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message 1: by Gary (last edited Nov 25, 2013 02:52PM) (new)

Gary This book has already been adapted a couple of times. There was, apparently, a 2003 BBC version (which I haven't seen) and a 2008 Hollywood version (which I haven't been able to sit through.) Neither was all that near to the book from what I understand. I think that means the casting issue is still an open question.

The other thing is that this is historical fiction, meaning the main characters have been portrayed in film any number of times. The Tudors was an interesting and--usually--entertaining retelling of events. I have to say I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers is physically about as wrong as you can get for the part of Henry VIII outside of some sort of post-Modern Shakespearean blind casting exercise. Eric Bana (in the 2008 film) strikes me as being an equally bad choice for Henry. (I look more like Henry than either of those guys do... sorry to say.)

I think there was some other guy named Bumberbatch? or Slumberscratch? in that movie. Bennie Mick Crumbledash? Innablick Flumbertrack? Something like that....

Anyway, I did pretty much buy Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, but Natalie Portman didn't convince me at all in the film adaptation.

For the more "minor" characters (for this novel) Maria Doyle Kennedy in The Tudors did, I thought, a very convincing job.

If I were casting this thing nowadays, though, I think I'd go for:

Henry: Philip Seymour Hoffman
Anne: Michelle Ryan
Mary: Heather Graham
Stafford: Tom Mison
Catherine: Maria Doyle Kennedy (I think she pretty well nailed it.)
George: Binapicked Cucumberpatch
Jane Parker: Billie Piper

message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo | 69 comments Henry: Josh Hutcheson
Mary: Ellen Page
Anne: Blake Lively
George: Bradly Cooper
Stafford: Leonardo DiCaprio
Catherine: Penelope Cruz
Jane Parker: Lea Michele

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