway, Eve had long ago sensed another life form in the stables, and set off to investigate. Most people tended to avoid this place; the horses weren't popular for reasons Eve didn't understand. She stroked the horses' muzzle fondly for a moment before tucking her book in her pocket and glancing around the stables. She could just barely see a pair or sneaker clad feet sticking over the top of the loft. So with a slight smile, Eve climbed up to check it out. She stopped at the top of the ladder, her bright red head peeking up over the edge. "Hey," she said softly.

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Alex had gotten to a good part in his book, and was reading quicker, wanting to know what was going to happen. Despite the fact that the story was in Greek, it was fairly modern. 1,000-1,300 years old at the most, the story, not the book in his hands.

Anyways, Alex felt eyes on him. He inherited the sense to know when someone's eyes were on him, then the instant urge to run and hide with tools, from his father, who else? He suppressed the urge to hide, though his tanned and toned legs tensed up. He looked up and saw a girl with fiery red hair. "Hello?.." He asked. He had seen the girl around, and recognized the hair, but didn't remember a name. He had seen everyone before, you do after six years at camp.

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cecilia Eve offered a friendly smile, climbing up into the loft, but not stepping any closer. Assuming she'd guessed this guy's parentage correctly, he probably didn't feel too comfortable around people. Eve understood that feeling. She was much more comfortable around animals or books than she was with people. She was working on that, though, trying to be a little less socially awkward. So far, she wasn't doing too badly. In theory. "I'm Eve," she said softly, running her fingers through her hair. "Do you mind if I join you?" She gestured to a bale of hay next to him, arching a lightly colored eyebrow in question. If he was socially awkward too, she was determined to make this is not-awkward as she could. "You're allowed to say no, I won't be offended."

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That was one of the least expected things Alex thought she was going to ask. "Go on ahead. I don't mind." He stuck his book mark in his book and shut it. "I'm Alex." He told the girl with a slight smile. "It's nice to meet you, Eve." He hated that he was bad with conversational means and people. Truth is, most of the stuff he said was merely a common courtesy that his mother drilled into him at a young age.

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cecilia Eve offered a friendly smile as she took a seat in the hay next to him. "What are you reading?" She asked curiously as she pulled her small paperback book from her pocket, setting it on her lap as she fingered the pages mindlessly.

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"It's just a Greek book." He shrugged nonchalantly as he showed her the cover. He was very fluent in Greek, and reading English was a struggle for him, though he figured how to make it a little easier. "What are you reading?" He asked, in reference to the paperback in her hands.

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cecilia Eve tossed the book at him with a light shrug. It wasn't a hard toss, but rather a mere quick exchange. "Some book Chiron recommended. The Iliad," she answered simply. "I've only just started it, though."

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Alex caught the book. He turned it over in his calloused and worn hands. "It looks good. Can I borrow it when you're done with it?" He asked. The Iliad looked like a good book.

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cecilia Eve shrugged, a slight smile playing on her lips. "It's not mine," she answered after a moment. "You'd have to ask Chiron, though I'm sure he won't mind."

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"Okay, I will." He said softly, gazing out the loft window. This was his favorite place at Camp. You could even smell the strawberries up here. But, you could smell the strawberries everywhere, so no big deal there.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex was right behind her, looking at all the horses.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex walked up to a white horse. She offered it a sugar cube and she came up to her. She stroked it and nuzzled it talking to it under her breath.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex still cooed the horse as she let it out and mounted it "yep, ready. I see you like Kenzie."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((gtg to literacy night at my sister's school -_-))

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((No one liners!))

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((I was talking to Princess, sorry for the misunderstanding. Your replies are fine, but Princess' are too short. A one-liner is when it's shorter than a line on the computer, and you should try to keep it at 4-5 lines on mobile.

If you need suggestions, try describe feelings, develop your character, describe the scenery, add emotion. We have a strict no one-liners policy, because it kind of kills roleplays, and makes things uninteresting with boring characters. :) I hope this helps. ))

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((ha ha imat my sisters stinkin literacy night -_- it sucks!geez my old teachers want to talk to me!))

Hex nodded and spuring the horse, "ready, GO!" she yeled as she galloped away.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex raced around talking to the horse quietly. The horse seemed to move faster whenever she talked to it.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex glance behind her almost fell off her horse laughing. She motioned for her to sit down or she would fall and looked forward.

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((ha ha I always wait for YOU))

Hex nodded and slowed down . She stopped the horse and got off "Wanna go race somewhere?"

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) ((kk =D))

"suuure. That sounds perfect! Let's put the horses back" she petted the horses muzzle "and go to the lake and chill."

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Hex when lightning speed to the stables and gave her horse some sugar cubes. She dashed silently behind her.

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Eloide walked into the stables. She had a bad feeling something was about to happen. She was worried that her boyfriend Collin would be sent on a quest and would end up getting injured or dying. She sighed and stroked one of the horses.

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rimskur Arianna slipped into the stables, her hand full of sugar cubes. She smiled gently as she neared one horse that she had taken a sudden liking to. "Want a sugar cube?" She offered to the horse, holding one sugar cube out in front of the horse.

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Eloide heard someone else's voice and was curious as to it was. She didn't move away from the horse she was petting through. She wished she had a friend to talk to about everything she was worried about or just a friend in general.

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rimskur The horse had eagerly trotted over to her, taking the small cube in his mouth. She could see the horse chew the cube and look up expectantly at her for more. "I have to give some to the others too, you know." Arianna admonished him, stroking her hand down his head.

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Eloide sighed and petted the horse one last time before walking back out the stable to see if she could find Collin. She was lost in thought and wasn't watching where she was going so she walked into some poor girl. "Oh god I'm sorry," she exclaimed.

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rimskur Arianna stumbled backwards a step in surprise. She nearly dropped all the sugar cubes in her hand but quickly clenched her hand to keep them from falling. "It's alright." She steadied herself and sent a reassuring smile towards the other girl.

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Eloide looked at her apologetically. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to walk into you. Are you okay?" she asked. She didn't want to hurt anyone especially not because of her not watching where she is going.

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rimskur She smiled politely, raising her hand to pet her favorite horse again. She slid her hand down the horse's back before replying. "I told you it's okay. I'm fine." She laughed, nodding her head. "I'm Arianna. What's your name?"

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Eloide smiled. "My name is Eloide," she said holding her hand out for the other girl to shake. She wondered who her godly parent was. She didn't recongise her as an Aphrodite girl like herself.

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rimskur Arianna took her hand, shaking it gently. Her eyes observed the Eloide from head to toe, trying to figure out which godly parent she could have. "Are you Aphrodite's daughter?" She guessed.

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"Yep. That's me but I'm afraid I don't know who your godly parent is," she said. She was a little ashamed of herself for not being able to tell like some demigods could.

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rimskur Arianna shrugged, seating herself on a bench near one of the stables. "Daughter of Athena." She smiled knowingly at the other girl. It was quite easy for her to read other people's expressions and know how they may be feeling.

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Eloide nodded. " Cool. Whats the Athena cabin like?" She asked. She never really spoke to the Athena children as most of them she had met looked down on her and thought her an air head.

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rimskur "It's definitely busy in there. My half-siblings are always running around with papers everywhere. It can get really hectic in our cabin." Arianna laughs, leaning back against the stable wall. "What about your cabin?"

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" Girly, very girly. It is like the backstage of a catwalk. Clothes and make up every where," she said shaking her head. None of them were very tidy at the moment.

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(( Night ;) ))

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rimskur ((Bye!))

"You don't sound like you enjoy it that much." She commented nonchalantly. Arianna herself wasn't that into makeup and clothes but she did appreciate them once in a while and liked to dress nicely.

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