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Tony Parsons The story unfolds with Lieutenant Gavin Rayne, & Sanders eating their chow. There discussion was about the Federal Syndicate (FSA) took over Mount Cyrus again.

In walks a female soldier & tells Gavin to report to Colonel Meer (commanding C/O, 57th Light Infantry) office for a mission brief ASAP.

Upon his arrival Captain Seth was also present in the meeting. Colonel Meer explained to the group about the Cult of Revolution (CoR) & the Equinox Facility (ore mining/research facility).

Your mission Lieutenant Rayne is to take 8 men (Lieutenant Andrew, Corporal Ivan); scout the area & investigate the facility, its supposedly abandoned. Captain Seth will also have 50 men from Bravo Company accompany him.

Upon arrival Private Nathan was shot by a sniper. There were many FSA soldiers moving towards Bravo Company where they were positioned. The FSA soldiers battled with Bravo Co. & then ran to hide in the Equinox Facility.
Lieutenant Anna Husky, Special Operations saved Gavin’ life, she/Sergeant Timmy joined forces with him.

The 3 arrived at the Equinox Facility where they encountered a strange worm-like creature jumped out of the ceiling. It was around 6” in length, & had 3 legs on each, the body was all black. More of them came & ate Timmy. Gavin found a few flammable cylinders shot them & fire consumed/killed many of the creatures.

Anna turned out to be a spy & had to explain to Gavin what her mission was about; years ago FSA scientists found traces of indigenous small worm like creatures in the ore deposits & how the evolution of them evolved. She also explained to him about the special made ore gun, she had shot 1 of the creatures with.
They came to 1 room where human heads were covered in some strange organic growth as were all the walls. Dorthy was 1 of the surviving scientist. Gavin & Anna continue to battle the different mutated forms of creatures. Not real sure what happened to them, all of the characters.

Next comes a brief history of the FSA & CoR).
In 3064, a unanimous resolution was passed by the UN abolishing all the national governments & and replaced by the Federal Syndicate (FSA). They have a council & a military force. FAS Spy’s & deserters from the FSA begin to infiltrate/join the Cult of Revolution (CoR) which has only been around for 15 yrs.

Cult of Revolution CoR 4 point agenda (4 Pillars) is:
1. Destruction of the Syndicate
2. Abolition of Genetic Apartheid
3. Return to Earth
4. Spiritual Enlightenment

Wow, what an exciting & east-to-follow free book to read. Short/sweet, creatures & 2 different organizations battling along with humans, scientists battling each other. This needs to become a schifi movie.

Must be a continuation of this short book.
I would give it 5 stars.

Thank you
Tony Parsons MSW

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Jackalovich thank you for the nice review tony

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