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I HATED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I'm in 8th grade and had to read this and do a bunch of projects for school. Some sites say the interest level is ages 14-18 and reading level is for six graders, my response to that; HELL NO. This is a CHILD from grade 3-6th's idea of high school. In my class everyone was insulted by how childish and boring a book this was. What I think of this is more of a "Bridge To Terebithia" story where they are like "you can make something magical like Stargirl's 'enchanted place' and 'happy wagon' out of something mundane, which to be honest, bored me to tears. I mean everybody else comemerated this book only due to two actuall things:
1. Jerry Spinelli
2. Nostalgia
Meanwhile in the land of schools, teachers are reading these AMAZING reviews and are getting surprised when their more mature classes hate it. Not only that,are you supposed to be surprised when the other people at MICA high think she's doing it for attention/self esteem? BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING. I'm sorry but I had to be honest here, this book was horrible and offensively childish, so stop pretending "It's a book for all ages" because the only "Book for all ages" is the DICTIONARY.
-Screw this, I'm going to read Kara No Kyoukai, so please go reply to this if you agree with me.

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Ijust wanted to comment and say that this book was written waaaay before you were born. Not way way before you were born, but this book is one of Spinelli's greatest books about two kids who struggle to keep their love going. The scene of the high school is not important, dear child but it's the essence of Stargirl not fitting in the school that makes the book what it is! Secondly, Stargirl is different, and Spinelli captured that difference by making her have places like the "enchanted place" or her "happy wagon."
True, this book is an easy reader for those who are under the age of 13, but it's the message that I believe makes this book so... unique. It's told from his point of view, (might i add that spinelli wrote this when schools were still a little different than modern schools?) and if you don't like it then just you know, charge through it. Or better yet, defend your opinion to your teacher and see if another book is given a chance to be read instead of Stargirl.

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You just don't have an appreciation for it because you don't understand the book. You are forced to read this book, of course you're going to hate it! Read it in a few years from now and it will be different. I find that books seem to change every time you read them if you do it right.

Emily Angelique, I agree with you. I read it a few years ago and it wasn't my favorite book, I liked it. ...more
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I love this book and the sequel and I've read it like ten times and I still love it!!! I Can't believe some of you crazy peeps don't like it! I also love
Maniac Magee. That is a awesome book too. :) Jerry Spinelli is awesome!

I'm trying to finish it right now, and I'm thinking about dropping it. Stargirl is quite obviously doing everything for attention, and if this were a real school the teachers would have told her to stop her bullshit by now. This is also the first time I have read this book, so I don't have any nostalgic ties to it, and I'm not being forced to read it for school. I agree with you, it's a very immature book.

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Loved it. Love, individuality, the pressure to fit in, and the heavy responsibility of growing up, as in figuring up what life is about (with way too real consequences). By the time the old teacher says "she really loved you, boy", what a punch to the gut. I've been avoiding the sequel, for fear it would be too sad.

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I hated this book too. What a Mary Sue. What a joke!

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I read this book in 5th grade for fun. I liked it back then but now I won't read it again seeing as other people find it terrible the second time. I don't want to ruin my 10yr old experience haha.

You are probably too mature for this book by Jr high. It's mg more than ya, both in length and tone. Younger kids might like it, as well as adults. Being just removed from mg level, I can see why you'd find it immature. It would make a good storyline for a gritty ya if it was dirtied up and doubled in length, w the focus on the bullying.

Love Stargirl was better

ya.. it was a weird book i dont know i haven't read it in like 4 years but i have no desire to reread it cus i know it will be really crap

did anyone make it to book 2?

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I never liked this book. I had to read it in middle school and I thought it was horrible.

I think that this book is fantastic. It is different than other books, and this makes it a really great book to read. Love, Stargirl was also great, and in my opinion, a person of any age can read any book they want to. I don't think this book is bad at all.

I have to agree, this is more of an elementary/middle school book, but after doing research, the book seems to have taken place in about 1975...(Publish 2000, says it had taken place 15"VALENTINES DAY'S" ago) The book's a little slow, but there is no need to criticize it. If the book might not capture the present day high school experience... But I found the book entertaining, cheery, and intelligent.I think it lifts your heart up too! It might not be your "cup of tea", but for the audience it pleases, it is a rather good book.

I agree with the many who said you may not have liked it because you were forced to read it. But I can also agree with you on 2 things...
A)This might not be a book for all ages...
B)The only book for all ages is the dictionary!

I think you have to have some living and a certain degree of sadness under your belt to really appreciate this book.

This book is awful and way to short in my opinion:/

I adored this book, but I did get to read it by choice. I think that helps a book a lot.

Wow-I loved this book. However, the sequel was awful.

I didn't hate this… It was ok. I remember being bored for most of it, but at some parts it was good. I haven't read it since 7th grade though, so I don't remember much,

The second book Love, Stargirl was much better than the first.

I think this book is wonderful, but conveys its themes in an unusual way that can be hard to accept. So I see why you didn't like it; at times I felt it was kind of boring. But read the sequel and I think you will like it much better. I think the sequel is better than this book.

I first read it about 10 years ago, I didn't understand or really like it then, but I would be willing to give it another chance.

The ending was wayyyyy too vauge for me. Especially the part at the speech. Overall, I had no problem with this book. I mainly read it to kill time (while I wait for a REAL book to be published)

I read this book for a 7th grade reading project. Both me and all those who read it hated it. I don't get why some people like it so much.

Karen Alot of my 7th graders liked it.
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I really hated this book!

I totes loved this book.

I actually hated this book. We had to read it for summer reading. I think 7th going into 8th. Of course, i hated reading then.. I kinda wanna buy it and re-read it. I never really finished it either. I skimmed through it cause i ran out of time to read it. I like Milkweed, just not Stargirl. Isn't there a second Stargirl out?

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I read this is 3rd grade, and then I really liked it. I think I would still like it now, but I agree making high schoolers read it is kind of ridiculous.

First Sentence must be: I respect your opinion, now onto my rant as to why I think it's a good book.

I loved this series when I read it a couple years ago. Sure, it's not an accurate of how high school is now a days, but in a book that isn't strictly about high school, (and also considering the time period), accuracy isn't the most important thing.

Like someone else said, it's the message that matters, not just it's accuracy. And also, someone said something about "her doing it all for attention." Now, do we have any physical proof of this? Because everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So when it comes to a book, where things are up for debate unless strictly said in the book, you should really give solid proof to support your hypothesis.

I do however, agree that it's a better book for when you're younger, unless you happen to be looking for a short, easy-read.

I didn't think that the actual writing of the book was bad, I just despised the narrator for wanting Stargirl to change who she was.

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I think this book is a good lesson in true love for kids and teens then 21st century technology dating sites that we have today

...well whenever a school forces you to read a book, it usually ruins the whole thing.
I read this book in like 6th grade and thought it was amazing, but I don't remember the book at all... So I dunno

I have read and enjoyed a number of Spinelli's books, but feel his strongest suit is humor. I have been disappointed and/or dislike his serious works. Stargirl is a bit of a strange one, and I am not sure where I would place it. I was disappointed with the ending because I felt that Spinelli had trapped his story in a no-win situation and opted to leave the reader hanging. The sequel partly redeems this, and I was glad that Spinelli did give us a sequel.

this book was really bad now that i read it again. When i read it in 4th grade it was my favorite book.

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