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Mistborn 1 on Graphicaudio

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message 1: by Tamahome (new)

Tamahome | 6203 comments A lot of people seem to like these books. Here's book one with full cast/music/effects:

message 2: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianvh) | 11 comments I am definitely one of those people. I've been looking forward to this release since they announced it back in the summer.

For others that might be interested, this is part 1, of 3, of the 1st book. Each book in the trilogy will be released in 3 parts, each around 6-7 hours in length. This is SOP for Graphic Audio's productions.

message 3: by Brightlord (new)

Brightlord Sabri (Spiro) | 11 comments Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author of all times, And im definitely gonna pick this up.

message 4: by Tamahome (last edited Nov 26, 2013 01:26PM) (new)

Tamahome | 6203 comments It can be in 5.1 surroundsound dvd like the Spiderman too (although the spiderman is blueray).

message 5: by Brian (new)

Brian (brianvh) | 11 comments Yeah. The new 5.1 thing they're doing is pretty cool. Of course, since I listen to 90%+ of my audiobooks via Bluetooth headsets, it's unlikely I'll get much use from the extra fidelity of full 5.1. :) But, going for the true "Movie in Your Mind" experience is certainly in Graphic Audio's wheelhouse.

message 6: by Dustin (new)

Dustin (tillos) | 365 comments Now that part two of book one is out, I'm considering giving it a try.

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