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The bathrooms are rusty, stereotypical camping bathrooms: rusty, worn, and not really that great. There is girl's on one side, boy's on the other.

Use at your own risk.

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rimskur A furry looking creature stood cockily by one of the stalls. "Don't you remember me, Harley?" A fake hurt expression crossed his face.

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Luna ran in, terrified. She looked around, panicked. Suddenly, her eyes regained its usual shine. She looked around again, this time confused. Why was she here. Luna shrugged. She suddenly felt weak again, and leaned against the wall, wheezing. Her legs shook.

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rimskur Brian moved across the stalls and out of the bathrooms towards her. He roughly grabbed her arm. "C'mon baby. I've missed you."

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Luna glared at the creature. She managed to stand up straight and said quietly, "Leave her alone. It is obvious Harley does not want to see you, as I can tell by how her aura is turning red, and you're making it worse for yourself. Why don't you leave Harley alone, Brian?" Luna was surprised that she knew their names, but she ignored it.

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Luna's eyes began to glow dangerously. Water swirled around her, ready to strike. She said quietly and calmly, "Let Harley Quinn Ledger go. She doesn't want to be near you, so let her go."

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rimskur Graham walked with his head hung low across camp. He had passed by the Aphrodite cabin earlier in the day and he was plunged back in his pensive mood again. He frowned hearing a girl's angry voice by the bathrooms.

Brian let out a hiss. "Stop, moving!" He growled, before pressing his lips forcefully against hers.

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Luna attacked Brian, kicking him in the stomach. Water grabbed his arms and legs, pinning him to the wall. Luna glared at Brian, looking very much like an angry goddess. She moved her hands quickly into complicated hand signs. Then, the water began to choke Brian.

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rimskur Graham could vaguely hear the girl's voice again but this time he recognized whose voice it was. Harley. He quickly ran over the sound, finding himself by the bathrooms. A satyr was on the ground groaning after an angry Harley shoved him off of her lips. He instantly saw red.

Brian groaned as the sudden rush of pain erupted in his bottom. He hissed viciously at Harley before he saw another figure appear. The boy looked extremely mad. One punch from the boy was all it took for the satyr run away into the woods and never both Harley again.

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((Okay, ignore all that. Let's just pretend that Luna watched from the wall and that's it.))

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E M M A ((aw! Haha lunas off her rocker))

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((Yeah, she be weird. But she nice!))

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rimskur His fist stung some after punching the satyr in the nose but it had been worth it. The nasty one was obviously rubbing his lips against an unwilling victim. He blinked seeing Harley really for the first time that day.

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rimskur "Harley!" He called out to her louder than he meant. His feelings were all contorted at the moment but he knew one thing for sure. He had feelings for Harley. He obviously wouldn't have punched the satyr as he did if he just wanted her as a friend. More than a friend though, you could see he was jealous that another was kissing her.

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rimskur His emotions all clouded in his eyes before he walked up to her and grabbdd her by the shoulder. He cupped her cheek with one hand and pressed his lips against hers.

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rimskur Graham pulled her hips against his, wrapping his arms around her waist. He moved his lips against hers with as much passion as he could conjure.

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rimskur He broke away from the kiss, his eyes looking down at her boggled. He actually had kissed her! "Uh..." He mumbled something unintelligably.

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rimskur "No, no!" He stepped back towards Harley. Graham grabbed her hands and pulled her closer.

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rimskur "I'm sorry about...last week. I know how I feel now." He watches her with intent eyes."

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rimskur He nods his head, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. He pressed his forehead against hers, the rush of the day's events flashing through his mind.

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rimskur Graham sighed, holding her hand in his. "So, who was that satyr?" He asked curiously.


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rimskur He narrowed his eyes in the direction the satyr called Brian ran off. Graham's hands squeezed hers tightly, holding her close with a possessive grip.

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rimskur He raised his eyebrow, amusement replacing his sudden anger. "That's like the third time you said but your welcome." A smirk played on his lips as he observed her.

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rimskur He looked down at his hand wrapped in hers. He had barely noticed the slight pain ebbing on his knuckles. Now that he had noticed it, his hand seemed to hurt more. "It'll be fine. Just a bruise."

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rimskur Her question surprised him, even though he knew it was bound to come with how he acted. He slipped his hand out of hers for a second before cupping her cheeks. "Whatever you want us to be."

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rimskur "Depends." He paused, a smirk rising to his lips. Graham wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. "Only if you'll be my girlfriend."

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rimskur Her lips looked so enticing so he dove in for another kiss. His hand ran up her back and tangled itself in her hair, moving his lips against hers.

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rimskur He opened his mouth slightly, letting his tongue slip out and sweep across her bottom lip. Graham's other hand tightened its grip on her waist, kissing her deeply.

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rimskur He slips his tongue in melting it against hers in a war. He kissed her harder, not having felt like this for anyone ever before.

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 52 comments ((Hey, Diana. I've been waiting for an reply at the Lake. Sorry for interrupting..))

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rimskur ((Who were you with?))

He broke away from the kiss, watching her with bright eyes. "Maybe we should take this somewhere more...I don't know. Not near the bathrooms, at least."

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rimskur "Where do you want to go then?" He raised his eyebrow in question. His hand stroked her hair in adoration.

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rimskur ((Ehh this is him right now here...>.<))

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rimskur "I don't know if the other campers will appreciate it if they see me kissing you." He frowned, twirling a few strands of her hair around his fingers.

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rimskur "I'm sure both of our cabins are empty right now." He raised his eyebrow suggestively before bursting into laughter. "Just kidding, just kidding. "

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rimskur "So where do you wanna go, Princess?" He teased her, pinching her hip. Graham smiled, seeing her blush on her cheeks and it grew bigger when she became speechless.

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rimskur "I believe that that option is unavailable right now." Graham pouted. "I guess we'll just have to resort to my cabin as you don't appreciate me going into yours." He raised his eyebrows at her.

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rimskur "Alright, alright!" He raised his hands in the air in defeat. Graham took her by her hand, dragging her away from the bathrooms and towards the Athena cabin.

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rimskur ((okay))

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