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Severed: A Tale of Sleepy Hollow

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Tony Parsons Set in 1790, in Sleepy Hollow (Revolutionary War) Katrina Van Tassel (18) keeps the accountant books for her very wealthy father who plants/sells 300 acres of grain a yr. Slaves were still prevalent in this yr., & work the fields. Her father is the wealth Baltus Van Tassel.

Elise Jansen is her best friend. There are several young men including Brom after Katrina’s heart but she seems to be infatuated by the Horseman.

The Horseman (dead Hessian mercenary) who seems to be a serial killer likes comes back to life (revenge) at night & beheads his victims. He rides by their house as Katrina watches from the window. Story told a cannonball severed off his head.

His next person of interest was the schoolmaster Nikolass Devenpeck, his funeral/buried came shortly after. The next victim was Garrett.

Ichabod Crane (Hartford Connecticut) took Nikolass place. His goal is also to educate the 11 slave children.

The Horseman seems to have his eye on Ichabod as another victim & Ichabod seems to be falling in love with Katrina. The town is puzzled why he now randomly picks his victims.

The only way to rid the town of the Horseman is to seal his grave, but in all reality they have no way to do that. Reverend Bushnell idea.

Katrina was having a bad dream that the Horseman was going to chop her up, Simon woke her up.

Later the Horseman threw fireballs at a cabin & planned on burning it & the occupants alive. A few were burned but the fire was contained.

Ichabod Crane was in jail & Katrina wanted to marry him in order to save him. The Horseman next victim was Marten (fisherman).

The magistrate had issued a warrant for Katrina arrest for the murder of Garritt de Graff & Marten Piers. They claimed she was a witch. The allegations are false, but her father must hire a lawyer from NY to defend her. She also was put in jail. Her father dies while she is incarcerated.
Peter Bottoms throat was slit, defiantly not the work of the Horseman.
With the help of Brom Katrina & Ichabod escape from jail. The Horseman catches up with them & plans on killing Brom.

In the confrontation with the 3; the Horseman’s identity is revealed & he is none other than Nikolass Devenpeck (schoolmaster).

The story ends with does the Horseman ever really die?

The book had suspense/romance & horror/comedy that might make it readable for both teens/adults.

Thank you for the free book, I enjoyed reading it. 4/5 stars
Tony Parsons MSW

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Dax Varley Thanks, Tony!

Tony Parsons :-)

Michelle I recently finished the book but have not written a review yet. I enjoyed it very much, but it left me with questions. Will there be a sequel, dealing with why the Horseman revealed himself to Katrina in the first place? After everything she has done to silence the real Horseman, has it worked?

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Dax Varley I hope to have a sequel this year.

Michelle Fantastic! I'll keep my eyes open for it!

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