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The Group Bookshelf should be for books on the current active list

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message 1: by Tom (new)

Tom Tinney (tom_tinney) The bookshelf is here to help group members look over their next possible book to review from the active review list. Working form that list helps put their work into the queue and also moves the list along to advance their work onto the list

Please do not add books to the bookshelf that are not currently on the active reads list.

message 2: by K.T. (new)

K.T. (ktbowes) | 1 comments I like looking at the Active Review List on here. It's easier to read than the list on FB and I just had fun going through the reviews, which are directly linked to each book. Is there any way of showing if they are dusty or hot? For the purposes of the ARL - or did I just not notice that column? Also, being completely lazy, when Ginger puts up the updated ARL, could we have a direct link in there somewhere to this GR page? I find GR quite hard to navigate and am scared that I will never find it again.

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