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Hello what kind of rp would you like to do? How active are you and How many sentences per post?

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Hey, I am very active like for 3-5 hours or more a day and I would like to do a romance role-play if that's alright and maybe 3-4 sentences per post or more if that's alright:)

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Sounds good to me but do you want it to be realistic or fantasy? What's the gender thing with you do you do Female, Male or can you do doubles? Will you be sure to let me know when stuff comes up and you can't rp for a while?

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I like to be realistic, I can do male or female it usually doesn't matter what gender. And I will try to let you know when I can't role-play for a while, but sometimes stuff comes up out of the blue so you'll have to give me a break if I can't tell you when I'm going to be off for a couple of days or something.

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Okay I understand I just want to know that when you can that you will tell me and not leaving me hanging. I have stuff that happens to so I will be curtious to you and let you know when I'm gonna be busy if I can. Do you want to try doubles?

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Thanks so much!! I'll try doubles with you if you would like:)

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Okay I would really like to do doubles because I have two characters that I've been interchanging in a lot of my rps lately. Just so you know the guy looks like Aragron from lord of the rings and my girl looks like Kate Beckensale. I would like to do a sort of midevil kind of rp if that's okay with you we can figure out the plot together.

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Sure Medieval sounds awesome we can do that:)

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Okay :) Any plot ideas for that?

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Umm, no not really. Ummm, *thinking*

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Lol It's all good maybe my guy can be from the future that goes back in time to learn the true meaning of love since he had lost it ever since he was sent to a foster home when his parents had died.

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Yeah! I like that idea:)

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Okay :)

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So charries now?

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Yep! I'll post my characters uneditted because I'm going to be at school soon. I have one night class then I have to read to my gramps then go to bed.

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Gang B

{Name} Calcifer Tirant
{Nickname} Cal
{Age} 25
{Gender} Male
{Family} Veronica(Mother), James(Father), Silas(Younger brother) and Talianna
{Personality} Calcifer is the oldest of three children who were brought up to understand trust is something earned not given. He's family oriented and very loyal to others who have been good to his family. He often trains with his little sister.

{Name} Talianna Tirant
{Nickname} Talia
{Age} 23
{Gender} Female
{Species} Human
{Personality} Talianna is very confident in herself and has a great appreciation for music and sword combat. She's very clever and a kind hearted woman.

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Your turn to make characters

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Yeah I will later. I have to go shopping in about thirty minutes and I'll make them then.

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Hello I need your Characters so that we can start. I didn't forget about you promise.

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Okay sorry. Give me a sec:)

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Okay. It's fine I'm just digging up some of the rps I haven't touched in a while. :) and this one is a virgin so I got to keep going at it. LOL!

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Name: John Locke
Age: 23
Species: Human
Personality: John is sort of the 'leave me alone or you'll get hurt' type of guy. He is always afraid that he will hurt someone who is with him and doesn't really enjoy being in a relationship that much because he has caused a lot of girls so much pain. Would rather just be by himself and enjoy his life alone.

Name: Willow Pittsburg
Age: 24
Species: Human
Personality: Willow is very much into guys. She enjoys going on dates and falling in love, she is very much a flirt and enjoys making guys fall for her.

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Okay change in plot ideas since your character look like the present time look for people how about they're the ones who end up going through time and finding themselves in the very time period they weren't really expecting to be in. LOL :) Sound good?

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Yeah, absolutely:)

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:) I'll go ahead and start if you'd like me to.

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Yes please:)

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((My Characters aren't related they just have the same last name))

Calcifer Tirant was one of the smartest men in the town of Newasia and liked his job as a black smith. He got payed mostly in gold and occasionally he would get the rarity of Silver. He was working on the king's sword when out of the corner of his eye he saw a beautiful woman walking around looking quite confused. The funny part was that she distracted him so well he didn't realize that his thumb was still on the blade steadying it on the fire. He ended up hitting his thumb. "Holy shit that hurt!" He yelled looking at his thumb and saw that it was turning black.
"Talianna wait I didn't mean it like that!" Jasacar called from behind Talianna Tirant as she walked away from him. Some prince he is. She thought feeling very flusterated that her father would even consider him as a suiter. "I just wish that there was someone in the world that would understand and appreciate me." She said not seeing a man walking ahead of her and instantly bumped into him.

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Willow heard the blacksmith yell and turned her head seeing him examine his thumb. She walked over to him, "mind if I take a look?" She asked him giving a quick curtsy, and looked down at his thumb that was indeed turning black. Fighting back a smile she looked at the sword and picked it up carefully examining its edge. "Fine sword," she said to him turning it over carefully in her hand.
John felt someone bump into him. He stumbled a little bit and kept a firm hold on the map he was carrying, he looked over and saw the woman who had bumped into him. "Excuse me madam," he said politely tipping his hat. "I am afraid I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm sorry." He smiled at her examining her face, she was beautiful, he admitted but pushed the thought away.

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He lifted his hand so that she could see his thumb better and smiled at what she had said about the sword he'd been working on. "That's our king's new sword." He explained with a very gentle smile. "He had ordered it from me a few weeks back and I told him that I would deliver it myself as soon as I can." He looked at her again examining her features thoroughly.She can't be from around here but she is very beautiful. He thought then smiled at her again,"My name is Calcifer Tirant and you are?"
Talianna looked at the man and blushed because never had she seen someone as handsome as he was. "It's okay sir. I didn't see you there in front of me." She said and cursied to him in respect. So far her terrible day was getting a little bit better. He seemed very charming with this strange accent that she really loved alot.

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Willow put the sword down. "He will enjoy it," she assured him and took his hand examining his thumb carefully so not to hurt him. "My name is Willow Pittsburg, it is a pleasure to meet you." She smiled and looked around, "do you have a bucket of water somewhere nearby that you could but your finger in to make the swelling go down?" She asked him touching his thumb carefully and waiting for a reaction.
John smiled and nodded. "Once again I am sorry, I should not have been in your way." He tipped his hat to her, "I am John Locke. It would be a great honor to know your name," he said and tucked the map under his arm where it would've safe.

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Calcifer surprisingly didn't cry out in pain and he smiled at Willow now liking the fact that she was like an angel. "Here's one." He said pointing at it and said,"It's a pleasure to meet you as well." He returned the curtesy that was so kindly given to him. He grabbed the bucket and moved to the tool deck and placed it there so that he could do what Willow had so nicely suggested for him to do. "Thank you for helping me Willow." He said sweetly as held his hand down under the water.
"My name is Talianna Tirant." She said politely and gave him a smile as she lightly moved a curly black lock behind her ear. "Where are you from?" She asked being curious. "You from Newasia?" She added the question and stepped forward to take a good look at him. Now they were almost chest to chest but she pulled away as soon as she got that close.

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She smiled. "I don't like to see people in pain," Willow said and looked around. She saw a horse over in a corral and walked over to it, the horse spooked a little bit. "Ah, a lively horse I see." She said and reached out to touch the horses nose, but the horse dodged out of the way. "Is he dangerous?" She asked interested in the animal.
John smiled, "it is quite a pleasure to meet you ma'am." He smiled and thought about the answer to the question she had asked about where he was from. "Somewhere very, very far away. I don't know the name of the place," he sighed. "If I did I would tell you, but I just don't know."

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Calcifer looked at the beautiful woman and smiled as she showed interest in his black horse. "Shadow just likes acting gruff and dangerous because he doesn't know anything else. I'm the only one who treats him with love and kindness." He explained now walking over to her and the horse his finger wasn't swollen as much but it was still very black. "Shadow be nice and let Willow touch you. She's not going to hurt you I promise." He said to the horse hoping that he would listen and do what he was told.
"Okay well my father has an Inn just on the out skirts of Newasia if you would like a place to stay." She said trying to be as hospitable as she could because he seemed like he was very lost and confused.

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Willow smiled and reached her hand out again. The horse let her stroke its neck. "Shadow, a very pretty name." She murmured to the horse that pushed against her touch, she patted his cheek and smiled. "He is a very beautiful horse."
John smiled. "Oh no thank you," he thanked her by bowing. "But my home is a few streets away, I was just taking a map to the king." He gestured to the map tucked safely under his arm.

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Calcifer nodded,"He's very amazing." He agreed and looked at her. "So where's a beautiful woman like you from?" He asked curiously.
"Oh," Talia frowned because she just came from that direction.

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Willow smiled when she heard him call her beautiful. "Honestly, I don't know where me hometown is. I don't remember any of it." She sighed.
"I'm sorry if that wasn't what you wanted to hear," John grinned at her. He shifted his weight slightly not sure what else to do.

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"I know this might be a strange thing for me to ask but would you like a place to stay?" He asked trying to be as nice and caring as he usually.
"I better get going." Talia said and started to walk away

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Willow shrugged. "I wouldn't possibly want to impose on your space..."her voice trailed off slightly and she went back to petting the horse.
"Would you like to get together sometime?" John asked taking a step towards her.

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"You wouldn't I invite you to." He said with a smile watching her pet Shadow.
"Sure!" She said looking at him over her shoulder.

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She thought about that for a moment. "As long as I'm not intruding on your space," Willow said looking over at him.
John smiled and tipped his hat, "I can usually be found at the pond." He told her before turning to continue towards the king.

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"My time hear is done. Do you think you can get onto Shadow?" He asked not wanting her to walk like most men wanted it.
"See you soon." She smiled.

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"I should say so," Willow flashed a playful smile and slipped through the corral fence and grabbed a piece of the horses mane in her hand she swung herself up onto the horses back.
John continued walking and dropped off the map at the kings palace giving it to one of the guards. He then returned to his home to wash up and make supper.

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Calcifer got on the same way and smiled riding the horse out to his home about 48 minutes away. "It's very nice out today but it will be cold at nightfall." He said when they arrived at the house.
Talianna decided to go out to the hotsprings out near the little pond he was talking about.

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Willow shrugged. "The cold doesn't bother me at all," she said and patted the horses neck. "I've gotten used to it."
After making his supper John washed up and put on his usual clothes walking towards the pond.

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Calcifer nodded to her."Shadow go to your Den." He told the horse would just hop into his little space like he normally did. "He's a very smart horse." He told her watching as his horse did what he wanted it to. "Come follow me inside." He waved for her attention and walked into the house.
Talianna was singing to herself enjoying her bath in the spring.

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Willow watched the horse and followed Calicifer inside. (Sorry if I spelt his name wrong) She looked around the house, pieces of metal hanging from the walls caught her attention and she smiled.
John sat down on a rock by the pond and took out his drawing pad beginning to draw the horizon.

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"What do you think?" He asked walking pass her so she'd follow him and look however long she wanted at everything because he wasn't at all in a hurry.
Talianna's voice got louder as she continued to sing.

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She looked around, "it's amazing." Willow told him walking over to one of the metal pieces. "May I?" She asked before reaching out to touch it.
He was humming his own little song as he drew his piece of charcoal defining the lines of the horizon.

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