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Robert Doru

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Saidah Gilbert Did anyone ever wonder what happened to Robert Doru? I mean, Rose and Dimitri just left him at the side of the road. Shouldn't they have gone back for him? They need more spirit users, right?

Nikita I have also wondered about him. I think he might return in the Bloodlines Series.

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Sonja I've always wondered too, my thoughts are since he was knocked out, he was found (hopefully not by non-Alchemists or non-Keeper Humans) by Morois or Dhampirs and hospitalized. I feel like that will come back to bite the VA gang in the ass in the BL series (it would make a nice plot twist).

Sharon Totally. Anyone else wondering where they escaped to?

S.L.J. I think he's probably completely guano by now but if he's not, he might show up and try to kill Rose.

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