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The Bayside Diner is the place everyone pretty much goes for a quick meal. There’s not a lot of fast food around, just a McDonalds and a Taco Bell, so if you want anything else cheap and fast, Bayside is your place. It’s not really a date spot unless you’re in high school but it’s a good staple for meeting up with friends and grabbing a bite.

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Eden walked into the lovely Bayside Diner. This was her favorite place to eat, mostly because is looked cute, but the door was cheep and really good, so that is another reason. Eden walked over to the little bar and ordered, then took a seat and smiled. the place wasn't too crowded, only a few other people were in the diner, and she didn't mind that. She made sure that no one was looking at her and smiled, she didnt like people looking at her, it made her so nervous. She got her drink and took a small sip of her coco cola.

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Megan (nightrunner) Lucca had just coasted into town on his Harley Davidson when he spotted a little diner, thinking that finding something to eat would be nice, though he doubted the food in this town would be any good. It was like you could feel the salt constantly assaulting your skin the second you crossed into the town. It wasn't that bad with his helmet on, but the second he took it off, he knew he had to just get inside. He stepped through the door, eyes making a slow scan of the room, lingering on the more appealing of the current inhabitant, a young girl particularly drawing his attention as she sipped a soft drink. He moved over, keeping his eyes in check, simply sitting down beside the girl, silently ordering a soda, not much caring what type he got.

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Eden looked over as the new comer sat next to her. She looked him over and smirked and took a sip of her soda, she looked out the window and smiled, she loved the air here and wanted to be outside. She looked at the guy again and smiled slightly, he looked like one of the guys she would meet at a party an sleep with. She ordered her food when the lady came back and a refile on her soda since she had drunken it all. She crossed her arms and leaned on the counter.

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((you there?))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Sorry, had play practice yesterday and had to go shopping for a ping pong table today.))

Lucca felt the girl watching him, but he would wait until she made the first move, unless she took too long, then he would initiate things. He was all to aware of that smile on her lips, he though it slightly endearing, only slightly, mostly he just found it as an invitation to enter her meaningless exisitance. As she ordered food, his drink was dropped off, and exact copy of hers though he just got a can, which he popped open and poured into her empty cup, thinking he would just take her refill when it came. He also set out enough money for her food, and drinks, as well as his own. He didn't much feel the need to explain himself, it wasn't as if he was hard pressed for money.

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Eden watched as the boy next to her poured her drink "you know that was yours right?" she looked at him "and i'm not some pour girl so I can pay for my own food" she smirked slightly and looked him up and down "but anyways, i'm Eden" she held her hand out to him and smiled "and your not paying for my food" she was a very independent lady, she didnt like people feeling pity on her at all and she really didnt like random people doing things that she didn't approve of. She thought this guy was pretty cute, but she thought all guys were cute mostly.

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Megan (nightrunner) "I know, and I'll take yours when it arrives," he told her with a trademark smirk. He turned his head to finally look at her. "And I don't pay for poor girls food, I pay for attractive girl's food," he told her, taking her hand. "Lucca, and I already have," he told her, leaving no room for argument. "There may be a way to pay me back though." He was not going to let this girl get away with paying for her food, and the waitress had already taken the money, so there was no going back now.

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Eden thought for a minute, she knew what most men wanted. They mostly wanted sex or something like that. She nodded and looked at him "Okay Lucca, and what way is that?" she sipped her soda and smiled slightly at him slightly. Her food came and she thanked the waitress. She looked back at Lucca and smiled again, she wanted to know what he wanted so she could figure out if this guy was different or not, most guys were the same, she had only meet one so far that was different.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Show me around your...quaint little town?" he offered up in response, knowing he just wasn't going to immediately make her sleep with him, he would at least get a tour and a decent day out of it. "I'm a little new in town, if you know what I mean," he told her with a shrug, taking the refill the waitress brought for her, and sipping at it. He never outright spoke of his motives. He would never tell anyone his tricks, because he didn't want anyone to know them, and he somehow had to figure out how this town worked.

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Eden thought for a minute then nodded "sounds fun to me" she looked at him "I have liked here my whole life" she told him, even though she spent a lot of her life in the water around the town, she still said she lived in the town. She took a bite of her grilled cheese and smiled "when im done we can go" she told him and took a sip of her dink. So far this guy was different, she liked that a lot. She liked guys that slowly went into things with her instaed of right away.

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Megan (nightrunner) Lucca just smirked at her again, thinking spending time with her would show him her weaknesses and the way to get what he really wanted from her. He watched her eat, ordering himself a basket of french fries, not wanting much more than that. He continued to eat, looking around at the rest of the inhabitants of the dinner. "I'm guessing tourists are pretty common around here?" he asked, giving her a sideways look, so he wouldn't have to turn his head. Across the way he could spot a few little souvenir stands, and the like, and the stores all seemed to be aimed at visitors needs.

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Eden nodded slowly. "Yeah, not many people really live here, so I know a lot of people around here" she finished eating quickly and then finished her drink "im done, are you ready?" she turned to face him and smiled slightly. She was wearing a blue crop top and a black short skirt with blue wedges.

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Megan (nightrunner) Lucca finished his food just after she did, taking a last swig of his drink to finish it, then standing, readjusting his jacket. Even though it was quite warm here, he still wouldn't remove the jacket. He never did, or, almost never, there were some circumstances in which he would all too willingly to shed the jacket. He glanced at her clothing as she turned to him, he offered her a hand up out of her seat. "I'm ready, where shall we go first?"

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Eden took his hand and got off of the chair then smiled "you'll just have to follow me" she smirked and let go of his hand and grabbed her bag. She started to walk to the door "If you think you can trust me" she waited for him at the door. She had planed out in her head where they would go first and where they would go last, she was getting exited.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Follow the pretty girl, I think I can manage that," he told her, following pace beside her as they walked to the door thinking he could walk beside her once they were outside. "I think I can trust you, and if not, I can handle myself," he responded softly to her other little statement, pulling the door open for her, using her exit as an opportunity to less than discretely check her out from behind.

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Eden smirked "glade you can manage" she looked at him and watched as he opened the door. She knew exactly what he was doing, and she didn't mind much. She walked out of the door and down the three little steps "so do you want to walk, or take my car?" She asked him and turned around after her was outside with her.

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Megan (nightrunner) Lucca just smirked, shaking his head. "We can walk, so that way we both get to swing back for our vehicles once we're done," he told her, moving up to walk beside her, almost running into her as she turned. He caught her by the shoulders to stop her from running into him. "I don't think I need to go back there, I know this place already."

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Eden rolled her eyes and took his hands off her shoulders then let go of them "I know" she started to walk to the beach "this way" she told him and kept walking, she didn't look back at him.

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Megan (nightrunner) Lucca shook his head, following after her, biker boots clomping on the sidewalk with his long stride, taking one step for every two of hers. "So, where are we headed?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow at her, a smirk on his lips, he really was beyond much caring, but feigning interest could score him some points with the girl.

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Eden smiled at him and kept walking "one of my favorite places" she stated and kept walking "the beautiful beach" she informed him.

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((sorry that's short, here is something longer))

Eden smirked at him as she walked to the beach "just my favorite place" she looked at the ocean as they got close. She loved the ocean, it was probably because she lived their more than half her life, but she did love it the most.

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Megan (nightrunner) "The beach, you say?" Lucca asked, raising an eyebrow, thinking he would not much like to be crusted over with sand if he had his way with the girl, but if she insisted, he wouldn't stop her, he would just stay on the road or the sidewalk. "And how far away is the beach you're taking me too?"

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Eden smiled "not far" she looked at him "you might have to walk on sand to see the beach you know, and sand and shoes, don't mix" she looked back at where they were going, she loved the walk to the beach, it was one of her favorite things at the beach, just the walk to it.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Then I can take off my shoes, and my socks too, since I don't think that socks will do much better in the sand," he shrugged it off, thinking he was going to have a little fun with her, she didn't know what she was in for. "So, Eden, what makes you love the beach so much?"

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Eden smiled and thought about living under the water, and about her family that she missed. "when I was little, my mom would take me everyday" she nodded "so, I grew attached to the beach, in a good way and bad way" she walked up to a sandy path "shoes time" she told him and took off her shoes witch made her so much smaller than him.

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Megan (nightrunner) "Shoes off, this might take a minute," he grunted, plopping down on the ground to start unlacing his biker boots, then pulling off his socks and rolling up his jeans. He looked down at her, grinning to himself. She was truly so small, it was easy to forget when she wore heels like that. "Why a bad way?" he asked her, carrying his shoes in one hand, not wanting to just leave them somewhere.

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She carried her shoes and shrugged "well, sun burns, jellyfish stings" she looked St him "I get those way too often" she nodded and smiled at him as she walked on the sand with him "anyway" she stopped right before her feet his the wet sand "this is the beach" she looked around it and smiled brightly.

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Megan (nightrunner) Lucca listened, thinking that there had to be more than that, sun screen would fix the sun burn, and were there really even jelly fish in this beach? He shifted so that he was partially in the water, so that she could stay dry. He didn't quite understand why if she was so in love with the beach, she wouldn't even touch the water. "So, how long is this beach?" he asked, wondering how far they would walk it, and when they would go see something else.

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"pretty long" she shrugged and walked next to him, but didn't touch the water "but, we are going to.head do town in a minute" she smiled at him and nodded as they walked, she wanted to leave quickly so that anyone he wouldn't ask why she wouldn't touch the water, she didn't want that today.

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