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message 1: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments "The Jane Game is a trivia board game devoted to Jane Austen’s six novels. It is designed to bring Austen admirers together to share in her stories, characters, wit and language. While playing, each participant enters Jane’s world as one of her heroines. As such, you seek after a fortunate life by becoming an accomplished woman, gaining life experience and choosing to marry or not. Through chance, expertise and choice you could become the envied Mrs. Darcy, the pitied Mrs. Collins or the new roommate of Miss Bates."

I had seen and heard a lot about this new game and I was contacted by the inventor, Elizabeth Bankhead, asking me if I could help in spreading the word - so I hope you don't mind my posting about it here :)

This game has just been launched on the website Kickstarter and needs all the backing it can get to ensure that this game becomes a reality. To find out more about this game and to back it, go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1...

Below is the press release article...

Kickstarter Launch

Salt Lake City, Utah -- Elizabeth Bankhead of Salt Lake and team unveils “The Jane Game: A Jane Austen Trivia Board Game” on Kickstarter Nov. 20 to make it available for Austen fans. The game can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter until Dec. 14, 2013.

Bankhead has given her heart to the game’s development for nearly five years and has seen it progress from a good idea to a beautiful product which provides a diverting experience for any Janeite. With Kickstarter’s pre-order funds supplementing her own initial investment, Bankhead plans to produce the game for Austen admirers’ enchantment.

“Five years ago my mother and I dreamed up “The Jane Game” during Christmas vacation,” Bankhead said. “A year later I decided to start the journey of bringing it to its full potential. The road has been longer than expected, but, then, the game has surpassed what I initially imagined it to be.”

In “The Jane Game” each player starts as one of Austen’s seven heroines and seeks after a fortunate life. This fortunate life is best achieved by becoming an accomplished woman, gaining life experience and by marrying well. Through a little chance, wise choices and Austen trivia expertise, you could end up as the envied Mrs. Darcy, the pitied Mrs. Collins or not marry at all and be Miss Bates’ new roommate.

“I feel like I stepped into Jane Austen’s world for an evening,” said a play-tester, which encompasses Bankhead’s main goal while designing the game.

“The Jane Game” fosters an evening of conversation centered on one of history’s most beloved authors as those who play reminisce over her stories, characters, world and wit. All who wish to walk into Jane Austen’s bygone era with friends can become a founding contributor to “The Jane Game” and pre-order it before Dec. 14.

I hope this game manages to take off - it sounds like fun! :)

message 2: by Rachel, The Honorable Miss Moderator (last edited Nov 25, 2013 12:57PM) (new)

Rachel (randhrshipper1) | 674 comments Mod
This sounds GREAT! I wish I had spare money to contribute. I hope they reach their goal in time!

I came across a similar Kickstarter project awhile ago, a game called Marrying Mr. Darcy. It passed it's goal easily so I hope this one will too. I will definitely be searching for these games to buy them, hopefully with money I get for Christmas or my birthday.

message 3: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments What was marrying mr Darcy about?? :)

message 4: by Maria (last edited Nov 25, 2013 01:46PM) (new)

Maria | 94 comments :D Marrying + Mr. Darcy... my attention is all for you Rachel!

I like the Jane Game. It sounds fun!

message 5: by Rachel, The Honorable Miss Moderator (last edited Nov 26, 2013 02:04PM) (new)

Rachel (randhrshipper1) | 674 comments Mod
Marrying Mr. Darcy sounded like more of a card role-playing game. Here's the link to it's Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1...

It reached its goal and then some, so I can't wait to actually buy a copy! It looks like it will be ready in just a few months.

I REALLY hope The Jane Game has similar success!

message 6: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments Oh interesting! :)

message 7: by Maria (new)

Maria | 94 comments Oh, I love it!

message 8: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Ralston (jodiralston) | 1 comments Both sound great!

message 9: by QNPoohBear (new)

QNPoohBear | 582 comments It sounds like fun but I don't know who I'd play it with.

message 10: by Lydia (new)

Lydia (lydkins33) I would LOVE to play this game, but I don't know anyone who would play it with me.

message 11: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments I have the same problem!

message 12: by Holly (new)

Holly Mascaro (birdbrainbooks) (birdbrainbooks) | 48 comments Is there any way to donate/guarantee a copy still? I see that funding has ended.

message 13: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 1458 comments It reached the target and so should become a reality... But as to funding now it might be? Contact Elizabeth Bankhead - she is lovely!

message 14: by Marcy (new)

Marcy (marshein) | 2 comments You would need to know other Jane fanatics to find players. Could just try starting up a group wherever you live.

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