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The only coffee in town happens to not be the State native Starbucks but a little joint by the name of Orcas Coffee. It’s quaint, casual, and have a super bohemian vibe to it. A great place to read a book or have a casual coffee date or just hang out after class or work. The owners are a friendly, hippie type couple who commonly give free drinks to their regulars or slip the kids a pastry.

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Elias walked in to the little coffee shop holding his singing little girl, he came hers a lot with Aurora and she loved the people that owned the place. He closed the door behind him then greeted the people at the counter, Aurora smiled and batted her eye lashes to get a cookie, after she had her cookie and Eli had convinced her that she needed a napkin he let her go sit down, he watched her walk over then looked at the menu. After a little while he finely decided to get a hot chocolate for the somewhat cold day, he ordered then stood by the counter as he waited for his drink.

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Arista walked up to the counter, ready to order her first cup of coffee. She had never had it before, but had heard human after human say how good it was, so she decided to give it a shot. If she was going to pretend to be a human for the rest of her life, she at least has to try coffee. Apparently, some humans have to have it every morning! At least, that's what she had heard. "Hi...um..I would like a cup of hot chocolate please?" She said at the last second. She had tried countless times this week to get a cup of coffee, but the chocolate seemed to be calling to her. She couldn't resist the temptations.

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Elias looked at the girl that had walked in, she looked different in some way, but he brushed it off. He looked at the counter and waited for his hot chocolate, he hears the girl order and smiled "it's better with whipped cream" he wasn't sure if she heard him since it was crowded in the small place and people were talking everywhere, he looked back at Aurora and smiled since she was still eating her cooking and sitting on a little couch that they always sat on, be looked back at the girl to see if she would respond.

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Arista jumped slightly at the sound of someone talking to her. She turned her head to the sound of the voice, and saw a Human boy standing there. He was pretty good looking, for a human. She almost didnt hear his suggestion. Whip cream...sounds good. She thought before smiling. "Sounds yummy. I think I'll try it!" The person from behind the counter returned with their drinks. "Hi uh can I get some whipped cream on this?" She asked. The person nodded and went back to the counter. She turned back to the boy. "I hope your right. I mean..whip cream is an additional 30 cents." She joked with a bright smile. Arista knew he thought there was something strange about her. He was right. She was well...a mermaid. But she wasn't sure she wanted to be.

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Elias smiled at her "I'll tell you what, if you don't like it I'll give you 50 cents" he took his hot chocolate and smiled at her "if you want you can come sit with me and my daughter" he pointed over to Aurora, she had gotten a coloring book and was coloring in it. Eli looked back at her and gave her a soft smile, she seemed pretty nice "I'm Elias by the way" he held his hand out to her for a hand shake, he looked her over trying to find what it was that was different, he couldn't tell so he just gave up, he didn't want to be rude and start asking questions, he knew if his sister was here she would ask if she were a mermaid, but he didn't do that.

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Arista followed his gaze to the little girl that was doing a coloring book. From the looks of it, she was adorable. She looked back at him and nodded. "I would love to sit with you two." She said with a smile. As he introduced himself, her smile grew. She took his hand, and gave it a soft but firm shake. She loved that humans did this. It was so handy!
"I'm Arista." She knew her name was different, odd, and not one you heard very often. She figured however, that Arista was better than Aristella, her full name. It was so long and mermaid sounding, that's she hardly ever used it. The person retired with her whip cream hot chocolate. She quickly paid for it, took the drink and looked back at Elias. "Should we go sit?" She asked, her big blue eyes looking over his face. He seemed like a really nice guy, and shshe was excited to get to know him.

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Elias smiled and nodded "you have a beautiful name" he smiled and starts to walk over to Aurora "follow me" he smiled and walked over to Aurora "this is Aurora, she is two" he sat on the couch next to her and smiled. Aurora smiled at the lady "Hi!" She waved. Elias smiled and patted the spot next to him and looked at her "sit" he loved talking to people so he was glad another person came into the little shop other than a bunch of tourist, maybe she was a tourist, that might be it, is it? He looked her over again.

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Arista blushed sligtly. "Thanks." She followed him, clutching that cup of coffee like no other. She was so nervous, and she had no clue what to do with her hands. She sat down, and smiled brightly at his daughter. She was so cute! "Hi cutie!" She said warmly. It was a good thing she was good with kids. Or else this might be a total fail. She looked back at Elias, the nervousness gone. "She is adorable." She told him. She felt nervous under his gaze. It was almost as if he could tell she was different. She wasn't! She Looked just like a normal human. She was wearing a navy blue and white stripped v-neck sweater, jeans, and brown combat boots. Her blonde hair was ssoftly curled, and age was wearing pearl earings. She looked normal...right?

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Aurora smiled and went back to coloring. Elias smiled "yeah, she is pretty adorable" he nodded and looked at Aurora then back at her "so, are you from around here?" He took a sip of his hot chocolate and then wiped the whipped cream of his upper lip, he smiled and ran his fingers through his hair dark brown hair and looked at her with his big brown eyes.

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Arista had a small moment of panic. She wasn't techniqually from here...but she still was. She shook her head. "No. I just moved here a week ago." She told him, satisfied with her answer. It wasn't lying, but it wasn't telling the whole truth either. She took a small drink of her hot cocoa, enjoying it. The whip cream was a nice touch. "The whip cream is good. Don't worry." She said with a light smile. "You don't owe me 50 cents." She brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes. Her hair was always in her eyes, and it was annoying. In the ocean, it was always floating around her, and out of her face. But here, on land, it was the opposite.

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Elias smiled and gave a light chuckle "well that's good" he replied to her comment about the hot chocolate "I don't have cash" he flashed a white smiled at her "I would have to go to the atm" he took a sip of his hot chocolate, it was still really warm so he was testing the temp of it. Aurora climbed up into Elias's lap and pulled up her coloring book, she smiled up at him then went back to coloring, she liked sitting in his lap and mostly sat there everywhere they went.

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Arista's smile grew and she took another sip. She should probably get to know his daughter too...it was manners. "So Aurora, what's your favorite color?" She asked gently, leaning forward and resting her face in her hands. She remembered her dad's best friend's little girl Lori. She was about Aurora's age, and just as cute! Arista babysat her often. Lori was one of the reasons why she was so good with kids. And she was glad for her.

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Aurora smiled shyly and looked up at her Daddy not sure if she could answer her. Elias smiled at Aurora and nodded. Aurora smiled and picked up the blue "bue like the ocan!" She held it out to her and smiled brightly, her grandfather would tell her stories about the sea and about the mermaids and all the merpeople, and her front yard was the beach so she lived to go play in the water and sand when she was aloud to, she would go on walks with her aunt and dad when her aunt was over and sometimes her grandfather would come if he wasn't fishing, so she loves to be around the water and the color blue.

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Arista smiled even bigger...if that was possible. "Really? That's my favorite color too!" She said, taking another drink of the hot chocolate, that was finally drinkable...not just sip-able. She loved the ocean. It was her home...but after the Thera kingdom took over, she wasn't sure she wanted to go back. They were mean, course, and they killed her father. Ugh. Ya. Not going back. "What about you? What's your favorite color?" Arista looked up at Elias, her ocean blue eyes searching his dark brown one. He looked a lot like his daughter, she realized. Both had curly brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes, and the same noses. Arista was always told that she looked just like her mother, but somehow, she didn't always believe it. She doesnt really remember her mom anyway. She died when Arista was six. Sad...huh?

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Aurora smiled and looked up at her dad waiting for his answer, she didn't really know what his was. Elias smiled "green, but the green that has a hint of blue in it" he leaned back on the couch and smiled at Arista. Aurora smiled "my granddaddy tells me stories about mermaids!" She told Arista in a vary childish voice, she loved the stories and the pictures he drew and how much he believed in the stories, Elias thought they were just made up for him and his sister and now for Aurora, so he doesn't believe in them.

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Arista's smile wavered for a moment. How did this small child of the age of two know? Maybe she didn't, but Arista had a strange suspison that she did. And it wasn't a very good feeling. She quickly recovered however, and smiled. "Mermaids huh? Well...I happen to know a lot about mermaids." So much, It might seem like I am one. She mentally added. She was never going to say that out loud because that gives way to much away. She looked at Elias, and knew he didn't believe in them, thank goodness, but one look at his daughter, and you knew she believed them with all of her heart.

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Aurora looked at her with amazement "you do?!" She smiled a giant smile, she loved when people knew about mermaids she would tell everyone about mermaids. Elias chuckled lightly as he saw his daughters big smile, he looked at Arista and smiled slight, he knew she probably didn't believe in mermaids and was just pretending to for aurora, but he was being so stupid about that and he didn't even know.

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Arista laughed a little. "Oh yes. I know a lot." She said with a smile to the little girl, but met Elias's eyes, and winked. There. Now he wouldnt suspect anything. He probably didn't suspect anything in the first place, but it never hurt to be prepared..right? Arista took another drink of her hot chocolate. She wondered who Arista's mother was. She didn't see any ring on Elias's finger, but maybe he lost it. Or maybe...he was never married. She hoped it was the latter, so that way if his wife found out he was hanging out with Arista, he wouldn't be accused of cheating. She didn't want to be the cause of a divorce. She heard those were awful.

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Aurora smiled "like what?" She leaned closer to her and smiled up at her with her big brown eyes just like Elias's eyes. Elias smiled and looked at her with a small smile, not many girls could get Aurora this excited, only his sister could. He looked at the time and realized his dad should be going to his house right now with his sister and if he wasn't there then he would be questioned and questioned about where he was and who he was with and why he was there, he had to go soon. Maybe Arista could come too, Aurora would like that and it was almost dinner time so she could stay for dinner, if she could and didn't have a family to go home too.

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Arista grinned and thought for a moment, drinking some of her hot chocolate. "Well, mermaids love music. They play it all the time. Whether they sing, play an instrument, or just whistle, all mermaids are musically talented." She told her, not lying at all. Arista was a singer, and played a musical instrument. She played the harp, and the Lyre. Music used to be everywhere in her kingdom, singing, dancing, everything. Until the Thera's came. ruined it all. It made her want to cry just thinking about it. Arista looked at the time on her watch. Nearly dinner time. She really didn't want to eat alone...again. She missed the company that she had often in the sea. Here, on land, she was what was called a loner. It was so dumb.

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Aurora smiled and nodded amazed by how much she knew. Elias sighed "well we better get going, it's almost dinner time and grandpa and aunty are coming over for dinner" he told Aurora and smiled then looked at Arista "would you like to come over for dinner?" He took another big sip of his hot chocolate and smiled at her, he didn't like leaving people alone, and she looks like she didn't have anyone here with her, so why not ask? He loved having company and meeting near people then getting to know them, she could come over and he could get to know her! He smiled at the thought. Aurora smiled and nodded "Yeah! Come.over for dinner!" She clapped then gave her a poppy dog face.

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Arista smiled, and looked down for moment. Before looking at Elias and Aurora. "I would love too." She said honestly. It sounded like a ton of fun, and Arista had like no life so anything was better than staying at home and watching weird movies that make fun of mermaids. She was excited.

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Aurora clapped her hands and got off of the couch, she grabbed Arista l'amour hand and started to pull her. Elias smiled and stood up "Aurora don't do that" he picked her up and held her so the Arista could get up without being pulled, he looked at her "sorry" he held his hand out to her to see if she needed help standing up since the couch made you sink into it, he was happy to have more company other than his dad and sister.

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Arista smiled as she took her hand. "It's alright." She smiled and gathered up her belongings. A coat, scarf, hat and gloves. She was about to attempt to get up, when Elias offered his hand. "Thanks." She said as she took it. His hand was warm, and strong. She was excited to get to know them, and was glad for some company. Especially if it involved someone as cute as his daughter.

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Elias smiled and nodded "no problem" he picked up all of Aurora's stuff and helped her put on her jacket and scarf then watched her put on her hat as he held her, she finished then he put her down and put his jacket and hat on then picked up Aurora again "okay, let's go" he smiled, Aurora started to sing again as he walked out of the coffee shop and waved to the people working. He held the door open for Arista and smiled "ready?"

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Arista nodded as she fixed her white beanie. "You bet!" She smiled and followed them out of the door. "Thank you!" She told Elias as he held the door. He was totally a gentleman. From what Elias had said, his dad and sister were going to be there...so she was going to meet the family already. Which was totally nerve racking. She followed them to their car, visibly shivering. It was so cold, way way colder than the ocean. How these humans could stand this, she would never ever know. She remembered one time however that it was colder than this where she uses to live. There had been a major ice storm on land, and it greatly affected.the ocean. The water was almost completely frozen. It was awful. Arista can't stand the cold...it's the worst feeling ever.

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Elias smiled and shrugged "my pleasure" he walked to his small jeep and smiled at her "Sorry i dont have the door covers on right now" he climbed into the back of the jeep and set Aurora in her seat then buckled her all up and grabbed a blanket to put over her, Aurora smiled and was still singing, she loved to sing random songs. Elias got out of the jeep and smiled at her "its a little hard to get in" he walked over to the passenger side and looked at the opening then held his hand out to her for help getting in "just grab the bars to pull yourself in" he instructed her, he noticed she was shivering and thought for a minute then nodded to the thought and smiled.

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Arista shrugged. "It's alright." She thought the Jeep was cool. When he held out his hand, she gladly excepted. She climbed in quickly, still shivering, and settled into the seat. She rubbed her hands down her arms, trying to warm up, after she closed the door. "Thanks again." She said with a smile, before buckling up. she blew into her hands, and rubbed them together...attempting to warm them up. "It's freezing..." She muttered under her breath. How did it get this cold? It should be impossible...but it wasn't.

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Elias smiled and nodded "no problem" he walked around the his side and got in, he was used to the cold to he took off his jacket and handed it to her "you look cold" he smiled and started the car, there was no use turning on the heat since it would just leave the car so he kept it off and buckled up, once he was all ready he looked back at Aurora "Ready kid?" Aurora smiled and nodded "Yeah!" he smiled and turned on the radio then backed up and started to drive home.

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Arista smiled greatfully to him. "Thank you so much." She pulled on the jacket over her small coat. "I guess I need to go shopping soon." She laughed a little, before looking at him. "so Elias, what do you like to do? In your spare time I mean." She asked. She figured if she was going to eat dinner with them, she should get to know them...right? Right. It's manners. She's got the basics to Aurora, but she hardly knows anything about Elias. She wanted to know more...a lot more.

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Elias smiled as he drove "Well, i like to surf, and i mostly hang around Aurora" he shrugged "and i love to watch movies" he added and smiled at her then looked back at the road, he listened to Aurora sing to make sure she was okay and he listened waiting for Arista to ask another question. He drove past house after house as he tried to get to the beach so the could get to his house.

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Arista nodded. Ok..he liked surfing, hanging out with his daughter, and watching movies. Not bad! "Those are always fun!" She said with a smile, thinking for a moment. What question could she ask him without getting into his space? "Ok, what's your favorite movie?" She asked. There....he did say he liked watching movies..so there we go! Why not ask him what his favorite movie to watch. Arista listened to Aurora's singing, and goggles at the cute little words she sang. One day, that girl was going to be a famous singer. Arista knew it. Arista's favorite song that she had heard from the human world...was probably radioactive by imagine dragons. She could go crazy, jumping, dancing like an idiot to that song. And that's what made her like it. Was that she could do whatever crazy dance she could.

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Elias smiled and thought for a minute then smiled "The nightmare before Christmas, it was my mom's favorite" he looked at her and smiled then looked back at the road. Aurora started to sing all the songs that would come on the radio, she loved singing and barely every stopped singing. Elias turned onto there street and drove down it looking at all the houses as he passed.

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Arista shrugged. "I've never seen it...What's it about?" She asked, biting the corner of her lip nervously. That was something she did when she got flustered, or nervous. She bit her lip, or messed with her hair, or when she was really nervous, she would mess around with her earring. They we're unconscious habits...half the time she didn't even know she did them. But everybody else did. When she was a kid she got teased for the rubbing of the eat...people thought she was weird. Now, now no one cares. She lived in a strange world.

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Elias smiled "There are towns for each holiday, Jack is the pumpkin king of Halloween town, he gets bored with it and goes for a walk with his ghost dog Zero, they find the trees with doors in them that lead to the different holiday towns, he falls into Christmas town and falls in love with it, he comes back with the idea that he is going to make Christmas in Halloween town" he smiled at her "you should watch it sometime" he smiled and pulled up to his house.

((Cont. at Elias's house?))

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((ya, I will post))

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean walked in, and sat at a small table. Ocean Waited for someone to take her order. She Started to read her book, as rain started pouring down out side. She looked out the window "Crap" she whispered softly, her hair was already turning blue(If happens when is gets wet) she could never go out side, she would have a fish tail, she would have to wait, for a long time....

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Jack walked into the coffee shop, his big burly figure barley fitting into the door. He was mentally exhausted, having spent an hour helping his ADHD sister with her homework. That took more energy than most people thought really. It was like....going to a party and trying to do homework. Not going to happen! He ran his fingers through his slightly damp hair, his brown eyes searching the food options. Muffin? OJ? His eyes settled on the familiar, yummy option of hot chocolate. "I'll have a hot chocolate please." His surprisingly deep voice told the girl at the cashier. "And um...a blueberry muffin." He finished, waiting for her to get it. He was in need of a nice snack.

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean kept on reading, she looked up she went to go get a muffin. She shut her book, and went to the counter. Ocean's hair started to dry, and less streaks of blue were visible. Ocean stood in line and waited for Jack to move out of the way. It was finally her turn" A muffin, and a coke please" she said softly. The woman gave her stuff and she started to walk to her seat.

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Jackson looked around the shop and let out a groan. No empty seats. Of course. He glanced at a girl with blue hair sitting alone in the corner of the shop. Well....that was the only empty seat...hopefully she would let him sit there. Hopefully. Jackson walked over, putting on a confident smile, his brown eyes twinkling. It was a good thing he was outgoing, or this would have been awkward. He set his order down hesitantly, his red converse squeaking on the floor. "Excuse me. Is this seat taken?" He asked, his deep voice probably scaring the crap out of her. His voice was unnaturally deep, it was startling. It made his twin sister laugh, but anyone else? It freaked them out almost.

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean looked up, at Jackson and smiled, she shook her head as she said "no..." she said softly. Ocean took a sip of her coke. A small drip of coke fell on her hair. It started to turn blue, she quickly hid it. As she bit her lip, looking at her muffin, and glanced at Jackson. She turned the page in her book.

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Jackson smiled, his grin widening. "Well thank you. I'm Jackson by the way." He said in a friendly way. He liked meeting new people....it was way more fun than most people thought. Like some people freaked out and thought they were going to die, just because they were meeting new people. But...it was a part of life! You can't not enjoy meeting new people. Its just...not ok. You have too. Its like a law.

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squirrel-cheeks "I'm Ocean, Ocean Summers..." Ocean said softly, looking at Jackson, Ocean liked meeting new people, mostly when they act like her sometimes, Ocean pulled her hair behind her ear. Ocean did not talk much when she first meets people, she likes to stay quiet. Ocean bit her lip, and taking a bite of her muffin.

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Jack nodded, impressed. "Im guessing your parents like the ocean?" He said with a small smirk, eating some of his muffin. He was just the son of jack and a baby horse according to his name. Nothing as cool as the ocean or summer. He wished he was as cool as some people. To bad he wasnt...whatever. At least he was still him.

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squirrel-cheeks "Well Actually I don't know, I was found by the Ocean as a baby..." Ocean broke off, she was used to not knowing anything. She knew her parents must like the Ocean, them being Mer-people and all, She wished she knew more. Ocean Gave a quiet smile, now all the blue from her hair was gone, and she bit her lip, finishing her muffin.

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Jackson nodded, his eyes wide. Well...that was...interesting. Found as a baby by the ocean...with color changing hair. Weird. Jack was officially a little freaked out. Just a little. "Thats interesting. But cool at the same time.

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean felt weird, she knew her story was weird, and she knew he though she was weird. She gave a slow sigh, and finished her drink. Ocean Gave a smile, and bit her lip playing with the tips of her hair. Ocean looked at the rain fall, she wished she could just walk out in the rain like a normal person, if that's what normal people do.Ocean nodded knowing he was freaked out, she never usually told anyone that story. She wanted to leave, she had make weirdo of her self, but it was raining so she stayed put turning to her book again hoping what she thought, he thought of her was not all that harsh, but she could never know.

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Jack had no clue what to say to this girl...she was different. He wasnt sure how to respond to that. The way she made no move to make conversation with him freaked him out even More as he stressed about what to say to her, feeling like he had to be the one to start the conversation. Jackson Colts was in panic mode. He picked up his hot chocolate, taking a big drink from it, hoping to calm his nerves. This was so him though. only Jack would stress about talking to someone. Only him.

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squirrel-cheeks Ocean open her mouth to speak but hesitated, and didn't say anything, What do I say she thought to her self Ummm... Maybe something about his name... But what do I say about the name, Jackson She had nothing, this was awkward...Ocean finished her drink, then she set it down. She bit her lip she gave a small sigh watching the rain fall, Tonight was a full moon, she always got weird on full moon. Ocean looked at the water then returned to her book

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