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"We are here ladies welcome to my house" said itachi opening the doors

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Itachi laughs and stand next to Ashlod max goes running upstairs to sasuke's room

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" just your reaction that all " smiles itachi " do u want anything to drink?"

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((Can Itachi know Akuma? She's a rogue nin.))

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((Yes he can )) itachi sees someone fimilar outside

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Itachi goes into the kitchen and brings her some water " make yourself at home " he says laying on the couch

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Akuma trudges outside, her usual outfit bloodied and torn. She shivered slightly, the crisp cool air making her wounds hurt.

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Itachi goes running outside and bring in someone that is badly injured

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Akuma groans as Itachi being her inside, "Hey Ita..." She says, calling him by her old nickname for him.

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Akuma! And Ashlod come on and clears a table

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Akuma smirks, her cat ears twitching slightly. "No sh*t Ita." She mumbles.

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Stay with me akmua

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"You can't give me other peoples blood... my body rejects it." Akuma mutters, struggling to keep her unbandaged eye open.

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"Neko AB negative. It's different than normal human blood." Akuma says, her breathing ragged.

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Brings the stuff what did u say? Ashlod stuttered itachi

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"You're a Neko?" Akuma mutters in question, not quite sure if she hear the truth.

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How did I not know this we have been friends asuma

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"Ita... I have cat ears and a cat tail for Hokage's sake! No sh*t smart a**!" Akuma says, her eye fluttering closed.

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Don't die please askuma! I'm begging you!

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"I'm not that easy to kill Ita... just let me take a cat nap." Akuma mutters, yawning.

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Okay ... Sleep tight then and he kissed her head and left the room

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Akuma sighs, letting the darkness wash over her.

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Okay and hold her down (goodnight)

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Akuma's body lay still besides her breathing.

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Itachi wakes up and sees someone "who are you" says itachi to Casey

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Oh... And then the door burst open

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Akuma wakes up, her sight semi foggy. She breathed in, an smelt Casey's disgusting smell. She bolted up, grabbing her sword, "ITA!" She shouted.

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What's wrong! Comes running itachi

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I don't think she is Casey's girlfriend he growls and pins Casey to a wall

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Yeah ... What are you doing here and what do u want with her he said as he activated his Sharigan

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You don't have to get involved i can put her under a genjutus

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I can't stand her being near askuma

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Itachi smiled and keeps Casey away from Askuma

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"Casey! I'm not your girlfriend! I'd rather die!" Akuma growls, she had been asked out many times before by the rogue.

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Akuma growls, taking out her sword once more. She was the only female sword master, the hidden eighth sword master of the seven.

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Akuma takes a deep breath, then holds it in, slashing at Casey, cutting her arms and legs.

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"Just leave Casey, you're a horrible ninja and a disgrace." Akuma growls lowly, knowing that what she said would hit a nerve.

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Akuma dodged, moving her head out of the way.

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Akuma grumbled, her eyes turning more slit-like. She flipped backwards, hissing while baring her feline pointy fangs.

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Akuma growls, cutting Casey's legs with her sword.

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Itachi comes into the room and sees the blood on the floor and looks around wondering what the hell just went on when he was gone .

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Itachi grabs a kani and throws it at the girls

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"Shut up vampire" growled itachi and attacks her with all his power and looks into her eyes and puts her under a genjutus

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Itachi smirks and says "look at your self and you will see " and kicked her into a wall

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" you just made the worst mistake of your life" said itachi smirking

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"ITA!!" Akuma screams, her anger taking over. Her body shook, and she let the cat demon take over, an evil chakra seeming to deep into the room, clouding the air.

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"By making me a vampire he hissed" and fell onto the floor yelling in pain

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"I hate you" he said and drank the blood

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"Maybe I will" he said drinking the blood

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