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If you would like to help me out with this group the please fill out the application below.
Note: not everyone who applies will become a Moderator.

What can you do to help me:
How many groups are you in where your a moderator:
Why do you want to be a mod:
Are you active:
Roleplay Example: No longer then a paragraph.

squirrel-cheeks Name: Squirrel-Cheek

Age: 13

Gender: Female

What can you do to help me: I can check around see if every one following the rules, Approve people.

How many groups are you in where your a moderator: I have been in over 10

Why do you want to be a mod: I like being a Moderator, I cheeking making sure people are following the rules, stuff like that

Are you active: Yes, very

Roleplay Example:((Captain Hook role play))

"I am, and my last name is weird to you, well the name Lidell doesn't sound to common" he said biting his lip and looking at her crystal blue eyes. Carson looked swiftly at his hand missing a finger and quickly put it in his jacket pocket. "So are you new here,?" he asked her amusing she had been here for quit some time. He looked at her feeling pain in his figure he hit ageist his phone, He held in the pain, trying to look more tough then he felt. He cursed under his breath making sure she could not hear and looked at her for a answer. The name Alice sounded very familiar, but he could not put his finger on it. Carson purple eyes making eye contacted with hers and her looked at her with a slight grin, he closed his eyes to suck in the pain, he hated Crocodiles a lot, why did they have to follow him, why not someone like peter or, the little girl, whats her name, oh yeah Wendy. He wandered this for quit some while but never really did anything about it, he tried to stop biting his lip, is teeth were making a cut, and he could taste some blood, but not a lot, he looked at her and waited for a answer.

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somebody | 40 comments Mod
{Name} Somebody

{Age} 14

{Gender} Female

{What can you do to help me} By adding places, accepting people, coming up with more ideas, and check to see if people are following the rules, or rather that they don't go to far out of conduct.

{How many groups are you in where your a moderator}

{Why do you want to be a mod} I'd like to be able to help out with the good and such and enjoy the feeling of power. Is that a bad thing?

{Are you active} I'm working on being more active again, though I was in the past. What I just need now is a reason to be on which I've started to get so I should be more.

{Roleplay Example} ((One from a past roleplay))

James passed her a forward look, holding tight onto the railing as he willed himself not to look down. Beads of sweat had started to form on his face, falling down soundlessly mixed in with a couple of tears. He hated this, he hated heights, he hated his mother, his sister, stupid older Tyler, and right now his twin Thomas who seemed more than able to stare down like it was nothing. But not 12 year old James who gulped slightly, hands clammy and yet tight on the rail, his knuckles going white. His younger sister America who had blonde hair for now, had no trouble with it either, but did place her hand on top of his. She was 10, and even now despite his harsh words, was still there to comfort him. He didn't know why either, after everything he always told her, yelled at her, and more importantly what he was going to do to her she was always there for him, and even in the future she will be. He blinked down at her, biting his lip. "Don't let me fall" He gulped, the skyscraper was to tall, and James was what? 5'4? 5'6?
"I'd never..." She promised, it was only a shame he couldn't do the same for her.

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Hi I'm lauren. I am kinda new to this group and am about to apply for a character you should know that I am VERY active like hours at a time. I mod in three other small groups and I LOVE mermaids and role playing so this is like candy land for me. I can help start threads and new ideas and help other participate. I hope to be a mod but I'm happy I found the group!

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We are happy you found us too! Because right now the only two role playing is me and Temperance...haha it's like our own private group...lol. Welcome! I would make you a mod, but we have two..and since there will probably only be three people actually rping...I don't think we need another one.

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Yeah it's fine I'm just happy to be here:)

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