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Did you like the ending?
Madi O.S Madi Nov 25, 2013 01:43PM
I personally thought the ending was good but I was crying the whole time!

I finished the book in less than 24 hours. And I accepted the fact that Tris is dead because someone spoiled it on Twitter just three days after the book was released. But aside from that unfortunate fact, I still bought the book because, of course, I want to know the whole story!

But Tris's death was still fine by me. At least she died a hero. Although, what really brought tears in my eyes were Tobias's feelings towards her death. The two short chapters of him reminiscing Tris's jump and when he was still seeing her in Abnegation were heart-wrenching.

I hated all the characters the whole time I read the book. I only really like the plot so I was very satisfied with the ending but I did hate how Tobias got some chapters because he was my all-time least favorite.

I refused to believe it!
I kept reading thinking "No, she's not really dead".
But I had a lump in my throat when I was reading Four's ending. It was just so sad.

It might have been hard for us to read, but it must have been harder for Roth to kill off her main character.

All those pages of Tobias' feelings were agonizing...just agonizing. I feel like I handled it like a champ, though: I only cried three times.

I'm still not happy about Tori being gone, either.

I think I'm going to love seeing Maggie Q (flawless goddess) playing Tori in the movies, but knowing what happens to Tori? Too sad. My only comfort is imagining that some day, Christina and Tobias will become more than friends. They both deserve to be happy.

I still think Veronica Roth is a fantastically good writer. She had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole series, pretty much. I'm not mad at her; in fact, I'd like to thank her for the ride. I'm just sad.

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Madison Bradshaw I hope that Christina and Tobias will be more then friends oneday because they deserve someone to make them happy. They can bond over initiation and h ...more
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i know a lot of fans hate the ending bec. they've expected something haha , but nevertheless i love it thou it's really heartbreaking but roth did a great job , =))

I really love the flow of story because Veronica keep us hanging all the time but yeah *spoiler* Tris died. Tris is one of the lead characters and her death is poorly shown and dramatized in the book. there is lack of feelings that should be expressed by Tobias in the book.

Overall, for me, the problem with this book is Veronica is trying to show us tragic because of the deaths but she failed on that because the deaths is poorly stated and feelings were not explained or told well

I liked it but I didn't but overall I guess I did. It was just so shocking/mean.... RIP all who died!

hated the ending,the book on the whole was good.

I think that it was a good thing that Tris died. I think that it helped Tobias in the long run. I could kind of see it coming too. Tris would never have let her brother go into that room with the death serum. Even if she hated him, she is selfless and her character has shown time and time again that she never lets anyone suffer that she can help. She also feels that it is her responsibility. Sometimes someone's greatest attribute like being selfless can bring ones downfall. And I loved the scene with her mother. It was just so sweet and made me feel better about her death because she had accomplished her purpose in life and she wasn't dying for nothing.

i could probably shoot veronica roth right now.

Krizza Mae Martin Yeah. There's a time when I want to rip Veronica's head off her. But I think she did her best to write the book. Of course, with Beatrice's personalit ...more
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I cryed at the end of it. Not because Tris died but the way Tobias felt towards her death. Someone actually spoiled it for me so I knew she was gonna die. Overall it was actually a great book. I think Veronica Roth is a very daring person to kill of the main character but I admire her for that. RIP Beatrice (Tris) Prior. <4

i just finished the book about thirty minutes ago

Madi wrote: "I personally thought the ending was good but I was crying the whole time!"

Yeah, me too.

I really didn't like the book and all I was thinking was poor Tobias his truelove just died!
And another thing I didn't like was that through out he series Tris is trying to figure out what it means to be selfless and be dauntless at the same time but I feel like she didn't!
Does anyone else think this too?

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