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The harbor is the center of activity on Orcas Island. It’s where ferries from the mainland come and go, where the tour and fishing boats go out or sea or dock up for the night, where the float planes bring in the tourists rich enough to charter them. It’s where everyone coming or going passes through at least once, which makes it a prime location for people watch or prank pulling if you happen to be so inclined.

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Arden was sitting in her wheelchair watching the boats come and go. Ed had gone out to fish and she had passed on the opportunity to join. It was such a lovely day for once that she just wanted to enjoy it. It had been a month since she had gotten caught in Ed's fishing net. A month since he just looked at her tail and said "Sorry miss but you're the wrong type of fish". A month since he cut her loose and threw her back into the water. A month since she got caught again on purpose and struck up a friendship with the old sailor and a month since she has been living with him on his boat "The Lady's Tail" and not to mention living on land. She was thinking at the moment how she could have not wondered earlier about how life on land would be, yes she was curious about humans but never land. She was thankful to have gotten the opportunity to experience it. Even if it came about in an most unconventional way.

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Hayley wandered across the harbor, chasing seagulls. Yeah..that's right. You heard me. Chasing seagulls. She was playing with her charm bracelet, (it was off her wrist) when an evil evil seagull stole it and flew away! "Give it back!" She shouted, chasing that stupid seagull. Her heels in her hands as she ran after it. She was slowly getting tired...but was determined to get hat bracelet back. No matter why.

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Arden was suddenly interrupted in mid thought by a girl screaming. She turned her wheelchair around and saw a girl frantically chasing after a seagull. It looked like the gull had something in it's beak. Arden sighed, mortals. She summoned the gull over to her with her mind. It obliged and landed on one of the posts of the harbor. She told it to drop the object out of it's mouth. Again it did as she said. She thanked it and it flew off. She bent her head down to look at what the gull had actually dropped. It was a bracelet. She looked up to see the girl running towards her.

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Hayley ran towards the girl on the dock, panting. She was so out of breath. She had pretty much just chased that seagull from one side of the harbor to the other. "How did you do that?" She asked, panting. It was crazy. The seagull had flown over to the mystery girl, and dropped the bracelet at her feet. That doesn't just happen. Hayley sat down, leaning on her hands. "Sorry...just ran...a lot of feet" She breathed out, her lungs bribing for air. She did do dance...but hated running. It was like torture. Hunter liked Running. A lot. Hayley could do without it. She decided a long time ago that she's rather die than run. Simple, yet hard to keep.

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Arden arched a brow at the human girl. "Did what miss? I think merely that the gull just wanted to kill you by running after it. Are you okay? You seem pretty out of breath." Arden was a little put of by her alertness, to a oblivious human it would simply have looked like the gull had flown over and dropped it's loot and took off again, the fact that she was sitting right next to it a mere coincidence. She reached back and took out of her satchel a bottle of water that she had. She always carried bottles of water in her satchel that hanged by the wheelchairs handles with her. She handed the girl the bottle saying "Here, you better drink some of this".

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Hayley sighed. Of course...she wouldn't tell me. Why did I think she would? Hayley greatfully took the water, practically drinking it all. "Thanks. Running isn't my thing." She said, once she was able to get her breathing normal. She saw that the girl was out off by her question. It wasn't a surprise to Hayley. People were often surprised by her. Some people called her a mind reader...or weird just because she noticed things that others didn't. She was more observant, but also loud. It didnt help that she was planning on being a Social Worker either. Hayley focused on other peoples feelings, and was able to guess what they were thinking easily. It was just her.

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Arden nodded. "Your welcome. Now I must know. How did that gull get your bracelet?". Arden looked back down at the charm lying on the wooden boards. She would have handed it back to the girl if it wasn't such a stretch and would likely mean her falling out of her wheelchair. That was the one thing about living on land, her human legs were very weak. They worked, just not well, not well at all. She shifted slightly in her chair. She looked back at the girl, examining the human girl closely.

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Hayley blushed slightly as she slipped on her heels. "I had it off and was playing with it...when the gull snatched it up and flew away...so naturally I chased it! It was fast though..." She said with a small smile, picking up the bracelet. "My brother gave it to me..." Before he got married and ditched us with our depressed father. She was closest to Mason..but that didn't mean she was mad at him for leaving her...because she was, very mad.

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Arden looked at her. Playing with it? She seems sad about her brother. Arden was observant too. She thought that the girl was sweet. Not bad for a human. Instead she said, "Perhaps you might want to reconsider playing with it in the harbor. Gulls mistake it for food. Nice heels" Arden never wore any heels. There was no point and she always thought that heels messed up a person's feet. Besides, even if she could walk properly and didn't mind heels she would still probably fall and break her neck. But all things considered she knew a pair of lovely shoes when she saw them. Her own feet at the moment where bare.

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Hayley looked down at her black, skyrocketing heels. "Thanks. My uh sister got them for me." She said with a half smile. She was wearing a pale blue shirt with a jacket, blue jeans and her heels. Not the best outfit for chasing seagulls. She looked the girl over. "Like your hair." She said thoughtfully. It really was pretty Hayley decided. It was way prettier than her stick straight hair. Hayley hated her hair. A lot. Her sister Brenna's hair was naturally curly and straight...while Hayley's was just straight. It was pure torture. Her hair on good days was ok..but most of the time it was a bad day. Today was a good day, (Thankfully) But its rare.

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Arden smiled. "Thank you. I like your straight hair, it suits you." Arden was wearing a white skirt and black tank top. Her hair was loose but decorated in her mother of pearl hair pins. She wore her bracelet around her wrist, the only other form of jewellery on her. A black jacket hung beside her satchel. But it was such a lovely day she didn't need it. She usually didn't get cold anyways but had to wear warm clothing to avert suspicion. She rather liked the girl's ensemble. It was flashy, creating a diva persona of the girl and yet when she spoke it was the complete opposite. Arden didn't get human clothes. She only wore it out of modesty and because she had to. Ed's heart probably wouldn't make it either. She reached back and grabbed her own water bottle. Drinking a bit before drawing her attention back to the girl. "I'm Arden Delvine Callista by the way. You can call me Arden. And you are?".

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Hayley raised her eyebrows at her name. Arden. Something you don't hear very often. One of a kind name. "I'm Hayley Jade Groves. But you can call me Hayley." She ran her hands through her hair, brushing out all the tangles, before trying to get her charm bracelet on. It was harder than it looks, she decided. "So Arden, where you from?" She asked. Obviously she wasn't from around here. She didn't know what made it obvious, but it was.

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Arden shifted again in her seat. She decided this girl was the embody meant of whimsical. She kind of liked that. She said in a nonchalant manner, "Oh I'm from out of town. I'm just visiting my uncle." That was the story she and Ed had agreed upon. She looked out to the open waters wondering how Ed was fairing. She drank from her water bottle again before turning back to the girl. She held out her hand, "Nice to meet you Hayley."

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Hayley shook Arden's hand. "Nice to meet you too." Arden's gaze wandered over to the sea, again. Hayley decided that her Uncle was a fisherman, and she was worried about him. Well..she had every right to be. The sea is a dangerous place. Sharks, Whales, and there have been rumors going around town about Mermaids. Not that Hayley believed them..because she didn't, she just found then interesting. It was the only interesting thing aabout this quiet, peaceful town.

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Arden looked back at Hayley. To make conversation she asked, "So Hayley, do you live here or are you just visiting?" Arden could easily guess that she lived here but it was polite to ask first, she figured. She glanced back out to the sea, the water was calm and sparkling. She loved it so much.

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Hayley shrugged. "I live here." She said with a half smile, before she got a text from her brother, Hunter. 'Hey. Sorry about today. Come home?? ;)' Hayley sighed and slipped the phone back into her pocket. Maybe she would go home and make up with him...but maybe she wouldn't. She still couldn't remember what they had fought about, but it was a big one. She even uh threw a vase at him. Good thing her aim is horrible, because it would have really hurt him. He yelled at her to get out...so she did. And she was going to stay out until he said he was sorry. And it looked like he did. Her phone buzzed again, but she didn't even bother to look at it.

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Arden had turned her head back at the sound of the buzzing. She still found human technology odd. She looked carefully at Hayley. It seemed the text or whatever it was had been upsetting in a way. She took another sip from her water bottle before asking, "Everything alright?".

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Hayley looked up and smiled. "Oh ya. My brother and I got in an argument earlier." She held up her phone for a second, letting Arden read the text. "This is his lame idea of an apology." She said with a small shake of her head. "Boys." She muttered, obviously ticked off at him still. "What about you? Got any annoying brothers?" She asked, looking up at Arden. Hayley was leaning back on her hands, in a comfortable, relaxed position. She was exactly that; Comfortable, and relaxed. She hadn't felt this way around another human being in a while.

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Arden took another sip of water before placing the bottle on the post next to her. She clasped her hands and sat back slightly. She looked contemplative. "Perhaps, men never understand women anyways. At least he tried in his way, however blunderous." Arden then looked down at her. "No, no siblings. I'm an only child. I do have a cousin though. Uncle Ed has a son away at college in England. Yale, he's very proud. Geoffrey is his name. But we call him Ged. He's studying marine biology. Other than my uncle and cousin that's about it. My parents died a couple years back." Arden looked intently at Hayley with her dark brown almost black eyes. Those eyes held a story but it would take someone special to figure it out.

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Hayley nodded. "I'm sorry...but I know how you feel. My mom died when I was nine." Hayley said softly. 'And it was all my fault.' She mentally added. Not physically saying these words out loud, but thinking them. She knew it was true. It was because of her stubbornness that her mom died. it was her fault her dad was a hermit and depressed. It was her fault Brenna didn't have oone happy memory with her parents in it. It was all her fault. And no mmatter how many time her siblings tried to convince her otherwise..it was all true. And they knew it.

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Arden could see that Hayley was sad and sad for another reason. She didn't know why and didn't ask. It was none of her business anyways. Instead she thought of something to say to distract her. "My uncle won't be back for some time yet, shall we go and grab lunch?".

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Hayley nodded, as she stood up. "Sounds like fun! Where do you want to go?" She asked, glad for the distraction. she hated talking about her past. It was just a reminder of how big of a failure she is. Hunter, Brenna and Mason would argue that point, but she knew they were lying to protect her feelings. It hardly ever worked. Hardly. and if they did get her to believe it wasn't her fault...it never lasted long. Usually a couple days, a maximum of three..

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Hayley shrugged."The coffee shop as good sandwiches." She offered, walking behind Arden. "I'm gonna push you..ok?" She offered as she sslowly began to push the wheelchair. She thought for a moment. "That's about it." She said softly, a small smile on her face. Orcas Island was a small place...they didn't have a lot of options sadly. "Or we can go to my house." She said with a small laugh.

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Arden looked back behind her. "The coffee shops sounds good. And if you don't mind I'll rather push myself. No offence but I am rather good at it. Besides, it works my upper body strength. Perhaps when I'm super lazy you can take over again." Arden grinned at Hayley.

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Hayley laughed. "All right Ms. Independent. Push yourself then! My car is this way." Hayley said, pointing to a small bug. "Don't worry..your wheelchair will fit in the trunk." She said, just in case Arden was worried about her wheelchair fitting in the back of her car. She wouldn't blame her if she was. Hayley pulled her jacket closer around her. It was far to cold in this place. Far too cold.

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Arden grinned and pushed her chair. She was really strong in her upper body and was a pro already with it. Even if she only had a month's practice. She rolled the chair along until she got to the passenger side door. She turned and looked at Hayley. "I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm not paralysed, my legs are just very weak. If you can help me by giving me your hands to hold onto I can get up and into the car by myself." She watched Hayley to see if she would help.

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Hayley nodded and took her hand. "Of course!" She gently helped her up and into her seat. Some people thought Hayley was a brat, and rude. But she really was a good person! She would help out whenever needed...she was just super stubborn in the way she did it. But sometimes her stubbornness made people think she would never help out. But that was not true. At all.

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Arden was looking rather surprised. Then she grinned. "No offence but you're a lot stronger than you look." Arden couldn't believe that such a small human could have that much strength but Hayley had lifted and helped her with ease. She buckled up as Hayley got her wheelchair in the boot of the car. When Hayley got into the driver's side seat she smiled and asked brightly, "So were exactly are we off too? I haven't been around town much."

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Hayley turned on the car, and pulled out of the parking lot. "Thanks?" She said softly, not sure if that was a complement or not. When asked about where they were going, Hayley smiled. "I was thinking we could go to the Bayside Diner. Its my favorite place ever. Its right by the bay, a d has the best fries."

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Arden nodded. "Fries sound good. And it was a compliment, of sorts, by the way. Not many female humans are that strong." Arden then bit her lip. She had used the word "human" to describe Hayley. She hoped against hope she wouldn't pick up on that little blunder. Oh who am I kidding? This human is so observant, best come up with an excuse.

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Hayley almost didn't catch that, but she did. Hayley looked at Arden, her eyebrows raised. "Female Humans huh?" She asked, suspicious. She had no clue what had just happened there, but something did. She unconsciously gave Hayley a small piece of herself, that she hadn't ment to give. Hayley knew there was something different about her in the first place, but this confirmed her suspicons. Arden...was not like other girls.

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