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There isn’t much fancy around the towns that populate Orcas Island, but there’s the necessities, a few small novelty shops, a grocer, etc. The center of town is where you find most of that, as well as the local kids hanging out on a Saturday night.

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cαяяιє | 74 comments Panda's legs pumped furiously as she peddled through the Town Center. Her red hair was whipping furiously behind her, her copper colored curls flowing in the wind. As she biked down the side of the street she kept her
blue eyes alert, making sure not to accidentally knock over some unsuspecting pedestrian. She knew she should probably be getting ready for the wedding right now, but she couldn't resist taking a short bike ride. The weather was perfect, sunny but not suffocatingly hot. It was rare for the weather to be this nice with no sign of rain, she couldn't pass up the opportunity.

As she continued to peddle down the street, she saw a street vendor selling some handmade jewelry. Although Panda rarely wore any accessories, besides her pearl bracelet, she figured she could add it in with the other gift she had gotten for the bride. She slowed her pace as she drew nearer to the stand before hopping off and walking her bike over there.

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Temperance Kitty wandered into the local boutiques, sliding her sunglasses from her eyes as she carefully examined the store's offerings. She rummaged through the racks, easily dismissing dresses with an annoyed flick of her wrist. This wedding was one of the biggest social events in recent memory, and Kitty wanted to look her best. The promise of meeting mer-guys was also an enticing incentive. She wouldn't mind showing Liam the dree. Kitty snapped herself out of that fantasy quickly. Her father would hit the roof if she brought a human as her date. WHile Kitty and her father disagreed on many things, they both thought that this wedding was important and should go as smoothly as possible for the happy couple.

After a few minutes of deliberation, Kitty withdrew a long, beaded silver dress, a romantic, strapless, navy maxi dress, and a blush colored mini dress. She swiped a pair of sky high peep toe pumps, a set of high heeled silver sandals, and disappeared into the dressing room.

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Temperance After a half hour of deliberation, Kitty bought the pumps, sandals, the navy dress, and the blush mini dress. She also picked up a cute swimsuit, several pairs of shorts, two pairs of skinny jeans, 4 tank tops, two oversized sweaters, and a hoodie. She also picked up a pair of ankle boots and flip flops. She brought her bounty over to the wide eyed sales girl and waited for her purchases to be rung up.

An hour later, Kitty left the town center, having also picked up a cute necklace and a pair of dangly earrings that matched both of her dresses. She wandered over to one of the other booths, examining the tie dyed scarves.

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Hunter walked around the mall, trying to find a makeup I'm sorry gift for Hayley...and he really wasn't having very much luck. At all. He was a dead man and he new it. He stared at a boutique window, looking at the displays. Nothing Hayley would enjoy. He sighed and walked in the store. Might as well wing it. He thought, looking around. He grabbed a random necklace, payed for it, and walked out. Now all he had to do was find Hayley. Which was next to impossible. If she didn't want to be found, she really couldn't be found. At all.

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cαяяιє | 74 comments Panda was standing outside, her bike propped against her hip so she wouldn't have to hold it straight. Sometimes she would just stand by the front of stores and people watch, because she had nothing better to do with her life and it could be quite entertaining when people got into fights with the store managers over prices and other ridiculous things like that.

She had already seen some pretty girl with deep red hair walk into a store and come out with what seemed like an entire closet. Panda would never understand why girls focused so much on what they wore, what the brand was, and how many outfits they had. For her it was simple, just throw on some shorts and a cute tee. Like today for instance. Her flaming red hair was falling down around her shoulders in natural curls, bangs held away from her face with a navy blue bandana that brought out her blue eyes. She had a Ramones t-shirt on and high waisted shorts, simple converse on her feet. Nothing fancy, nothing too expensive, just the way she liked it.

As she was standing by what looked to be a cute little boutique, she noticed a guy walk up to the window and peer in. With what seemed like an agitated sigh, he opened the front door and walked in, grabbing the first necklace he saw. As he brought it up to the counter, Panda wondered why someone would purchase a necklace without making sure it was the perfect one. She watched him curiously as the lady behind the counter rang it up and he walked out of the store.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she grabbed the handle bars of her bike and walked a little closer to the young man, unsure of what her intent was. She wasn't usually one to initiate a conversation with a stranger, but she was bored and couldn't think of anything better to do. "Hello," she said casually. "Are you looking for someone?"

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Temperance Kitty looked up across the narrow street to see a pretty girl with coppery red hair start to talk to the boy who looked frustrated. While he was cute, he wasn't her type. She wondered if she should introduce herself to them, but decided to wait. She tossed her hair and examined her reflection in the mirror. Any evidence of the fight with Lincoln was long gone.

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Hunter stopped where he was standing, and turned around. Behind him was a pretty girl with fiery red hair. She looked cute, but just cute...for now. He shrugged. "Just my sister..." He held the bag up. "We got in a fight..." He said with a small smile. All well. He was so very dead. Never coming back if Hayley didn't like his apology. She was scary like that. And stubborn. It took a lot for her to change her mind. So if she decided she hated you, you had to try really really hard to get her to change her mind. Hunter stopped trying hard with gifts long long long ago. Now he's just leaving it up to a necklace, and his personal wit and charm. He just might be doomed for failure.

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cαяяιє | 74 comments Panda remembered the times when she would get into fights with her brother. She was always more of the "silent treatment" type of person, deigning her brother unworthy of her time. But she could never stay mad at him for long, his goofy personality and jokes would always get the best of her.

Being reminded of her brother hurt, she had managed to go the day without missing him to badly, but the pain was here now and demanded to be noticed. It had been a couple of years since his death, him being murdered while fighting in the Great War between Carenthia and Thera. Although, it wasn't like any humans would know about that war, considering it was strictly merpeople that participated and were effected by it. She had to stay strong, at least while she was in public.

Panda nodded stiffly, trying to hide all emotions that might hint towards the breaking of her heart yet again. She still couldn't quite grasp the fact that her brother, the one who made her laugh when she was sad, snuck her an extra cookie off the dinner table when their mother wasn't looking, the only one she would come to when she needed help with anything, and now he was gone.

She shrugged her shoulders politely and said, "Bummer. So let me guess, you got her a piece of jewelry as a 'sorry I'm a dumbass' gift so she doesn't bite your head off." She smirked, she knew how that went. Her brother had attempted the makeup gift many times... When he was alive of course.

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Temperance Kitty decided against it. They looked so cute together, teasing about the jewelry box in his hand. She thought that it would be best to return to the inn, put away her purchases and call Lincoln. There was already enough fighting in the family and they didn't need to be included. She'd ask him if he'd want to go to Orcas with her, and if he said yes, she could move out of the inn and they could open up the house that their father had kept in one of the quiter neighborhoods. Though it had been years since their father left Thera, Kitty and her brothers still used it.

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Hunter saw the change in her eyes. Even if it was for a split second. He knew that look. It was the same look he saw on the mirror for 4 years. It was the look of devastation. Only those who have experianced it can see it in others. He guessed it was a close family member of hers that passed. It was for him. His mom. Hunter was a total momma's boy. Always following her around the house, helping her out in any possible way. When she died....his whole world fell apart. It took four years to get over it...ya. It was pathetic.

Hunter's eyes mirrored her for a moment, thinking of his mom before returning back to their happy Amber look as he let out a low chuckle. "Pretty much. I honestly cant remember what we fought about. I just know she thinks it's my fault. And she's really stubborn...I'd rather say I'm sorry than uh fight longer." He told her, smiling his signature get the ladies smile. It usually worked on girls like her. Hopefully it didn't fail him now. But there is always a first time.

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Temperance Kitty decided that she was going to leave. The bags weren't getting any lighter, and she was starting to get hungry. She grudgingly admitted that she should probably call Lincoln. Even though her brothers still treated her like a baby and could act like a pair of Neanderthals, she loved them. She looked over at the guy one last time, trying to measure him against Liam.

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Hunter saw the girl from a distance staring at him. He sent a Flirty wink with his classic smile at her. His smile was a lopsided hot mess. At least...that's what Hayley always told him. The right side was higher than the left, and for some reason...he always ended up biting his lip. His friend Jovie had always called it his 'secret weapon'. But who knows. Maybe it was really ugly and they were just nice.

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Temperance Kitty looked up to see the guy beaming at her with a delicious crooked smile. Unable to help herself, she shot him a flirty smile, removing her sunglasses and hooking them the top of her turquoise tank top so that she could get a better look. She was glad that she had decided to remove her hoodie in the store; the tank top showed the right amount of her slightly tanned skin.

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Hunter didn't want to be rude to the red head he was talking too...but he didn't want to be rude to the other red head....what is with redheads!? They are so beautiful! Man. This was tough. He looked her over and just ever so slightly...you would have to be looking at his lips to even notice...but he bit his lip. But, you HAD to be staring at him to notice. Hunter had a problem...and he didn't like it.

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Temperance Kitty saw that the poor boy was feeling a little indecisive, so she decided to give him a little encouragement. After "accidently" dropping one of her bags, she stopped to pick it up. And just like it had earlier, her tank top rode up, showing off her tanned skin and her navel ring. She pretended to blush, but she could feel a smirk growing on her face. So this tank top did have its uses. If this worked, she might just keep it.

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Hunter felt his cheeks grow a little hot. Man. She was good. But all he did was smirk, and through another wink. It would take a lit more than that to get this kid over. He was playing hard to get. If she really wanted him, she would try a little harder. He didn't like the whole skin thing. It made him feel...slightly uncomfortable...but slightly attracted to. It was all just messed up.

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Temperance Kitty pouted when her trick didn't pay off exactly the way he wanted. It had definitely gotten his attention, but he still refused to budge. It had worked on the nosy life guard who had come over when she had left the ocean. The guy had turned bright red and walked into the life stand chair. He was ok, if a little embarrassed. She bit her lip as she scrutinized him, planning her next move.

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Hunter watched her try and plan her next attempt at impressing him. It probably wouldnt take much mire to get him over there. He was practically already over. He was seriously one fake phone call and secert gesture to meet him in a store or something. He didn't want to be rude though...so he waited to see if she wanted it bad enough.

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Temperance Kitty bit her lip as she contemplated what she should do. She could tell that he was very interested, and was very close to approaching her. After a lot of thought, she decided that the direct approach might be the best idea. She picked up her bags and walked over, a flirty grin on her face. "Hey."

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Hunter smiled. She looked even better up closer. He smiled, but then picked up his phone. Looking at The girl who just walked over. He knew she would know that he was trying to tell her to meet him in the boutique across from them.
"Hey Hayley. Oh yup. I see you. In uh Cherry Tree lane? I'll be there in a second." He smiled sadly. "Sorry to deprive you lovely ladies of my company but...my sister needs me." He began to walk to the store...hoping the red head followed.

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Temperance Kitty rolled her eyes when the human boy walked away, but she knew exactly what he was trying to do. She debated for a minute, wondering if she should play along. He was cute, and he was making things interesting. Finally, she decided that she would play along. After five minutes of looking at the jewelry and pretending that nothing had caught her eye, she sighed, and moved up the boardwalk. She ducked into another store, purchased a pair of sneakers, pretending that she was still browsing. Finally, she walked into the boutique on Cherry Tree Lane.

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Hunter heard the doorbells ring for the millionth time, and saw the cute redhead. He leaned against the counter. "Hey." He said with a Flirty smile. He was bored...Hayley was mad at him...Brenna was with Mason...why not talk to this cutie. "Sorry...didn't want to hurt that girls feelings...you know?" He asked. He had two more small bags on his wrists. He actually browsed and decided Hayley would like these weird rings...and Brenna would like the necklace.

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Temperance "Hey." Kitty replied, flipping her hair over one shoulder. She was glad she decided to meet him here; he was really good looking. "It's fine. I'm glad you came up with this. I thought I was going to have to share you." she said, propping her hip against the counter. She noticed the two small bags hanging from his wrists. "Are those for you?" she teased, seeing the telltale flash of metal.

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Hunter smirked and pulled out the necklace. "Oh ya. Because I seem like the guy that wears gold necklaced with hearts on them. They're for my sisters." He told her with a smile. She was pretty good looking. But something about her...seemed unreal...not right. She was crazily beautiful, perfect skin...not your average Orca's Island girl.

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Temperance "It does look good with your skin color." Kitty teased, hopping up onto the counter. She felt her expression soften when she heard what he was doing for his sister. "It sounds like your a good brother." she said quietly, drumming her heels on the baseboard. She looked down at her ring, twisting it. She could feel him staring at her, but unlike before, it didn't make her feel as warm as before. It was almost like he could tell she wasn't mortal.

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Hunter smiled and hopped up next to her. "I'm Hunter." He told her, a small smirk on his face. He figured if they were going to be buddies, they should know each others names. It was like a no duh. He once had a three hour conversation with a girl...and never got her name. Hunter is just that spacey when he's with a girl he finds attractive. He's...weird like that. He found its easier to remeber if you ask first off.

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Temperance Kitty smiled at him; he was straightforward, and she liked that. A few of the guys she had dated had tried to be mysterious, thinking that she would be intrigued. It had only made her loose interest all the more quickly. She liked guys who were actually honest and were straightforward. "I'm Kitty." she said, flipping her hair back.

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cαяяιє | 74 comments ((Sorry it took me a while to respond! But it looks like you guys did fine without me (; *nudge nudge* *wink wink*))

Panda literally had to focus all of her attention on not rolling her eyes at the two lovebirds. It was so obvious from the moment that they noticed each other what games they were playing. Ah yes, there was the rather sensual drop of the bag and slow bend to pick it up, flashing more skin than what was probably considered socially acceptable. She smirked at the faint blush on the boys cheeks, the move had achieved its basic purpose, but it seemed he wasn't going to give in that easily.

She was sure he was trying to be nice by not straight up leaving her for the much more appealing and flirtatious redhead standing to their left, but it really did nothing to cover up the fact that he had gotten bored with her and was looking for something more exciting. She was used to it by now, always being overlooked and overshadowed by other people, by now she expected it. Either way, she might as well stay here and let him play the 'hard to get' act.

The girl strutted towards them, her hips swaying and her eyes alive with a mischievous glint. Annnnnd, the fake a phone call to easily let Panda down. Not that she was really interested, guys like him weren't her type.

He excused himself to go 'meet up with his sister' and Panda finally let out her eye roll. Really? The two were shameless. Why not just admit the attraction and get it over with, no need to play games and risk the chance that the other person didn't really mean anything by it. Ah well, she was probably just over thinking this, like she did a lot of things. With a sigh she leaped onto her bike and petaled down the street.

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Temperance ((Omg sorry Carrie :( did panda want to hang out with Kitty later? :) lol yes, yes they did.))

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cαяяιє | 74 comments ((Haha, it's all good! And I'm not quite sure how well they personalities would match...))

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Temperance ((Kk and lol that's so true...))

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Temperance wrote: "Kitty smiled at him; he was straightforward, and she liked that. A few of the guys she had dated had tried to be mysterious, thinking that she would be intrigued. It had only made her loose interes..."

((Ahh so sorry! I was like feeling bad about leaving poor Panda...but I was also bored...sooo...yeah.....))

Hunter raised an eyebrow. 'Kitty....' You don't hear a name like that every day. Her parents must have been mentally insane, different, or obsessed with cats. He's going with the second one. Maybe it was a nickname. He honestly, for her sake hoped it was. That would be an awful name to grow up with..especially in today's world. Bullies and stuff...that gives them a lot of ammo to throw at you. Hunter remembered a person his grandparents knew. His name was John Butt ((A/N: TRUE STORY!! Well...I don't know the first name..but the last name is true)) He would hate to grow up with that last name. It would be like pure torture. He would hate it. He would make the girl keep her last name, and change his when he got married.

"Kitty huh? Is that a nickname or something?" He asked, curious. Not wanting to be rude..but there was a lot of redheads..and a lot of girls with animal names lately. And stuff that had to do with the ocean. It was starting to mess with his head. He wasn't sure what to think anymore. It was all...so very very confusing.

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Temperance ((Seriously?! Omg))
Kitty laughed at the look on Hunter's face. "So I've got two older brothers. The oldest is Caspian and Lincoln is the middle child." She laugh at the look of disbelief on his face. "It's true I swear. My dad is really into classic names." She could feel her smile tighten a bit, so she tried to relax. "My mother had wanted more modern names, but my dad was all 'but they have meaning', so she let him have his way." Kitty paused for a moment, struggling with the next part. "But when I was born, my dad wanted to name me Katrina." Kitty rolled her eyes, showing Hunter exactly what she thought of the name. "But my mom didn't back down; she said that she was going to pick my name, and if he didn't like it, he could sleep on the couch." She giggled, proud of the way her mother had stood up for her. "I think she felt bad about it, so she picked Kitty, which is close enough." She shrugged, feeling her expression soften. She didn't care if people thought her name was odd. It was one of the only things her mother had left behind when she died, so Kitty was going to hold on to her name for dear life.

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((NOT EVEN JOKING!!!!!!!!!!! I'm LDS you know, and my Grandparent's bishops last name was Butt. B-U-T-T. Butt. I saw the program and like...died laughing. My grandma was like "Shhh your being disrespectful" But it was just so funny to me!))

Hunter nodded with a sympathetic smile. "My parents were extremely into the old 90s kind of style names. Except for Brenna. She's a newbie. And if it makes you feel any better, I once knew a guy with the last name of Butt. B-U-T-T. Butt. It was just so funny to me! I didn't say anything to his face of course, but Mason and I laughed behind his back. To put it the nice way." He wasn't lying. ((A/N: AND NEITHER AM I!!)) Everyword he said was the full fledged truth. Scouts Honor. No lie.

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Temperance ((Seriously?! I belive you but...Omg XD that poor man....))
Kitty's eyes widened and she burst into a hysterical fit of giggles. "That's awful." She managed to choke out. After hearing this story, she felt like she had definitely lucked out. Even though Caspian had shortened his to Ian when he was around strangers, but at least his name wasn't butt.

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GothamsReckoning (baneofgotham) | 5 comments Shane walked around the town center.

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((Its still really funny though!!))

Hunter laughed with her. "I know right?? I mean I feel bad for the poor guy...but still...its pretty funny." He told her with a smile. Her laugh was pretty cute. Almost as cute as hus little sister Brenna's. She was 16 and the baby of the family. Even if they were only 3 years apart, he was pretty much her father figure. Their mom died when she was seven years old. She doesn't remember anything about her, and that is depressing. A year after their mom died, their dad fell into some state of depression. He was hardly even home..and when he was, he was asleep or moping. Brenna doesn't have a happy memory with him in it, and that hurts Hunter deeply. Hunter and his older brother Mason, (who is 23) Decided it was their mission to give her a good childhood...or what was left of it. Leaving them incredibly close. Hayley was the....brat of the family. Or the drama queen. Whichever one suits you. But...no matter how bratty she could be, she was Hunters best friend. And he loved her...a lot.

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Temperance ((lol yes it is))
Kitty nodded n agreement, still giggling. She felt awful for that poor boy, but it was funny. Hunter had a nice laugh, she decided. Not too obnoxious, but not too deep. His laugh sounded like Caspian's, but she hadn't heard or seen her brother laugh of smile in months. He had always been the quiet one, when compared to his effervescent siblings. But he had been the closest to their mother, and had been hit the hardest when she was killed. He retreated from his family, rarely saying anything. Though he had gotten better the last twenty years, the fights with their father were beginning to take their toll. She wondered if he would actually come to the island with Lincoln, who was sick of their father and his taciturn attitude.

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Hunter smiled and leaned back on his hands. One was super close to Kitty's. Not that he was trying to be all like: 'Your mine...' But he was claiming her. Like calling dibbs! Any guy could tell that he was going toto try his hardest to impress her. And impress her was what he was going to do. Once she calmed down, he smiled his classic smile. "So Kitty. Where you from? Obviously not here because I would have seen you around. And obviously I would have remembered a beautiful face like yours." He flirted. He wasnt bbad a flirting either. He liked to say he was in the intermediate section of it.

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Temperance Kitty smirked at him, biting her lip as she looked down to see his hand right next to hers. She almost missed what he said. Though she already had a story prepared, she could feel her stomach twist nervously. What was wrong with her? She shot him a flirty grin and let her fingers brush his before she reached for one of the bags. "You are so sweet." she giggled, searching for her new compact. "And you're right. I'm not from around here." She paused, examining her hair before she snapped the tiny mirror closed. "My dad's a writer, so we would travel a lot. So I guess I'm not really from anywhere." Her flirtatious smile turned wistful. "My mom loved this place."

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Hunter smiled when she brushed her fingers on his. He frowned as she pulled out the makeup, and took it out of her bags. "What is this? Makeup? What? You don't need makeup." He told her with a firm nod, before slipping it into one of his bags. "Its mine now." He pulled it open and looked at the label. "Classic Ivory huh? I think it's my color." He smiled and placed it back into the bag. "My mom's never been here." he said sadly. He grew quiet for a moment, not saying anything. "she died when I was a kid." He cleared his throat. "Anywho, yeah. It's a nice place."

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Temperance "That's so swee...Hey!" Kitty said, leaning over him to swipe at the bag. "I need Besides...you're more of a sand." She teased, pulling back with a pout when she was still unable to retrieve her makeup. Kitty felt awful when she saw his face. She didn't know what to do. If he was anything like her, an "I'm so sorry" might piss him off. After a moment's hesitation, Kitty said, "I guess that's something we have in common. My mom died when I was three."

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Hunter gave her a sad smile. "I was ten. Mason, my older brother was 13, Hayley was nine, and Brenna was seven. Hayley, Mason and I were playin ball in the street, she got all mad at us. Mason and I got out of the way after a couple seconds. But Hayley being the stubborn person she is refused...and my uh mom got hit." He told her. "But its all in the past now." He flashed his classic smile, but his amber eyes were still wet. They didn't really look any different, but they defiantly looked slightly sadder. He hopped down from the counter.
"Be right back!" He walked over to the back of the store, looking for something that fit her. Not clothes..but personality wise. He finally picked out two bracelets. They looked the same, but one was neon and the other was pastel colored. He walked back over to her with them, already paid.
"Here. Lets start a club." He said as he climbed back onto the counter. "We'll call it the survivor of parent loss club. Here, let me see your wrist." He said, holding out his hand.

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Temperance Kitty could feel her eyes start to well up, so she shut them quickly and took a shaky breath. Her mother had died in a tragic accident as well. She had been out exploring when she had gotten deeply tangled in fishing lines, lures intact, that had been left behind by careless fishermen. Their father and some of their neighbors had found her, hours later and cut her down. But she had died a few days later. She opened her eyes when he hopped of the counter. "Ok." she said confusedly, leaning back to enjoy the little sunlight streaming through the window. When he returned, she looked up in interest, seeing the colored bracelets. "Survivors? I like it." She said with a small smile as she extended her wrist.

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Hunter smiled gently and took her small fragile wrist into his hand. He rubbed his thumb over the top of her wrist, before tying the pastels bracelet onto it. It fit her. He didn't drop her hand immediately though, he held it a moment longer, his hand around her wrist, his thumb rubbing a small circle onto it, before letting go. He let the silence fill the room for a moment, before clearing his throat. "So. Got any siblings?" He asked, facing her. She was sweet...and her hand in his felt so right..that's why he didn't let it go right away. That's why he held on for a moment longer...not willing to let it go. Not quite yet at least.

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Temperance Kitty could feel her face turn as red as her hair as his thumb rubbed circles into her wrist. He had very nice hands, strong, but gentle. She was disappointed when he let go. She felt herself smile a bit at the awkward transition; he had been just as affected as she was. "Two older brothers." Kitty said with a groan. "Caspian and Lincoln. They're idiots, but I love them." Remembering what he had said about sisters, she asked, "How old are your sisters?"

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Hunter nodded. 'Crap. Older brothers. I've gotta impress them....' That was really the only thing that he thought about, until she asked about Hayley and Brenna. "Hayley is eighteen, so only a year younger than me, and then Brenna is sixteen. She's the baby. And then I have an older brother Mason who is 23, and his Wife Hannah. But I don't ever see them. Ever." He said with a shrug. He had to say that he was closer to his sister than Mason. Mason was too busy with his wife Hannah. She was a nice girl, with a really good singing voice. Like really good. But they lived out of state and were never around anymore. Hunter was pretty much the one running everything. His dad worked 24/7 so he didn't have to see Brenna who looked a lot like their mom, and then Hunter decided what the money went towards. It was an iinteresting situation.

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Temperance Kitty threw back her head and laughed. "Yes, you do." she teased. "They sound cool." she said. Her expression softened when he told her that he had an older brother. Before she could stop herself, she reached out and squeezed his hand. "He would be around more if he could." she said softly before moving her hand, returning it to rest on the counter. "You have to be busy, with two sisters." she teased. "Lincoln and Caspian lucked out."

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Hunter shrugged when she said that about Mason. He was out of the house as soon as he could leave. Leaving Hunter with his depressed, work-a-holic dad. It was awful. When her hand went on top of his, his bbreath caught in his throatn He could barley hear what she was saying. When she took it off, he was able to focus and think if through, but all he could think about was why the simple touch of her hand made him freak out like that. It wasnt normal.

Hunter thought about his sisters. Yes, Hayley kept him on his toes definitely, and Brenna did too. "Oh ya. Especially Hayley. We call her the family brat." He said with a smile. "Brenna's the baby, Masons the Responsible one, and I'm the funny one!" He said with a smile, throwing a wink aat her. "I'm famous for my pranks."

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