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Floatingpaw crouched down and swiped one of her paws up high over Heatherstream's head so she had all of her attention on that paw. Then she swiped her other paw lower so she knocked her front legs out from under her, then she jumped on top of her.

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Floatingpaw sat and thought for a moment all the while watching Heatherstream in case the warrior decided to catch her by surprise with an attack. "I would have pushed the cat off with my back legs and rolled away."

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Floatingpaw rolled over and pushed Heatherstream away. She jumped up immediately.

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Floatingpaw went limp and pretended to be defeated waiting for Heatherstream to loosen her grip.

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Floatingpaw jumped up and knocked Heatherstream over pinning her to the ground. Her eyes glittering.

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Floatingpaw jumped off and sat down. "Sorry, my mind is, somewhere else right now." She apologized and dipped her head.

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"See, that's the problem. I don't know where it is," Floatingpaw meowed and blinked a couple of times.

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She nodded. "Yes Heatherstream," Floatingpaw turned and returned to camp.

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"I will!" Floatingpaw called back. "I promise!"

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((She's just not feeling well her head has been hurting her))

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((Not at the moment no))

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