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I'm doing research for a new project and could use your feedback.

Do any of you narrate your own audio books or outsource to producers?

If you do outsource, would you consider hiring a freelance narrator / voice talent or do you prefer a full service company instead?

Do most of your colleagues (authors or indie publishers) feel confident enough to narrate and then produce their own audio version of their books?

Thanks so much for posting your opinions, experiences, and suggestions.

Debbie Williams

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Alexandra Swann (goodreadscomalexandra_swann) | 2 comments Mod
I haven't done the audio route yet, but if I did I would probably voice it myself. But that's because I am a control freak!

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LOL, I know what you mean!

I used to assume that most authors would do their own narrating, but when I produced an internet radio show years ago, I found most of my author guests were quite shy and introverted. Reading their own books felt awkward to them, even at public appearances.

Maybe in a studio they might feel differently, but not all writers think they have good reading voices, or would rather move on to the next writing project instead of taking the hours needed to narrate their books.

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your feedback.


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Alexandra Swann (goodreadscomalexandra_swann) | 2 comments Mod
I think a lot of people would actually rather have somebody else read the books. That's why I added the part about being a control freak.

To be honest, if they don't have good voices or some flare for the theatrical they would be better off outsourcing it. Nothing is worse than a badly read book.

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Michelle Campbell-Scott (michellecampbellscott) | 3 comments I had a go at reading my own but I realized that it was going to take so much time - not the reading, the editing. I tried my own equipment, that I use for course and video creation, but it wasn't good enough for book audio. So I went to a local recording studio. Fun but quite expensive as I only got half an hour into the book for $75 and the book ended up being over 5 hours long!
I eventually put it through ACX and accepted an audition from a great narrator. Much easier and it's a simple 50/50 royalty split. Plus, he has as much invested in it as me, so he does some promotion of it. Win-win.
So I like the ACX model, where you go through auditions from narrators.

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