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Lookout Point is the highest spot on the island. It’s really just a flat cliff top where you can see out over the forest on one side and the sea on the other. Locals like to come up here once in a while but it’s mainly the teenagers looking for a good make out spot of tourist who want to see the view.

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alessia (classick) "I dare you." Okay. He dared the Heir of the Thera throne into jumping off the look-out point and into the sea. Very good choice. Dylan rolled her eyes at his pal, who mocked him, "Come on, Douglas, scared?" "You think?" Dylan said, responding to his human, undercover name, as if it was his own. He was a good actor. Thankfully, he had his anklet around his ankle. But he did have it on most of the time. Especially during the day when he hung out near the shores and beaches where humans populated. "Jump then, if you're man enough for it," his pal replied. Encouragements were hollered from the rest of his friends. Fine. Father couldn't get mad, could he? With that thought in mind, Dylan turned and raced towards the edge of the flat cliff, yelling "Geronimo!"

One second, it felt like he was floating. The next, he was plummeting down towards the water. He met the waves with a large splash as his body brushed roughly against the sharp stones. His back got scratched and a little blood seeped out of the wounds. But being a Merman, he healed completely be the time he resurfaced, grinning with satisfaction. "GOOD ENOUGH?" he hollered to his friends, who were gaining courage and jumping off the cliff as well. A few were Merfolk too, so they healed as quickly. Sadly, the ones that were humans winced and cringed a little from the pain.

But these teenagers were strong.

squirrel-cheeks Ocean sat on her roof (Of her house) and looked a him and his friends, she sometimes wished she was at least a little popular the only friend that she had that was not in her family was Sailor. She looked at her book and started to read, of course she hated being alone it was one of the things she was good at, and hated it. She sat on the roof looked down at the ocean and wished she was down there swimming, but that would be not cautioned . Her friend, Sailor didn't even know she was not risking it, she sat down and looked at the clouds. She laid down of the roof and started to slip, and out came a loud "Ahhhhhhh." she fell on to a pile of sand witch was fine, she rubbed her head and tried to stand back up and rubbed her head she felt a little blood then sat down of a near by bench she looked up at her roof to she her best friend smiling down at her. Oceans ankle started to hurt but she tried to not think about it.

She got up walked to her friend, and looked up at her, she had a sort a upset smile and motioned to her to come down, she felt a little light headed but didn't mind, she heard a big slash again and then got soaked, great this is how exactly she wanted her morning to go. She got some water out of her hair and smiled a little, at her. Her blonde hair turned into a light brown and her crystal blue eyes looked at the ocean again and she looked deeply to a near by turtle and sighed again.

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Sailor walked over to Ocean, having climbed through the window, close to slipping at one point though slowly felt like it was nothing over the years of her skin getting used to things like that. In each her hands were donuts. "Hey, The Cafe over by the harbor was practically giving these things away. She chuckled lightly, moving to sit down next to her friend a slight grin on her face. "Damian opted that I should give one to you to make up for him taking your watch only to break it the other day- Well it's more like me paying you back for him, though I suppose it's better than nothing right?" She asked with a slight grin, before turning to see what her friend was looking at.

"Lucky people- I'd get hurt jumping off there, hurt and wet as fudge." She chuckled with a soft sigh. "And unless I stay the night...." She trailed off. "I'm just gonna have to stay out of the water" Usually she was accepted to stay, she was just hoping now that this was one of those nights. Super humans seemed more like it, some of those people didn't even seem to have a scratch. "So can I-" She jumped back as soon as her friend fell, sadly thankful that is wasn't her this time. "Ocean!" She looked down at her from the side of the roof, her toes curling over the edge to keep her in place with the sugary food. "Want a donut?" She asked with an apologetic smile cringing slightly, though her friend didn't seem to have a single scratch.

squirrel-cheeks "Thats a nice time to ask me, Sure" she said softly looking at her friend motioning her to come down once more with a spit smile on her face, Ocean waited for her friend to come down and sit next to her on her bench, she liked sitting here, it had fresh lily's (Her favorite flower) the Ocean view, and most of all a water fall in the back of it. She sat down and put her books into her bag that had been strapped to her the whole time.

Her Light blonde hair all messy she parted it from her face and put it behind her ears, she still felt wet and icky with all the water but tried mot to think about it, she sat down tried to get her self clean and sighed waiting for her friend, to come down. Her eyes had a little water in them she tried to wipe them out, trying to make it look like she was not crying, but it was highly impossible. Got one of her hair scrunchies from her arm and put her hair up into a messy bun. She looked at her friend and walked over, "Are you coming down or do I have to pull you down" she asked her softly looking at her softly smiling and biting her lip.

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alessia (classick) With everyone thrilled by the 'fearless' jump, the group of teenagers swam over to the shore, laughing and mocking each other for their ridiculous speeches before jumping and their hilarious poses in mid-air. Laughter seemed to always follow them around like their shadows followed them in the sunny summers. Dylan was joking around with Lucas--the merman who dared Dylan into jumping off the cliff in the first place--as they got out of the sea waters and dried themselves a bit. They were wearing pearls, and the sun was blazing, so they had hardly anything to fear, but no one could be too careful.

As they followed their human and Merfolk friends across the land with bare feet, they passed by two girls sitting on a bench, have two donuts with them. Dylan didn't glance at them twice, going on about how crazy Vernon looked with his legs split when leaping off the cliff, but his flirtatious buddy blew kisses at the girls and even winked. Dylan turned to Lucas and laughed, imagining what the two strangers were probably thinking about his friend. But he turned away, with Lucas slapping his shoulder, and his mind instantly filed the two strangers as unimportant in his memory.

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Sailor sighed softly, hating the look on her face; however she didn't think there was much she could do even if she tried. "I'd prefer getting myself down" She sighed. Bracing herself to jump off it as she stetted her stuff down onto the roof. As she took a couple steps back before jumping off the side to get down. Messing up on her footing as she landing eventually catching herself on her hands. "Or maybe not" She mumbled with a slight shake of her head. Sighing as she just rested back after quickly whipping at the dirt on her knees.

She pushed herself off the ground turning to Ocean. In a way the two of them could have been siblings, they looked similar enough. Then the downfall of the fact that she completely found herself unable to accurately keep her gaze straight sucked as she just about fell off her feet again. "On second thought maybe I'd be better if I stayed up there" She mumbled. Though still had a grin on her face part of her just unable to help it. She was covered in sand but that's just what she gets for choosing to actually jump off instead of climbing down. Brushing off her hair to the side she fought to keep it from making her blind.

squirrel-cheeks Ocean gave a weak smile to her friend as she went back up, she instantly felt a little upset, sure she had a small crush at Dylan, but Sailor had a crush on him to, she would never be able to talk to him. Ocean walked over to her bench again and sighed, she didn't even see Dylan's friend. Ocean tried to ignore the fact that Sailor would to talk to him if they got close to her, she started to write down some of her homework stuff. She hated math, a lot, she tried to figure out the problem. Her hair getting dryer every second she was on the bench.

Ocean put her hand on her necklace, it said LOVE in a bold print, a few pearls were around the locket shaped heart. Ocean always wore this to make sure her tail did not come out, her best friend didn't even know her secret let alone some strangers. Ocean took a quick glance of him, and bit her lip she went back to work she took her hand off of her Locket witch she loved great dearly. Ocean pulled some strain's of hair out of her face, she must look like a mess, she usually didn't make h=sure she looked amazing.

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alessia (classick) "He honestly looked like Rock Lee. I was hopping he'd hit his- Oh, dammit, stop nudging me!" Dylan said, halting in mid-sentence to glare at Lucas, who was nudging him non-stop. And being from a family of guards, Lucas was relatively strong. "Look," Lucas said, grinning in a goofy way despite Dylan's cold irritated look. "What?" Dylan asked, peering behind his shoulder, where Lucas was pointing. His gaze fell back onto the two girls and he frowned, turning back to Lucas. "What?" he repeated.

"You're so blind, Douglas," Lucas whispered, slapping Dylan in the shoulder, "Didn't you see that one, the one with the sling bag, looking at you?" "I was talking about Rock Lee and Vernon, so, no," Dylan replied, glancing over his shoulder before turning back to Lucas again. "Trust me, Lucas, my father will not like me asking out a human girl," he hissed in Lucas' ear.

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean wrote down more things not paying attention at them. She could see from the corner of her eyes them pointing at her and she did not like it. Ocean was one of those girls who were quiet didn't like when people notice her, she bit her lip even harder knowing two guys were looking at her, and why her Sailor was over there on a roof nothing was special about her, she was just a everyday American Mermaid, that sounded normal, right? Ocean did not like them looked at her she rubbed her pearls, she always known they meant something you could only get them in the coral reef, most people asked her how she got it she never answered them because she didn't even know her self.

Ocean studied her note and gone through them at least ten times before she stopped and tried to hear what they were saying good thing she had super hearing she tried to listen in. Ocean could not make out what they were saying but she could tell it was about her. She did not like it one bit, she did not like that he talking about just siting on a bench, she could see a few of her hairs a little blue she hoped they did not notice.

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alessia (classick) {Is she Therian or Carenthian? Just wondering, I couldn't find it in her form.}

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squirrel-cheeks {I think she would be Carenthian?}

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alessia (classick) {Okay.}

"Yeah, he probably won't," Lucas said, "But..." He gave Dylan the look that would have sent the Thera heir running before something terrible happened. "What if she isn't?" he finished. Dylan knew what that meant. If she was a Mermaid and he didn't have the slightest clue who in the ocean she was, then she had to be Carenthian. And that was worse. "That's trouble, Lucas. Big, big, nasty trouble," Dylan said slowly, like warning a pet dog. Which, he didn't have. Lucas shook his head, "Trouble, good." Dylan gritted his teeth and shook his head more vigorously, "My father would kill me if he knew." "Ah-ha," Lucas said as the thought dammit raced through Dylan's head. "That's if," I'm going to be dead fish. "Your father," With tomatoes. Yeah, tomatoes. "Hears."

"No," Dylan said quickly, "No Romeo and Juliet for me." "Ah-ha," Lucas said. There's the signature "Ah-ha" before chaos breaks out. "It's not Romeo and Juliet, Douglas," Lucas continued. He said the rest in a barely audible whisper, "It's Dylan and mystery girl." Lucas patted Dylan on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry, buddy. I know it's hard now. But you'll have to get married one day." With that, the two and the rest of the group turned to the right and disappeared out of sight.

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean tried to no pay attention to the two but it was hard she knew they were talking about her, and that was bad. Ocean got out her took and started to read quietly. Ocean loved to read it was a times less story into something no body could explain it was perfect. Ocean started to read her hair turning a little more blue, she didn't like the idea, of them seeing but they probably wouldn't even notice, right? Ocean started to think of the story, and started to think. She rubbed her necklace again, and her face gave a small smile she had a idea.

Ocean put her book and away and started to write down something, it was her essay, she had no idea what to write and now it had came to her, she was filled with joy. She glanced at Sailor who was still on the roof causing attention to her self, Ocean did not want to have, it was clever that she was looking at him, and she didn't want that either.

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Sailor looked at Ocean for a moment. What was with her and that necklace- well other than the fact that she knew it came from her own parents. "There's a camera in the house, I'm sure if you take a picture of him he'll last longer" she mumbled, turning her head over there. Okay, fine. So she could easily make out why she'd stare though couldn't help feeling a little off by it. She cocked her head to the side after prying her sea ish eyes from him only to stare at Ocean, biting her lip lightly. "Then again I'm sure of he just stopped moving and stood there forever that'd work to". Then again, he'd probably have a boyfriend. Fml, right? Though what else would she do.

Sailor sighed, shaking her head lightly. Allowing her hair hair to come into her face a bit before tucking a blonde strand behind her ear, rubbing over her arms lightly as if she had been cold. Despite the fact that there wasn't a real reason to be cold with the whether. Maybe that was just a guilt trip she sent herself on though. She swallowed hard to clear her throat. "So how's the whether" she had managed to squeak out before even realizing she squeaked at all, cursing herself for it as she coughed. Clearing her throat.

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squirrel-cheeks "Fine, I guess" Ocean said softly looking at her book and still writing stuff down, she started to think about her sisters wedding, and bit her lip, she would have to go alone, basically. Ocean hated going to parties she would never find a date and she would always be that girl sitting alone went everybody else is dancing. Ocean didn't like this at all, she never even had her first dance, a part of her was sad because of it, but the other part not. Ocean played with her figures the way she always did when she was nerves, and gave a soft smile to her friend, and began to write once more.

Ocean could not stop thinking of him and his friend just looking at her and Sailor she didn't like this, sure it was attention, but she didn't want that, it made her feel nerves. Ocean bit her lip again, hear the waves brush ageist the rocks and making loud sound, Ocean was used to this, every minute in her room she would hear this, it didn't make much difference hearing it out here.

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Sailor sighed, knowing for a fact that her friend drawed more attention then she usually made out. Though she didn't notice that much at all. Which was an adorable look on her friend. "Oh come on..." She forced out a light smile. Often times she found herself staying with Ocean or somehow managing to make a mess of the place by destroying something she probably shouldn't without meaning to. "It's cold out here" She sighed with a slight shiver, staring off for a moment. Hoes before bros right? Then again, there wasn't entirely fair either if Ocean got him- or maybe that's just how things work, she's never been entirely sure of much.

"You wanna go inside?" She asked her friend softly. As much as she'd love to take a dive in the water, she didn't think it'd be wise to come home wet and just say she spilled some water on herself, nor would she get away once she contracted something terrible. "Bad whether...." She murmured. Looking down for a moment biting at her bottom lip. Soon enough her ears would start to freeze, though there was something calming about being out here.

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squirrel-cheeks "Its not that bad" she said softly the weather didn't feel cool to her, she never really got cold, she liked it that way. Ocean went through her book and them started to get more happy then usual, she found out what to do for her project. Ocean loved all planet mostly the moon it always interest her as a kid. Her project was going to be about. But then again that didn't matter she was just trying not to thinking about Dylan and his friend. Ocean looked at the sea she felt like it was calling her name, and she liked that.

Ocean wanted to get up and look at the sea see what was happening, but she didn't want tension to her self she stayed down on her nice warm bench. Looked looked at the ocean she loved the ocean, but it as not just because she was a mermaid, but something else she didn't know why though. Ocean looked at the ocean and started to look at it.

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Heidi ran her fingers through her light brown hair, breathing in the fresh salt water air as she climbed as high as she could. The lookout point had been a place of refuge for as long as she could remember growing up. Here, no one could hurt her. Here the bullies and the tormentor's and the reading and numbers and insecurities were gone. Here Heidi could be Heidi and nothing was wrong with her. She stopped briefly, closing her eyes as she caught her breath. She had practically ran the entire way there. Her dad and mom left to go to Seattle, for another surgery. This whole Cancer thing was really just kind of stressing her out. Not only did she lose her music scholorship, but she was losing her dad too. Jackson tried to be supportive and comforting but man..her twin brother was pathetic. All he did was piss Heidi off. Really, he didn't understand that Heidi had just watched her hope get splattered against the rocks and break into a million different pieces. It was...great.

Heidi's eyes fluttered open and she continued climbing her way up her special rock, her mind going over why she had come here. To be honest, she wasn't really sure. This place was just calm, quiet and right next to the ocean. Heidi lived and breathed ocean. For her it we the one place besides here where she could be herself. There were two places where she was just Heidi. On top of this rock, and the ocean. Heidi adored both places more than people could understand. She let out a frustrated puff of air as her foot slipped yet again on the stupid rock. Was this the right one? It was frustrating. She didn't remember her hideout being this hard to get too. After the third...or fifth time of trying to get to the top of the rock, Heidi plopped down on the ground next to it, her brown hair falling over her face. She didn't remember it being so hard to climb! Had it really been that long? Heidi bit her lip, brushing her hair out of her face as the wind picked up. She didn't remember it being so cold either. Maybe she shouldn't have come here.

Heidi tugged her knees up to her chest, hugging them as she rested her hear on top of them. It was beautiful and quiet, only the sounds of the seagulls could be heard for miles and Heidi enjoyed it for the length of five minutes before she got restless. Stupid ADHD. She stood up, her red Nike's squeaking as they rubbed against each other. That was almost as annoying as her disabilities! Heidi reached down, picking up a nice rock before chucking it off the side of the look out point. Hey...it was kind of fun. She did that for a while, trying to see how far she could throw it..before that got boring too. "Dang it!" She cursed, trying to think of something else to do. Heidi didn't mind her ADHD as much when she had stuff to do..but she didn't. why was this place her safe haven again? The wind picked up once more, blowing some water on her. Suddenly Heidi wished she was wearing more than leggings and a sweatshirt. It was freaking cold! She wrapped her arms tighter around her, her legs almost visibly shaking. Heidi was a different kind of crazy, yes, but...she was still her.

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E M M A Cameron Hunt sat gazing over the ocean, huddled with his knees to his chest on the dry surface of the rocks piled on the shoreline. The island looked beautiful, like his father had said, but already, Cameron felt homesick. His gray soft hood draped about his face, sheltering his cheeks from the nippy ocean breeze as the sun sank lower in the sky. It was nearly 6pm on an August night, and already the days seemed to grow shorter and shorter. He sat in jeans and a sweatshirt, as well as an old pair of unblemished white vans. His keys and cell phone sat forgitten on the rocky surface beside him, his skateboard propped against yet another larger rock he coukd lean against. Cameron huffed a sigh, his hands tucking under his arm pits as his blue eyes lost themselves in the vast rolling lull of the ocean tide.

It seemed to be that he was sitting on a platform, his legs able to dangle over lo and behold - more rocks- below him. He had easily scaled the rocks (dislocation a few here and there) covered in algae and ocean creatures he had never seen before, then hopped down a few to get down on a flat platform. Here, he was untouchable, truly alone. After the stress that had built up over the past few weeks, it was nice to be able to have time to himself. His father had moved the two to this godforsaken island, into a beautiful beach mansion with the view of the town, the ocean, and the motherland in the distance. They had relocated from the beautiful city of Malibu, where Cameron had come to love the place and it's people, including the pesky tourists and stuck up teenagers. His father had raised him, with the much needed assistance of the nanny, from birth to even after his high school education.

His mother wasn't in the picture, she never was. All his life, his mother had been just a mystery to him. His father never wanted to talk about it, always got that misty eyed look and those distant eyes. Cameron had learned quickly enough that the topic was much too sensitive, that he wouldn't dare ask ever again. Why care about someone who wasn't even here anyway? Why care about someone he'd never meet, who didn't care to see him? Cameron's jaw clenched as his throat closed up, finding his heart squeeze as he found himself longing for this imaginary mother figure he'd dreamt about. All those mother's days, all those holidays he spent with his father, his nanny, and the dog. No mother. It was the family he had, it was the only kind he would ever know. The nanny had been kind to him, but it wasn't the same.

Why. Why had his father relocated them so abruptly here, this random vacation island? What was here? Nothing, that was what. To get to the nearest big city with all its sky scrapers and highways, he'd have to take a ferry, take an airplane back to mainland. It wasn't like he couldn't afford it, but commuting was tiring. So, Cameron would have to deal with the island and it's eerie magical vibe, it's strange sunkissed people. His father had supposedly moved them here tO do his work in a different part of the sea, but something had seemed off about the whole move. His father frequently called a woman on the phone, one named Alessandra. The move had been sudden, without warning, and his father was always in a good mood. Cameron began to ponder who this woman was, seeing as she had to be the reason his father was I such high spirits - and why they had moved here.

Cameron blinked, flinching as he crashed back into reality at the harsh sound of rocks scraping against each other. He could barely hear the huffs and struggles of a female, someone who seemed to be attempting at the rocks like he had earlier. His blood froze in his veins, feeling like he was breaking some kind of rules violating privacy. He couldn't just get up and leave, that would mean moving past the lady on the way and probably scaring her to pieces so she'd lose her balance and fall and hurt herself and- Camerons heart began to beat faster as he whipped his head around, his blue eyes hesitantly sweeping the area beside him, around the bend of the rocky pile. It was a teenager, he could tell, which would make things all the more worse. Cameron got to his knees, wishing he could disappear. This would definitely be awkward. Instead of getting up to sneak around the other side of the rocks to go home like he should have, Cameron instead retreated to his perch on the flat surface of a rock with his sweatshirt more tightly wrapped around his arms. After a few moments of trying to distract himself with the ocean once more, the struggling pants ceased. The girl had settled for a lower rock, her face clouder over with frustration.

Then the rock throwing began. Some big, some small, some skipping across the waves, some sinking with a plop. The whole while, Cameron sat quietly without saying a word, gauging how far the little pieces would go. There was a tension in the air rolling off in waves from the girl, her upset features causing a frown to cross Cameron's own lips. This must have been a popular place for those suicidals, those people with all the problems in the world. A wind picked up as the sun dipped towards the horizon, alrwady beginning to sink as its orange glow radiated across the waters. Suddenly, Cameron felt the sharp pain of a smooth stone ricocheting off of the jagged end of a rock off to the side. The girl had thrown one of her prohectiles, and it obviously had decided to take a different path. Despite his wishes to hold his tongue, his body flinched. "Ow-!" He howled, a hand flying up to press the spot where the stone had struck his head. His shocking blue eyes swiveled to meet the girls, who stood on two rocks a couple feet away, around the small bend and up some. Accusations of anger bubbled up inside of Cameron's chest as he parted his lips to say them, but no sound came out. The girl was beautiful, and it left him a bit more tongue tied than usual. Instead, Cameron settled for a scowl, lowering his eyes in embarrassment as he caught the bewildered look she gave him. She had probably thought that she had been alone, and his sudden appearance in such a location would be unexpected by most. Cameron felt the awkwardness build between them as the whole ocean seemed to go silent, taunting Cameron to say something at all. In response as if to defy the ocean, his body language changed abruptly. His hands snatched his keys and cell phone off the rock platform, and his fingers caught the edge of his skateboard. It was time to leave anyway, wouldn't his father be expecting him back? Cameron looked to the girl hesitantly, scouting the best escape route.

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Heidi didn't notice anyone else in her sanctuary or anything. She really did think that she was completely alone. Normally Heidi resented the idea of being even close to being on her own, but when she was upset, being alone was the only thing she wanted. Right now in her life Heidi had a lot of extra baggage and drama that she really didn't want. Really. Everything that had happened to her over the course of the past three months was completely unnecessary. She graduated high school which was a total miracle, but then fate had to go and ruin it by diagnosing her dad with Cancer, then making her lose her scholarship to a music school in New York, far away from her bullies and tormenters. It was just all very very sucky.

Heidi finally figured out the whole reason she was there. It was the memories. The memories of freedom and all the dreams she had dreamed on top of that rock. With all the stress and turmoil buzzing around her it was nice to be able to escape into the memories of her childhood dreams. It was fabulous actually. It was something that shouldn't give "adults" like Heidi that much pleasure. Unfortunately, the escape and pleasure was gone, replaced by a familiar restlessness that was really dumb. Heidi could never sit still for long. She was always filled with restless and energy that she didn't know what to do with! It was just moving around inside her with no way out. Her meds didn't help...at all.

Heidi began the throwing of the rocks, her arms moving perfectly, the throw amazing. Well..in her opinion. She didn't notice one go to the side of her instead of out into the water, but she did notice the Ow that came after. She jumped, looking at the rock curiously. "Hello?" She asked loudly, placing her hand on the rock as she tried to be tall enough to see over it. It wasn't happening. "Anyone there?" And then she saw him. Holy freak. He was hot. Heidi had seen a lot of attractive guys in her life. But she never dated them because Jackson always scared them off. Jerk. Heidi had had two boyfriends in her life and both broke her heart and so now Jack didn't let anyone near her. Ever. It sucked. She raised her hand up, waving cutely but it fell flat as he scowled and looked away.

Maybe he was one of the suicides. Crap. She had to save him! There had been quite a few suicide incidents here, but not enough to stop Heidi from coming back when she was little. She was about eight when she discovered this place, and it quickly became her home away from home. She stopped coming when she turned 16 however, school suddenly taking over her life. That's why Heidi didn't remember what she did or where exactly it was. It had been a long time. Coming here was like déjà vu. It was kind of interesting, a little nice, and a little freaky. She thought back to their awkward eye contact moment, and smiled to herself. He had really blue eyes. Hers, thanks to the sweat shirt she was wearing looked like a misty gray that day. It was pretty nice.

Heidi sighed and stopped throwing the rocks, looking out over the sea as she rubbed her arms to give them some heat. The boy was still there, still very attractive and still kind of freaking her out. She could feel his gaze on her, she could feel him watching. The sad thing was was that it wasn't anything new. Heidi was constantly stared at growing up. Everyone had to stare at the freak. The weirdo, the outsider. Heidi hated her highschool. She remembered this one jock asked her out to prom, told her to meet him there. He showed up with another girl and laughed at her for actually believing he would take her out. He came to school the next day with a bruised jaw and black eye. Jack didn't say anything. He didn't have to. Heidi knew it was him.

She bit her lip, looking at the rock. "Oh my gosh I'm not gonna bite. Just come down here." She said loudly so her voice would be heard over the wind. He was new here, she could tell. Orcas was a small town, not a lot of people. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. Unfortunately. Heidi wished they had no idea who she was so they wouldn't tease her anymore, but let's face it. That was never going to happen. Heidis gray eyes watched him curiously as she waited for him to respond. So now people were scared of her? Great. Just...great.

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E M M A Cameron felt his fingers wrap and rewrapped itself in his key lanyard over and over, the anxiety of meeting a new person churning his insides. Why was this girl still here? Why couldn't she just... go? He couldn't use his own words to convince her to leave him, yet... a part of him longed for company in the lonely world he lived in. Her big grey eyes stared over at him for what seemed like hours, and nobody moved or spoke. Gone was the courage to stand on two feet, to camber over the rocks, to leave the girl on her own. Then it occurred to him... the girl could have been here to end her own life. Why else would someone who looked so flustered, someone who looked so helpless, why would she be here? The rocks proved an easy spot for a jump to death, with the rocky bottom of short cliff. It was secluded, who would ever find you. ..? Beer bottles were broken on a section of the rocks, some cigarette stubs and lighters sat discarded in places. It was the loser's spot, the place every outcast and lowlife spent their last moments on the island.

His fist squeezed in his lap and every muscle of the body tensed when her voice called out, soft and curious. His legs now hung over the edge of the cliff with his back to the girl, refusing to look st her. He had this notion that maybe if he pretended she wasn't there, she would leave. It was a better alternative to him leaving, taking the walk of humiliation back to the sand. Cameron cleared his throat, swallowing the lump that strangled him. The girl had incited him to come over towards her, and not one part of him agreed with the idea. She was a girl, who knew how psychotic or weird she was. What girl stared at the types of him? He knew he looked out of place, with his bright blue eyes and Spanish face, the golden malibu tan he had taken on his entire life. Cameron dared to glance back to the girl, his cheeks flushing ever so faintly as he gnawed on his bottom lip.

If he refused, if he left, he'd have to live with the idea that the girl, somebody's child, somebody's best friend, could end her life right then and there. By the looks of it, she hadn't been planning to meet anyone in the spot. She hadn't expected to see a newcomer, yet here he was. The neighborhood seemed friendly enough, but the girl's tone had left him skeptical. The people, were they rich brats as well? We're they those kind of locals who rejected tourists, newcomers? Cameron shut down his thoughts immediately, finding himself panicked over nothing.

The girls stood expectantly on the rocks, and Cameron caved. "Fine," he grumbled, hardly audible with his deep muffled voice. Cameron tucked his legs back onto the platform, gaining his balance back as he straightened on two feet. He tucked the skateboard under his arm, the keys disappearing into his pocket with the lanyards cloth all bunched and wrinkled from his nervous habits. Cameron's eyes flickered over to the girls experimentally, inhaling sharply and tearing his gaze away when he found that she had been staring at him. Cameron proceeded to scale the rocks, his white shoes balancing and finding foothold on the rocks easily. One hand kept him firmly attached and upright, and it was only moments before he was standing beside the girl on a higher perch.

The ocean looked different from the point of view he could stand at now, the sunset reflecting on the golden water as the sky began to gradually darken. The waves crashed below them on the shore and all the jagged rocks, sprays of cold Atlantic water splashing onto the lower platform. Cameron turned away from the ocean, finding himself looking down on the teenage girl, her light brown hair relaxed about her face. The wind ruffled a light breeze through their clothes, sending a slight chill across his neck. Cameron jammed his free hand in his sweatshirt pocket, looking at the girl expectsntly. He let his distsnce, as b of afraid that she would hurt him. He couldn't help hut often become distracted by those soft gray eyes, the innocent bat of her eyelashes causing his insides to flutter. "What do you want?" He finally spoke up, his voice soft and low. He didn't look at her when he spoke, his shocking blue eyes finding the sand shore in the distance down the island much more captivating.

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Heidi couldn't really see the boy from her spot on the ground and it was kind of frustrating. Like everything else in her life, that was messed up too. One thing she did know for certain, was that he did not belong in Orcas Island. He was tan, very tan. looked like he had spent his entire life sun bathing. Heidi on the other had was pretty darn pale. She wasn't white, but she wasn't dark either. That was the typical color for Orcas though. No one went sunbathing because well...there wasn't really a sun to bathe in. It was typically cloudy and raining there, but Heidi didn't mind. She liked the rain. All growing up evertime there was a thunderstorm her father would come wake her up from her nice sleep and make her come sit outside under the porch and watch the lightning and rain. She loved it. Now, with her father dying, she wasn't so sure how she would feel about rain.

Heidi stood on her tip toes, her hands cramed into her gray hoodie pocket. The only thing she didn't like about leggings was they had no pocket, and they didn't provide a lot of warmth. The only thing that kept Heidi wearing them was the fact that they were exceptionally comfortable. Really, they were just..amazing. After a moment or two of trying to get the boy to turn around and look at her, her attention was turned out to the sea. The ocean was beautiful. It was big and a gorgeous color of blue gray. It kind of reminded Heidi of the people in Orcas. No, they weren't fat and they weren't the color gray, but a lot of them were exceptionally beautiful, and weird. Heidi once caught a class mate talking to seagulls. It was so weird. Very weird. That wasn't the first time Heidi had seen something like that. It was stupid though that she was the one bullied, when she was the most normal one there! It was frustrating.

She looked back over at him, biting her lip. Man. She just wanted to stop him from killing himself. Orcas wasn't the ideal place but it wasn't terrible either. The forest was pretty nice and certain spots along the ocean were gorgeous. And it had nice restaurants. Plus, whatever he was going through would pass and death was so permanet. If he killed himself before things got better than he would never know! He would never know. Life had a funny way of working out just when you think it will never get better. Heidi may have been bullied and teased relentlessly, but she also developed a close relationship with her brother and learned how to kind of ignore their words. It didn't always work though.

Heidi watched as he stood, one hand in his pocket and the other clutching the skateboard. He looked mad, and lonely. She bit her lip nervously as they made their awkward eye contact, his blue eyes so blue she couldn't look away. They were just memorizing. Heidi had never seen eyes so blue. Plus his golden tan made them seem so bright and beautiful. She really kind of adored them. Really. She watched as he mumbled something inaudible, and then began to make his way over to her. Yay! Heidi could hardly contain her excitment. She was going to save him! She almost felt like she should break out in song, start singing Jumper by third eye blind or something. Because it totally fit the moment.

Heidi ran her fingers through her wind tossed hair as he came to a stop, two feet away. Dang. He was even more attractive up close. She avoided eye contact for a couple minutes however and looked out thr opposite direction as him, looking out into the forest. What was she supposed to say to him? Hi? Don't die? Wassup? Ah. So many words and so many tones and moods. Heidi could say Hi in ten different ways with just the change of her voice and body language. She could be flirty, angry, chill, authoritive (that one seemed to be Jacksons favorite) sad, quiet, loud, happy, welcoming or finally, annoyed. Heidi just didn't know.

Her gaze returned to him at his words and she stared at him, clearing her throat before speaking. "I don't want you to jump." She told him quietly at first, looking down at her red Nike's. Come on Heidi, you have got to save him She thought, giving herself a little mini pep talk. "Listen, killing yourself is not the answer," She continued, shivering slightly as the wind picked up. Her hair began to blow back behind her with the wind, making it even more tangled and messy. Dang it. Heidi ignored it, focusing back on him. "Trust me, life will work out. something good will come out of this trial. Trust me, I would know." She continued, kicking a rock down the side of the cliff. Man. It was a long rocky way down. She couldn't believe that a guy as cute as him was considering this. Didnt he have a girlfriend? She would probably miss him a lot. You know...if he killed himself. It was sad to think about.

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E M M A Cameron stood awkwardly in the girls presence, still hesitant to approach her any further. They were only a few feet away from each other on a slope of flatter rock, and the gentle breeze delivered the floral scent of her perfume to his nostrils. The wispy tendrils of her hair hung about her cheeks, flapping violently whenever the wind kicked up and whipped their clothes. Cameron kept his free hand in his pocket whIle the other cradled his skateboard tightly, as if he were afraid that the girl would hurt him somehow. He hadn't known what to expect from Orcas Islanders, but he knew for a fact that they were a strange people. Something about the island itelself... it was almost as if.. the people were magical . Camerons dark cheeks blushed a light pink at his thoughts, shocked he would be thinking that. Magic? It wasn't real, what a foolish thought, he told himself. Why would there be such thing? But, Cameron argued, the people were definitely different than Malibu kids, for sure.

They stood there in silemce, each one no doubt scoping out the other person with judgemental thoughts. He knew he didn't fit in here the moment he saw his neighbors, the moment he stepped in a grocery store and the workers whispered and stared. It wasn't like he physically blended in, with how much contrasting his features did. His skin was a bronze color, his jaw square, and his eyes bluer than the clear summer sky. He stood at an average height, taller than the other girl by a few inches. He was fairly toned from football and wrestling his high school career, as well as the conditioning his days on the water had contributed. His casual clothing screamed California with its trendy clothing company logo on the sweat shirt, the laid back uniformal style that boys accustomed to in his home Southern California. Cameron couldn't ever remember a time when he didn't, couldn't fit in. He had always been with the in group, and he never had doubts about his apparel. Camerons stance was rather relaxed despite the nervous feeling that churned in his stomach, a familiar sensation he received whenever he was forced into talking to new people.

Cameron leaned himself up agaisnt the cool rock, careful not to touch the mass of dead something sitting atop the rock along with a white splatter of bird poop. Thoughts about going home or being upset with his father temporarily had disappeared, instead preoccupied by the girl who stood in front of him. How had she even find this place? Was it a common spot? Had it just been a coincidence? Cameron's thoughts wandered as his eyes gazed expectsntly over at the girl, unable to help but notice how she shivered in the growing cold, how the anger and stress he had seen on her face only minutes before replaced with genuine concern for a stranger she didn't even know, for an outcast. In truth, it was the nicest thing he had received from the islands natives since he had arrived. But would she always be like that? Would those other Islanders treat him fairly, a California pretty boy? Cameron removed his hand from his pocket and dragged his fingers through his hair a second time, suddenly very self consious of his looks. He could feel her watching him,even in the poor lighting of the sunset and his back to the only light that remained in the sky.

Once the girl finally spoke up about what had been on her mind, it caught his attention. She hadn't wanted him to jump. She had thought he was the suicidal one here, when really, he had thought that she was the one- Relief flooded Cameron as a weight was lifted from his chest, the tension of making a mistake or not doing enough to make sure the girl stayed alive vajishing. All a misunderstanding, that's what it had been. Cameron parted his lips to correct the girl, but she pressed on despite his attempts. He smiled weakly as she lectured him about how life would improve and would be alright. Sure, he was dumped into this island of weird and unfamiliar. There were customs here he wasn't familiar with, rules, people- but he would have to get used to it someday. He still had his family, he still had his easy life, he still had an ocean. Everything could work out just fine, only until he found out what college he wanted to go to and what he wanted to be. Orcas island wasn't part of his to do list, but he'd live here for as long as his father needed him. The wind picked up as the sun sank lower in the sky, casting an orange glow across the sea and around the cliffs. His taller shadow put the girl in the dark spot, will everything around them was illuminated from the angle of the sun. Large puffy clouds were gathered in the north, and Cameron knew he could have sworn that he had smelled the metallic of rain approaching.

At last the girl had stopped speaking, her sweet little speech about how his life wouldn't be all that bad closing. He took the moment to think over what he would say, a silence filled with the crashing of waves echoing in their ear passing between the two. "I... I wasnt... I thought you- I wasnt gonna jump, I thought that... you were," he managed, his deep voice gentle and csreful. He had a tenderness about him, that he wouldn't ever hurt a fly, that he would never raise his voice at you. His intense blue eyes glanced up to meet the girl, his cheeks tinged pink again from stumbling over his words like a fool. Cameron hugged his skateboard under his right arm again and tugged his sweatshirt closer to his body. The wind whirled about them one again, and the girls light brown locks blew fiercely about her face and covered her eyes. She growled with frustration as she attempted to regarded herself and straighten out her clothes, but the process repeated often. By now, Cameron had a small smile of amusement on his pink lips. It put him at ease, out a rest to the awkwardness that had rooted between them. Cameron resisted laughing at her struggle, instead biting his bottom lip and tearing his view to the forest beyond.

"Um... who are you...?"Cameron began curiously , before he quickly realized his mistake. Already, he was coming off as some insensitive suicidal prick, and this would definitely ruin his image if he were to make any friends at all. "I mean- who- what is your name-!" He babbled helplessly, desperately trying to cover his slip up with only more embarassing stupidity. Why couldn't he engage in conversation like normal people? Cameron dragged his fingers through his hair one more time, gritting his teeth as the temperature dropped considerably, the sun kissing the horizon. His father was probably at home unpacking, and the storm would most likely come soon. The deafening crash of the frothy white waves echoed below, and seagulls called out to their mates as their silhouettes flew across the orange sky. Cameron smiled weakly at the girl, feeling like a school girl for his inability to speak up. Here was his potential first friend, a crush, and he was already far from being accepted.

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Heidi ran her fingers through her knotted and tangled hair, wincing throughout the entire process. "Shnikey," She muttered, frowning. Ever since she was little she was told never ever to swear, so instead she used these childish words instead. Depending on the one she used, it gave people even more of an excuse to tease her. It was stupid, but real, and true. Heidi was teased about everything she did and wore and said. Everything she wore instantly was out of style and no body liked it anymore. Even if people had started wearing it the week before. It just went right out of style. Like...flannel shirts? The moment Heidi showed up wearing one everyone decided they were hideous and they never wore them again. So basically Heidi gave up trying her sophomore year. It wasn't worth it after that. She felt a little better about her self....but not enough to mend her broken self-esteem.

Heidi looked down for a moment before looking back over at him. She knew he was staring, even though it was hard to see, she could feel it. Heidi honestly wasn't that pretty. She had light brown hair that never seemed to pick a style or texture. Some days it was frizzy curls, other days it was as straight as can be, and some days it was in the middle. That day it was an in between day, so Heidi didn't mind it as much. She wasn't tan, and would never be no matter how much sun light she got. Her gray eyes were never really a straight color. They were constantly changing and confusing everyone who noticed. The thing about Orcas, was that its people were gorgeous. some people were better looking than anyone. Honestly, you would think it was an island of angels. A lot of them just had this magical glow around them, a glint between their eyes that was almost startling. Basically, it made people who weren't in the model group feel incredibly insecure. Heidi, unfortunately was not a member of the beauty club. And even if she was pretty, it wouldn't have changed anything.

Heidi gave her speech, feeling very proud of herself. After all, it wasn't every day that you got to save someone from killing themselves. Honestly, Heidi was feeling like a saint. Was this how her brother felt? The time he caught her? There was a point in her life when things had gotten so awful that she decided to end it all. Luckily, her brother came in just before the pills went down her throat. Suddenly she felt a sense of panic squeeze her heart as she looked at this boy. Did he feel the same dispair and anger and loneliness that she had? Holy freak. She wanted to save him. Those feelings were devastating. Hard to recover from. She was going to save him.

Heidi waited for his response as she finished. Thr smile on his face confused her and Heidi didnt quite get it. Why was he happy? He was about to kill himself for goodness sakes! No one should be happy about that. That was something you should probably see a councilor about. What if he was a mad man who was going insane! And that's why he smiled because he had something wrong with him and he was going to take her down with him?! Heidi shook her head, taking a deep breath, clearing her thoughts. This was a regular occurrence for her. She couldn't tell if it was because she had ADHD, or an overactive imagination. She was sure it was a lot of both.

When the boy dropped the whole 'I don't want to kill myself' bomb, Heidi grinned. "Oh good. I'm glad." She said sincerely, a small dimple showing through on her cheek. It wasn't like he could see it though. It was getting dark, and what little light she would have had was being blocked by his taller figure. In that moment Heidi felt really short and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. Heidi was average really, standing at 5'3. Well.. Ok. She was a little more on the short side. A loud cry of a seagull immediately got Heidi's attention and she watched the bird, momentarily forgetting about the boy.

Heidis concentration ended however as he spoke again, calling her attention back to him. His voice was low and soft, sweet. She liked it. Honestly it was calming, like the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore, something Heidi adored. She could tell that they would be at least friends. She raised an eyebrow at his question, thinking it over. Well..that was a deep one. Who was Heidi Jane Colts really? was she a retard like everyone said? Or was she different? He said something else that made Heidi laugh a little. Totally wrong meaning there..woops. "Ohhh I thought you meant something else. I'm Heidi, Heidi Colts. And you are?" She asked, brushing the hair out of her face, only to have it be blown right back again. Heidi let out a grown, coughing as the hair flew into her mouth. "Ew!" She coughed, trying to pull the hair out of her face. He was lucky. He didn't have to worry about this. Well...she did. It was just another thing on Heidi's plate. She would deal with it like she did everything else. One step at a time.

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E M M A Cameron began to breathe easy again once the issue had been settled, that the girl understood that there would be no jumping cliffs that day, that he would be alright. The cool air felt refreshing to his warm blushed cheeks, the breeze ruffling his sweatshirt gently and mussing his styled hair. It seemed that he couldn't hold the girls attention for too long, as her eyes constantly bounced from object to object, hardly daring to look at him. If anyone was unstable, it was bound to be her. However, he made no comments, instead finding relief that she wasn't focused on him and his alien characteristics. It was rather difficult to see the girl at all by now, and faint drops of precipitation landed in occasion on the flat rocks and his sweatshirt. They had bound to get inside soon, or they'd find themselves caught in some horrific flash storm. Again, living in Malibu had never presented any storms like on the Atlantic Coast, and he hardly new how to open an umbrella.

"Heidi... Colts," Cameron repeated slowly, trying out the name on his lips. It sounded pretty normal for a girl in an abnormal town, but he figured he was just making things delusional in his head. "Uh... hi," Cameron waved with the small Salut of his free hand, the other clutching the edges of his skateboard tucked now under his arm tightly. There was an uncertain pause, before Cameron piped up again. Heidi had been staring expectantly, and he had just realized that he hadn't even introduced himself. "Cameron, Hunt," he murmured, swallowing as his eyes swept over her silhouette. Another fat drop splattered behind his ear, the cold unexpected drop causing him to shudder. He had taken his skateboard to come down to explore the beach because it was too far to only walk, yet too close to take his car. Besides, it didn't feel right to show up in an expensive vehicle around a sleepy middle class town such as this one.

Camerons phone buzzed in his pocket just then, startling the both of them with its sharp ringtone. Knowing it was his father about to scold him for not coming back before six to help unpack again, Cameron hesitated to pick it up. It rang for several moments, before stopping. His father knew how Cameron would respond, and would only keep pestering him with texts until the boy took heed. As expected, the phone vibrated shortly after, yhe same ring tone as the last. "S-sorry, I gotta... just real quick," Cameron stammered, embarassed to be interrupted in his first conversation with one of the islands inhabitants. He felt like so much was riding on this first impression he would give her, what she would tell all her friends and how people would treat him if he made the wrong move. At the moment, one of his main concerns was belonging, fitting in with someone, having a friend just to talk to at least. So far, not much w as working out for him. He was still the strange dark kid with blue eyes and enough money to buy the town itself. You would think that it would make things easier for one to make friends, but it proved to be quite the oplosite.

Cameron dug desperately in his pockets, his fingers fumbling for the smart phone. "Dad?" Cameron responded glumly, turning his head slightly away from Heidi so as not to be too rude. He could only dwell on the embarassmment from talking to a parent in front of a rather cute girl, and Cameron thought of every curse he could send his father's way. "Cameron Oliver! What time is it?" His father barked through the line, causing Cameron to wince. "Seven... thirty?" He guessed quietly, not wanting to start an argument like he usually could when nobody was around. "And why aren't you home, hmm?" His father persisted, his tone firm and clearly annoyed. Cameron could see his father pacing in the kitchen like he usually did, still dressed from work and having some assignment in the other hand. Cameron didnt realize that Heidi could have heard half the conversations with how loud the speaker echoed, and he continued on. "Sorry, dad, I was... making to a new friend," Cameron hesitated, finding a brilliant idea within himself to escape the clutches of being grounded.

Of course, Cameron knew his father would be a sucker for his new accomplishment, as his father continually urged Cameron to go out and meet new people, to enjoy Orcas island. His father certainly couldn't get upset now, could he...? But as things went, Cameron had used the trick before a few times as excuses, and his father knew better. "Well uh, why don't you.. invite them over for dinner, eh? Storms gonna come up soon, and I bet you kiddos are hungry, am I right?" His father spoke with an air of authority and command, challenging Cameron to step airy further than the lines he had already crossed. Cameron knew better that if he refused, his father would automatically think he was lying. If he accepted, it was still a better punishment for Heidi to have to sit through dinner with his household than be grounded in this new place before he even had a room to be grounded in. "Da-ad-!" Cameron complained under his brwath, turning back towards Heidi with the biggest blush on his face.

More fat drops rolled down his neck and splattered on the rocks, in quicker succession as the wind picked up. Camerons skin formed goosebumps up the neck and legs, even though he had been wearing a sweatshirt and long socks. Poor Heidi, he could only sympathize with her poor attire for the evening. "Uh.. my dad... he um... wants you to come over. .. for dinner," Cameron said clearly, holding his breath. He was relieved he couldn't see Heidi's face, his heart pounding in hischest. He spoke loud and clear so his father could hear the conversation, to have complete and utter proof that he in fact wasn't lying. Then, the excuse would be foolproof next time. "It's Ana's special spaghetti and meatballs! Can't miss out-!" His father laughed on the other end heartily, calling out to Heidi. Oh, how Cameron wanted to strangle his old man. Was it really necessary to make his own son hate him even more?

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Heidi whistled slightly, feeling the clouds approach them slowly. She knew it would rain soon and that would be a curse upon her and her outfit for the evening. A gray Nike sweatshirt, gray leggings and red Nike shoes. Complete with Nike socks. Heidi loved Nike so much. It had amazing workout attire, but when it came to keeping people warm and dry, they sucked. Her long eyelashes fluttered slowly as she looked around, her stomach growling. She knew that this boy probably thought she was insane and had no attention span whatsoever. And he was right about everything except the insane part. Yes, she could barely read, yes, she couldn't pay attention to anything for longer than a minute, but she wasn't crazy. She just had a mental disability. A learning one too. That didn't make her crazy! People needed to get that thought out of their heads. They constantly called her batty for noticing things that others wouldnt. It wasn't her fault! She didn't ask to come this way. It was just natural. Alright? She scooped up another rock, about to throw it, when she looked at it again. It was smooth, shiny and beautiful. It was blue, almost as blue as the boys eyes, and Heidi couldn't bring herself to throw it away. She was keeping it. She discretely slipped it into her sweatshirt pocket, hoping he didn't notice. Now he would think she was even weirder.

Heidi smiled as he spoke out her name, loving the way it sounded coming out of his mouth. He made it sound like she was special and she was actually worth something. In that moment Heidi knew she couldn't tell him about the teasing or the disabilities. She didn't want him to say her name any different, didn't want him to change his opinion about her worth or anything. Heidi knew telling him about it would bring that down upon herself. She wouldn't allow it to happen. Not again. "Cameron. I like it." She said softly, saying his name, loving the way it felt coming out. It was a name that flowed off the tongue. You know how some names were just meant for saying? Well..Cameron's was one.

Heidi grinned when she felt the first drop of rain, all thoughts of Cameron's ringing phone gone. She spread her arms out wide, letting the rain drops hit her face, her arms, her neck. Letting it wash over her like the way people let words do, or lyrics from a song. Rain was something that provided Heidi with..relaxation. It was the one thing that could help her focus, even a little bit. When Jackson had a hard time tutoring her and stuff, he turned on this rain tape he had made one night and let Heidi pretend it was raining outside while she worked. Those were the days she could actually read. It was insane. Heidi glanced over at him when he apologized, holding up his phone. "Go ahead." She told him gently, feeling her own phone buzz with a video message. Heidi hated text messaging. She couldnt do it. So her brother found this app that lets you send videos of yourself, just to make things easier for her. He was a saint. "Di when are you coming home?" He asked in the video, an eyebrow raised in her direction. Well...Heidi wasn't sure when she was coming home.

She slipped her phone back into her sweatshirt pocket, shivering as the rain began to pour down on them. Man it was cold. A crack of thunder and lightning cracked across the sky, causing Heidi to jump like five feet in the air. "We should probably go!" She called to Cameron, moving to his side before she remembered that he was on the phone. Nice going her. She was quiet, rubbing her arms in an attempt to keep warm. Why was it so cold? His voice filled her ears, inviting her to dinner. Why not?

"I'd love to come!" She told him, smirking slightly at him before taking the phone out of his hands and holding it up to her ear. "I would love to come to dinner Mr. Hunt. You are right, don't want to miss out on those meatballs. We'll be there soon." And with that she hung up the phone for him. "Your dad is a jerk." Heidi told Cameron simply, holding out her hand blindly. "Come on, I'll take you to my car." She said loudly, trying to be heard over the storm. The lightning cracked across the sky again, obviously getting closer. Shot. Heidi finally found his hand, intertwining his fingers with herd boldly as she pulled him down the hill thingy that they were on. It was just hard to see and she didn't want to get lost. So she dragged Cameron with her.

Finally after minutes of stumbling around the hill, trying to get as little rain on herself as possible, they reached Jacksons run down, beat up, old jeep that Heidi was borrowing while her motorcycle was being fixed. She didn't like the jeep, heck no, but it was something. "Come on! Get in!" She called, dropping his warm hand as she ran to the drivers side. She was cold and wet, yet...holding his warm hand had been...quite thr experience. Hopefully someday, she would get to hold it again.

Heidi immediately turned the heat on, shivering as she pulled the hood off of her sopping wet hair. "Oh my gosh its pouring." She shivered, her teath chattering as she rubbed her arms. She bit her lip, remembering some blankets that Jackson always had in his car. She grinned, leaning back and pulling out two huge quilts. "Here." She told him gently, studying his face once more now that she could really see it. Yup. Just as she thought. He was attractive. "Ok, Where do you live?"

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E M M A Cameron had secretly been hoping that Heidi would refuse to come over to his new house, see the mess that lurked their with half unpacked boxes everywhere. He didn't want her to see his life, the way he lived with a nanny and a dad and his dog and two cats. Not to mention, what would she say of his financial status? His father loved to live lavishly with the salary his job paid, and their house was already looking like something out of Beverly Hills. He didn't want people to know him for his money, or have the fear that his own new friends would somehow back stab him after they were satisfied with free loading off of him. It had happened once before, with one of his ex girlfriends as well. Why wouldn't it happen again? Cameron tugged his soft gray hood up over his head, the white Active logo barely visible in the dark as yhe wind howled in his ears. He felt Heidi's presence close to him, clinging to his side by the rock pile while the rain came in a steady downpour. He hardly ever saw rain in Malibu. The idea that it wasn't too deep into what he knew was rainy season, and the place was already wrapped up in a storm - he didn't like it at all. But then again, it would give him an excuse what with the bad weather to stay indoors all day and avoid socializing, maybe just talk to friends on the phone or hook up the new TV system his father had purchased as an incentive to move.
Cameron was startled to hear Heidi's voice immediately beside him, accepting the invitation to a meal. He was a stranger, a new resident on the island, and she would accept going in to his house? He was worried, he really was, about how many invitations and offers she had agreed to to other people. It was too much of a danger, a scare, a gut feeling wanted to lecture her on the dangers. Yet, nothing could escape his quiet voice, and Cameron simply nodded. Before he had a chance to tell his father she would be coming, Heidi herself took the phone from his hand and spoke up. He was concerned about the tone she used with him, knowing that his father was highly sensitive and uptight the past month or so. The man was already upset with his delinquent son anyway, so adding fuel to the fire that night would be dangerous. Cameron was speechless at how much courage the girl had, the idea that she would even accept the invitation still a shock to him. "He's in a bad mood," Cameron mumbled, not encouraged to defend his father as much. His fingers met Heidi's for as fraction of a second when he was returned his phone, the device slipping into his jean pocket. Cameron clutched the skateboard tightly, apprehensive on the idea that they'd be walking uphill in Ina storm to get to his house.

The rain was coming in torrents now, and Cameron could feel the front of his soft hair be matted down flat on his forehead, resembling a wet cat. Cameron growled with frustration, careful to keep his watch hidden under the fabric of the sweatshirt he was wearing, and the hood cover his forehead. "So-" Cameron began, before his words were interrupted for the better. She had her car, she had announced, and now he found that her hand had somehow enveloped around his. The action took him by unexpected surprise, his cheeks flaming by now. Holding a girls hand... it was pretty intense for Cameron. "Uh- y-yeah! Wait for me- be careful!" He shouted, flinching as the lightning cracked across the sky and was followed by a deep rumbling that came from within the earth. The sea became very angry, frothing with high waves that sprayed it's salt water up to the cliffs and rocky area they had been standing on. Cameron squeezed Heidi's hand tightly, jerking forward to keep up with Heidi's easy run. She seemed to know the terrain more than he did, what with there being only pale moonlight and her sure and steady footsteps to lead the way. Several times did he trip, stumbling clumsily and slamming his shins into rocks. Mud caked his white shoes, and by the time the beat up old car came into view, he could collapse from the aching pains.

Bruises throbbed on his shin, and his one hand was scraped from falling and breaking the fall with a hand. His sweatshirt was completely damp, his jeans heavy with the rain water. A quick pat to the pockets ensured that all his belongings were still in fair order, and a surge of relief washed over him. Heidi unlocked the car almost immediately, the warm interior beckoning the two inside. There was dirt smudged across his dark cheeks, and only some of his hair remained somewhat dry. Before the two had parted to their respective sides of the car, Cameron couldn't help but dwell on the sensation of holding Heidi's hand. It had fit perfectly inside his, and her cold fingers felt soothed inside his warm palm. Heidi was no longer that crazy girl on the rocks, she was the helping hand that encouraged him to get up when he had fallen in the mud, she was the sweet little girl who always kept their hands locked together while they ran in the rain. Lightning streaked across the sky again, immediately followed by the growl of thunder. Cameron slid inside the car that illuminated when the door opened, and slammed it shut hurriedly. His skateboard was half covered with mud and leaves, and his clothes had been completely ruined.

The two sat panting heavily as the storm, muffled, continued on outside. What was wrong with this place? That morning had been just a foggy day, and that night had to be a thunderstorm. Foggy mornings were common in malibu, and they normally meant clear skies in the afternoon. He had to adjust to the new weather conditions, and it wouldn't be pretty. Cameron gained his breath, removing his hood and quickly stripping his hoodie. Despite it having been cold, running had gotten him to break a sweat. The sweatshirt sat in the pile on his lap, and Cameron swept swept hand through his hair easily. It recreated the simple style he always wore, just without the gel he very much needed. Camerons blue eyes observed the interior of the car as well as his own appearance when he could, before the automatic lights of the car turned off. The jeep revved it's old engine, the vehicle humming to life. The battered vehicle was ancient, by his standards anyway. It was slightly cluttered, but he felt. .. comfortable. It didn't always have to be BMW and leather interior, but Cameron had just grown up so accustomed to the ways of his father, the luxurious living his father insisted on living. Glancing in the rear view mirror proved to be a mistake, because he looked like a complete mess. His face naturally scowled, displeased by the weather and the cold.

Cameron Hunt turned in his seat to strap on a seat belt, before laying his skateboard ever so gently on top of his sweatshirt in the footwell of the passenger seat. His shoes had tracked in mud and grass everywhere, and huge chunks of the dark soil cluttered the carpet. Guilt sunk into him, and he knew immediately that he would have it cleaned, if the mat could be saved. Heidi reached back behind him, his own eyes adjusting to the dark. She was still deginitely... different. Still pretty. Even with her clothes drenched and the two of them resembling a pair of wet dogs, he hadn't exactly minded the little adventure the hike down proved to have been. "Thank you," Cameron murmured politely, worn with exhaust as he draped the blanket around himself confortably. Heidi did like wise, before focusing on the task at hand. "I live not too far from here... just go down the street, keep going until you see that gate, then you go through there..." Cameron trailed off, his voice small under the boom of Thunder. "I'll just tell you the way," he promised, sighing softly as he settled into his seat.

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E M M A ((You can include in your post when they get to his house! I'll look for a nice picture but think pretty mansion with the iron gates and the huge front lawn with a bunch of trimmed bushes of flowers, a statue and a fountain in the middle, paved stone circle driveway, etc!

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Heidi could be crazy for accepting a complete strangers request, but she had this gut feeling that she should go for it. He couldn't be too bad..could he? He seemed too shy, his voice too soft to show any sign of a potential murder. His dad however, it was a different story. Heidi got so mad when she overheard his fathers mocking tone, sending her back three years where people talked like that to her all the time. It triggered the whole stealing the phone and forcing politeness to his father. She looked back in the general direction of Cameron, frowning when he said that he was just in a bad mood. That was no excuse to treat him like that. "I don't care. He shouldn't talk to you like that." She said dangerously, her voice powerful and ultimately closing the discussion. That was a trigger. It triggered Heidi's walls and her tough girl act. Cameron unfortunately had no clue why she seemed so...bipolar. Poor kid.

Heidi held his hand tightly, helping him stay up right when he stumbled and tripped. Heidi had run up this hill multiple times as a kid. She knew where to put her feet, how to keep from stumbling. Unfortunately Cam didn't have that experience. "You can do it!" She said encouragingly, squeezing his hand tightly. Heidi could be super sweet, all smiles and bubbly. But the moment she was triggered or hurt it was like she became a different person. She shut down, blinking back tears as she listened to the tormentors scream at her. She couldn't help it. It was either flight or fight and when she needed it most, the fighter in her ran. She wasn't like her twin...not by a long shot.

Heidi climbed into Jacksons Car, visably shaking she was so cold. She watched as Cameron tugged off his wet sweat shirt, feeling a little jealous. She wasn't wearing a shirt under hers. Unfortunately. She looked away, glancing at her hand that had once held his. Could they do that again? It felt good. Like...nothing could touch her because she was the winner. It was a feeling Heidi didint get often. She watched a guilty expression cross over his face as he looked down at his muddy feet. "Don't worry about it Cam. Its fine. This is my twins car...and he wouldn't hurt me ever so its all good. Trash it all you want." She told him with a small smirk, feeling kinda cool. Yeah, she was that friend. The one who didn't care. At least..she thought she was.

Heidi wrapped the blanket tightly around her shoulders, driving slowly as Cameron spoke to her. "Ok. Awesome." She said with a smile, going as slow as she could so she could read the signs and not die. Really though she was going 20mph when the limit was 40mph. It was just hard enough for her to read..the rain didn't help at all. Her phone buzzed again with another video message from her brother and she groaned, forking out her iPhone four and giving it to Cameron. The app was open and everything, Heidi just needed him to record her. "Can you take a quick video of me? I need to tell Jack, My brother that I'm not coming to dinner." She asked, biting her lip, hoping he didn't mind.

when he agreed Heidi grinned, her cute little dimples making an appearance. "Thanks so much." She didn't look at her phone though, kept her eyed on the road as she told Jackson that she would be late and that he didn't need to wait up. "Thanks." She repeated once more when it had sent. She just really wanted a friend. Cameron seemed like he was a good choice. She was going to go for it, give him a shot. He didn't know about her, but of course the moment he was seen with her he would be warned off. Hopefully he would ignore it. The rumors. Everything. She just wanted someone other than her brother. "So tell me about yourself." She told him, making a right turn as he directed. Heidi couldn't stand the silence. At all. It was irritating. So she got curious.

After about fifteen minutes they pulled into this huge house, and suddenly Heidi felt very under dressed. Her brown hair was half dried, half not, framing her face and the rest of her was far from dry. She was still shivering, but not too badly. It was just really cold. "This it?" She asked, trying to hide the nervousness in her voice. She had just mouthed off to about the richest guy in town. She was so stupid! the last thing she needed was this guy hating her and ruining everything she was trying to build. "Its a nice house." She commented, parking the car and turning it off. It was still dumping and it made Heidi feel even more frustrated. what was with the rain? She hated it right then. It was so stupid.

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