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Stella’s is a cute little gift shop that mostly caters to tourists though you can sometimes find cute gifts there for friends and family too. It’s a good place to look if you have a mom or a girlfriend you need to shop for.

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alessia (classick) Dylan entered the little shop, the little bells hung on the handle tinkling and announcing his entrance. He didn't know what gave his the notion to sneak away from Lucas, Vernon and the others to come here. Maybe it was because Rebecca's birthday was coming soon and he needed to get his best friend a gift, at least. Rebecca was fierce and very serious on the outside, but inside, she just mourned to be a normal girl...kind of like Mavis.

Mavis. Dylan had a small, tiny crush on the shy and quiet human girl. Human. His father was going to kill him, if Draco and Yvonne didn't already. He sighed and moved to the shelves lined with trinkets and porcelain dolls. He knew Rebecca hated dolls, so he moved on to the accessories, where seashell jewelry sat neatly on a table. He picked them up one by one, inspecting them before settling them down again. Finally, he came to one that Rebecca might actually like. The necklace hung from his fingers. There was a small pearl sat firmly in a open seashell, hanging from a silvery rope. He grinned to himself, Rebecca loved silver and pearls. This was the perfect gift for her.

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Sailor was walking around the shop. Course, se had to get something for her uncle- Though what? To be honest she didn't know him well enough to get him anything good, but just money wasn't about to do it for her. She moved around the shelves. Thinking to herself as she walked around careful of knocking something else over. Maybe something along the lines of a light house? Not a full scale one, but he liked them well enough to have his wedding there. She tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear in order to give herself a better vision. And there. A snow globe. Or did he have too many of those? She was close to him, though she wasn't sure of she was sports car close, or just there because she had to.

Eh, it'd so. It had to though right? She sighed, shaking her head softly before just deciding to use it. Her grand father would go all suspicious of her if she got home wet at all. Though he had; she supposed, lost enough people to the ocean in general that he'd be scarred of her even touching it. Though she always thought that it was a little too much. She held it in her hands, looking over the light house in a snow globe as she walked to another part of the place. Crashing into Dylan before realizing there was even someone there as her fingers raced to grab a steady hold of the globe, though due to her luck, dropping it. She sighed. Might as well apologize now and get her pride over with it. "Sorry.." She mumbled.

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alessia (classick) Dylan stumbled back a few steps, caught off guard. He turned to face the person that bumped into him and found a girl that looked fairly familiar. He didn't know her name, so he guessed he must have just- She was one of the girls Lucas was talking about that morning! "Sorry," she mumbled. Dylan didn't answer, he just stuck out his foot to stop the globe from rolling away any further. He bent down and picked it up, brushing the dust off it. "Here," he said, handing it back to her, "It's alright." He gave a small grin to show he meant what he said and that there were no hard feelings. He turned back to the necklace in his hand and decided to be a little more friendly. He glanced back at the girl and held out the necklace. "Tell me honestly, if I gave this to you, would you like it?" he asked, raising an eyebrow and jerking his chin at the delicate necklace in his hand. He knew she wasn't Rebecca, but girls, they were mostly alike.

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Sailor had nodded her head for a moment in relief that she didn't get her head chewed off. Though he didn't seem like the guy to to ahead and do that. "I don't think I'd be the best girl to ask that, though I think I could. It's pretty." She admitted. "The design is anyways- though if you wanted to be more brutally, if it's a girlfriend of sorts. I would go with something more personalized, tends to make it seem more meaningful than something with a gift tag that says Stella's gifts" she had chuckled softly, offering a light smile as she looked the necklace over.

"Then again, I'm not on for most jewelry unless it had a real meaning. Though it is pretty, probably why there are 10 on that shelf" she pointed out, looking past him for a second as her eyes scanned over the shelf. "Though I suppose it depends on the girl..." She had a hard time forcing herself not blush or anything, due to the fact that she wasn't used to talking to random people- hot guys mostly though she didn't want to seem...More stupid at the moment.

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alessia (classick) "I guess," Dylan said, laughing a little at her comment about the gift tag. The pearl would help Rebecca to keep herself unchanging, but of course, Rebecca had already tons of pearl jewelry. He set the necklace back onto the table gently. He sighed, Rebecca wasn't royal like him, but she had almost everything. Tons of friends, a complete family, freedom... Dylan was trapped under his father's glares and orders. Being the heir of a power-hungry kingdom had its ups and downs. And Dylan was pretty sure the downs were heavier.

He glanced at the girl next to him, returning her light smile. "You're right," he said, meaning to thank her, but he didn't have her name. You should have all the names in your head. You cannot forget. One of Draco's lines. "I'm Douglas," he said, holding out a hand for her to shake, "You?"

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"Sailor- And before you ask if my parents were drunk while naming me, I'm quiet sure they were at this point." She smiled . Taking his hands and shaking it, she had a bit of a hard shake unlike most girls though it wasn't like her grip was about to rip off his hand. She was almost positive about the existence of mermaids in general; well that her friend was one, then again it wasn't like she could easily just ask her. 'Hey are you a mermaid?' Without looking like an idiot; well she could eventually try. She read enough mermaid mythology to take a gamble that the pearls Ocean wears are for that- but what was up with the other half of the population here with pearls?

She debated asking that though didn't. She may just be known as the chick who believes in half fish people; just because her father had doesn't mean he was right. And it didn't mean she was willing to go through the whole ordeal of getting laughed at by the rest of her family. At the moment. Well, she didn't think her Uncle would laugh, it was mostly her brother and grand father she would have to worry about. As in right now, mostly her brother. Hell, the only reason she was able to talk to Dylan would be that her brother wasn't here to lie and say she had aids or something before warning her about dating again.

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Heidi opened the door to the shop, the loud tinkling of a bell announcing the whole store that she was there. So much for secrecy. Heidi had originally wanted to just look around, and not draw attention to herself because if she did the store owners would be trying to help her and guilting her into buying something. And that is lame. But as one of the workers walked towards her, Heidi let out a soft sigh.
"Hi! Can I help you with anything?" The lady said with a big warm smile. How she was able to look so friendly, Heidi never knew.
"Nah. I'm good. Thank you." She said poiletely, before her attention was drawn to some snow globes in the corner, and she hurried off into that direction. Poor lady...she just..wasnt interesting enough.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ Lily entered the door of the shop, shaking herself out like a little dog. Unsurprisingly, it was raining… again. Orcas Island was not known for its good weather. Before doing anything, Lily checked to see whether her notebook had been affected by the rain or not. To her relief, the slim, leather-bound volume was intact. Once, she'd left her older notebook in the rain by accident, and the ink from her fountain pen had been bleeding out of it.

Lily unbuttoned the front of her raincoat and walked around the shop, admiring the little trinkets and such that Stella (she was assuming that was the name of the shopkeeper) sold to tourists. She knew the old lady relatively well, for she came here almost every rainy day to just get away from home and look at the great range of things sold here. The key chains were intricate- beautiful carved pieces of blue shell, or carved driftwood, threads of the tiniest seashells...

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Heidi flipped through the postcard area, feeling a smile spread across her face as she saw the used ones you can by. Is that weird or what? Used post cards...it was just funny to her. She read some of them, letting out soft giggles as she saw what they said. One of them was soap opera material. It kind of freaked her out. What kind of a relationship did this Florence person have? Most likely an abusive one by the looks of it.

Heidi placed the cards back down, with her hair slung over her shoulder, she looked around again, her long brown coat felt heavy on her shoulders as she looked at the key chains. They were beautiful...and she was always loosing her keys, thanks to her ADHD brain. Maybe one of them would come in handy? Heidi picked up a blue one, admiring how...crafty it was. It was amazing.

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