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Sweet’s is a cute little cafe that mostly does pastries and donuts in the morning and sandwiches and soups in the afternoon. They also have a nice array of artisan breads. It’s a little more upscale than the diner and cute for a first date but still casual and comfortable. They also have a good selection of vegetarian dishes, which makes the merfolk on land rather happy.

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Victor sneaked off out of his house early this morning to try the new pastry Sweet's was advertising yesterday. It was 7:45am and he was hoping to relax and enjoy the atmosphere at the cafe before the day began.

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Arista walked into the cafe, her blonde hair walling down her back in perfect ringlets. One of the perks to being a mermaid was that you were always flawless looking. Like you were hot. All the time. Arista tugged at the bottom of her american flag t shirt, loving how ironic it was. She was far from american, yet here she was, wearing an american flag tshirt. It was great. She hadn't been to the cafe before and didn't know how it worked. Did she order out front, or did she like sit at a table and a waitress came? She shoved her hands in her white short pockets, feeling completely clueless. Someone help. Pretty please! She was feeling really hungry...but had no clue how to do anything. It was so nerve racking.

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Victor spied a dazzling blonde pacing around the cafe in confusion, he displayed a slight grin and strolled towards her. On the first step he second guessed himself, not sure whether or not he should just barge in to her thoughts, she might think he was being nosy, or worse, rude. He ended up deciding to take his chances, no matter the consequences and tap her shoulder from behind. She turned and her eyes locked on his. Wow! She really was beautiful and she took him by surprise. Play it cool!
"Are you alright there, madam?" He states, with raised eyebrows and his famous chivalry.

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Arista bit her lip, not really sure what to do. She was just barely kicked out of the ocean three days ago. It all felt so..surreal to do this. To be here. It was just..weird. She ran her fingers through her hair once more, feeling rather embarrassed. She jumped as she felt a hand tap her shoulder. She immediately turned around, relaxing as she saw that it wasn't some kidnapper who was going to kill her. Hopefully. He could be some teenage boy who still wanted to murder her. "Madame?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. She was nineteen not 80. Goodness. "And...I could use a little help." She admitted, shrugging as a pale pink covered her cheeks. This was so embarrassing. Please help. Her big round blue eyes searched his as she tried to decide whether or not to trust him. This was just weird. Very weird. Well..for her.

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Victor let out a laugh and smiled at her. "Well it's pretty self-explanatory the counter's there," he pointed to the cute counter top resting a cashier, where a small brunette waved, "and then you take a seat." She must be new to the area, he presumed, maybe she didn't come outside very often. Whatever it was it seemed to be bothering her and Victor made it is mission to make her at ease. "You can sit with me if you wish, no strings attached, and I'll order for you." After he spoke, nerves kicked in saying that he was coming on too strong, "I mean, only if you wish."

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Aristas blush deepend at his words. Well...now she felt stupid. Its just that they didn't have cafés in Thera. Everyone just ate their own food. And on dates you made a picnic or something. There was no movie theaters or cell phones or restaurants. You just did things on your own. Things were so incredibly different here...it was freaking her out. "oh really? Um I knew that.. I just was making sure you...did," She lied, ready to face palm. That was the dumbest line she had ever heard. Someone put her out of her misery. She must look like some hermit who never got out. Embarrassing! She let out a sigh of relief, nodding. She wouldn't have to sit alone, or try and order! Praise triton! "That would be amazing. Thanks." she said happily, realizing that she was probably intruding. "if its no problem I mean," she added quickly, not wanting to impose. Why were things so..weird here.

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(( Sorry for the late reply btw I was at a footy match and my team lost :( ))

"Absolutely, fine by me!" Victor chuckled as he pointed the way to his table and pulled out her chair as she sat. Once he found himself seated as well he called the small brunette lady at the counter over to serve the two. However, he just missed her as she ran into the kitchen. The moment he realised the opportunity was lost he realised something and immediately shunned himself. "I'm so sorry!" He says, shaking his head in disapproval, "How rude of me to not ask for your name?"

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((Aw lame! I hate loosing))

Arista smiled as she followed him to his table, grinning as he pulled out the chair for her. Man. Was he for real? This was the first amount of gentlemenness she had seen from a human guy in the entire time she had been there. It was awesome. She ran her finters through her hair, her messy blonde curls moving back behind her face. She liked be able to see this....very handsome dude. Very handsome. Arista giggled at his shocked exspression. She liked how it ment that much to him, just to know her name. "I'm Arista." She said simply, knowing her ful name would freak him out. "And you are?"

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Arista, the name floated through his mind, it suited her perfectly. "I'm Victor," he said leaning over the table with his hands folded on the checkered table, "Victor Bertelson." He didn't know whether or not he should tell her a bit about himself, but the moment he opened his mouth, the waiter he called beforehand had finally reached the table.
"What would you like to eat today?" The girl asked, extremely cheery.
"Well I'll have one of those pastries that were advertised yesterday, what were they called again?"
The brunette frowned and scratched her chin with her index finger, "We have a new selection of danishes that have just arrived. Was that the dish you were talking about?"
"Yes. Perfect." Victor was so glad that he finally got to eat this much awaited pastry, he nearly forgot about Arista, who was now observing the menu, "Do you know what you want?"

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