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 [♔] .queen's armor. Blue eyes opened weakly to the dimly lit cell, Avery's body weak and muscles tense from having slept on the concrete floor. 'I'm alive,' she thought silently, choosing to lie there for a few more minutes as he allowed reality to sink in again. The girl relished each living moment, cherishing every breath that entered and escaped her lungs. Avery focused on the feeling of her chest rising and falling slowly, her mind languidly awakening. 'Four days.' It had been four days since she left Los Angeles. And now she's in New York, unsure of where to trek to next. The plan was to find a working radio somewhere and listen carefully to see if she could find any survivor signals. There had to be survivor camps placed throughout the country. If she discovered one she would find safety. 'Safety.' The word seemed so foreign now. Was any place truly safe from harm?

Avery finally sat up and rose to her feet shakily. She stood frozen for a moment or two, listening intently for any sign of the infected. Only greeted by silence, she retrieved the revolver from the floor and pocketed it before slipping her backpack onto her shoulders and making her way to the door of the cell. Avery reached her hand past the bars and carefully slipped the key into the lock, twisting the tiny metal piece to let her free from the cage. Her free hand grasped one of the metal bars before she as she leaned in to press her face against the cool metal. Avery's eyelids fluttered closed. The temperature of the steel contrasting with the warmth of her flesh reassured that she was still alive.

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Russel walked down the hallway, once again leaving his home to find comfort alone. The apartment was so empty without Rose, oh his beloved Rose. He let out a sigh and kept walking, a shotgun in hand. The atmosphere of the Jailhouse was cold and eerie. He heard noise and moved around. He couldn't see. But he had the senses of a cat. Ready to kill his prey. Even though he was blind. His eyes were the color of a forest tree leaves.

He smelled the air and smelled....a girl? He walked around some more, he then stopped. Seeing a Clicker move, but then leaves the area. He continued and stopped again. He whistled a quiet song. Hoping the girl would hear.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery's head shot up. Was that humming she was hearing? She shook her head and slapped at a few times to see if she was just imagining things. How could anyone be singing? In a place like this? It just didn't fit the atmosphere. Her body tensed up as she reached in her back pocket for her knife. "this is a trick, I just know it," she thought to herself.

Avery moved quietly and slowly over to the sounds of the singing. It sounded like a masculines voice. As she got closer and closer the song that he was humming seamed rather familiar. Her eyebrow raised out of curiosity. Avery's body was in the fighting position. Ready to kill if she got the chance. It was dark. She could only see the outline if the males figure. "State your business here!" She yelled. Her voice echoed in the cell.

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He heard the young females voice. He stood there, stopping his whistling and humming, lowering his shotgun down. "I have no business here. In fact. I was here for a stroll. If you don't mind." he said in a calm and collect voice. He breathed in the dark and musky smell of the jail. The dark and hollow interior soothing him. "I always come here, Is their a problem for me coming here?" He asked.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery gave him a slight glare. What was wrong with him? Does he even know what is going on? She tightened her grip around her knife. "how could he be so calm?" she thought to herself. After a few seconds she calmed herself down by inhaling then exhaling. When she exhaled she loosed her grip on her knife. "I guess not..." She huffed. She took a step closer into the light to get a better look at him. The first thing that she noticed was his eyes. Right as she opened her mouth to speak a walker grabbed her shoulder, pulling her towards his mouth. Avery let out a small scream. Her gripped her hands that was holding the knife, swung her arm back and stabbed the walker in the throat. Blood everywhere. All over her face. The walker fell to the ground. Drowning in his own blood. Her eyes stared at the undead zombie. Knowing that thing use to be human made her upset.

Avery pulled out her gun from her bag. She quickly pulled the trigger and shot the walker in the head faster then a blink of an eyes. She let out a sad sigh and turned her bloody face back over to the male.

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He stood there for a minute. Hearing everything that happened. But he stood there and let it happen. "She's may be dangerous....But I think i can handle this." He leaned back against the wall. Listening. "So, If I may ask. Why are you here in a abandoned Jailhouse?" He asked, curiosity making him wonder.He walked over to the walker and smelled it. He stopped for a few seconds. He grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth, shushing her.

"Clickers, stay quiet." he said softly and quietly. They both stood their as 2 Clickers walked by, the mushrooms and the virus spread all over their bodies. Looking for food to feast on. Communicating only with the clicks they make.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery backed into him. Pushing the back over her into him. Walkers. No problem. Clickers. Harder. She was still and quiet. This guys better know.. her mind shot off. Everything whent blank. The Clickers were getting closer. Her eyes widened, her heart started to pound faster and faster. How where they going to get out of this? She thought.

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He gently went for his backpack and looked for something to use. Anything he could use as a distraction. "Come on, Come on! Theirs got to be something in here...." He stopped and grabbed something. He held it in his hand. It was the necklace he had given Rose. The necklace he tore from her infected body when she was dying. He stood their a minute. Just holding it in his hand. He didn't want to let it go.

But if it was Rose, their survival would have been the first thing on her mind. He gently kissed it, tears rolling down his cheek. He threw it far at the end of the hall. The click of the necklace hitting the concrete attracting the Clickers. As soon as they ran off, He let go of the girl, just standing there.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery gasped as he let go of her. She backed away from him a couple feet. "What the heck was that about?" She whisperd. Making sure her voice wasn't that loud. She shook her head. "Nevermind. Let's get out of here before we are next." She told him. She walked where she killed the walker and pulled the knife out of his throat. Avery then Pulled out her red rag and whipped the blood of the blade of her knife. When she finished she tossed the rag on the ground and put her knife back into her back pocket.

Avery slowly walked over to the man. "Thank you.. She told him." It was rare for her to thank anyone. But he had just saved her life and that was the least she could do. "What do you call yourself?" She asked him with her eyebrow raised slightly.

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He looked at the ground for a minute. He then wiped his blind eyes and looked at her."Russel, My name is Russel. and you are?" He asked. Picking up his shotgun and zipping his backpack up. He walked away from the Clickers with the girl. Following alongside her.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery looked at him. A small smile quiverd on her lips. "Avery,"
She told him. "Call me Avery. She repeated. The lights above them flixerd on and off and on and off. It felt like they were in a horror story. Witch they where.. Considering... many things. She looked around the Jailhouse. You would think that most girls would be scared to be around stuff like this. But, Avery. She showed no fear to what this Jailhouse Contaiond.

It was getting dark. It isent safe to travel around in the dark. She looked at Russle and then back to the ground. How long are they going to be walking for?

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"Nice to meet you, How old are you by the way. Since I'm blind. I can't see much." He said. They walked for a few minutes till they got outside of the jailhouse. He smelled the air. It was beginning to be nightfall. And nightfall wasn't good. he turned to Avery. "We Need to stay here for the Night, Unless you want to go and give yourself to those things. Go ahead." He went back in, walking somewhere in the prison.

He turned on his flashlight and turned around, looking at Avery. "You coming or not?" he asked. Walking ahead again.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery gave him a blank looked and followed after him. She sighed and looked around. "I'm twenty one by the way. How old are you?" She asked. Why was she still with this guy? Why did she keep following him. All of this was pointless. If he found out about her then it wouldn't end well. Avery took a deep breath and sighed, calming down. Calm down Avery, we just staying the night here, it's not like I'm going to tell him my life story," she said to herself.

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"Still young. I'm twenty-five. I'm surprised i haven't died in this god-forsaken world." he said. He turned to her and handed her a flashlight. They walked for what seemed like a half a hour. But they reached a wall covered in a thick wall of steel. He took our a key and unlocked the wall, opening it to reveal a large room. Russel entered and turned on the the candles all in the room. "Make yourself at home, Better sleep here than with all the Clickers and Walkers out there."

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery looked around the room. "A bed!" She shouted to herself. She ran over to the bed and sat down on it. She let out a happy squeal. "I haven't sleep on bed in over 2 years!" She said with a happy smile on her face. She looked around the room for a bit. "Is this... Is this where you have been staying?" She asked him. Her eyes were filled with curiosity.

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He locked the door behind him and sat down on the couch. Putting his stuff down. He closed his eyes and thought for a bit before answering her. "No, this is just one of my safe houses." He opened his eyes and walked to the boxes near one of the beds. He opened it and took out 2 bottles of water. He handed on to her and took out cans of foods. also grabbing some pots and a battery-powered heater.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery opened the water bottle and set the cap on the bed stand. She circled her lips around the bottle and drank the whole thing in less then 60 seconds. "Ahhh..." She said and whipped her mouth keeping the dribbles of the water go down her chin. She set down the empty water bottle where she left the cap. Avery then laid back on the bed and looked at the ceiling.
"How did you become partially blind?" She asked him. With her eyes still looking at the ceiling.

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He didn't say anything at first. He was cooking the meat and beans for them both. Thinking. He finally answered her. "I was shot by soldiers. They thought I was infected and didn't hesitate to shoot." he said. He gave her a plate of food and a piece of bread with another bottle of water. He sat down on the floor and ate quietly.

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery looked at her food then pushed it away; she put her hands together and closed her eyes, bending her head down slightly. "Thank you for the food," she said to herself. Avery then picked up the roll of bread and begin to nibble on it. "That's horribal. Those soldiers can be brutal, I try to keep my distance from them and the fireflies. Their nothing but cold hearted basterds. They will shoot anything that moves. Even the uninfacted." Her voice was serious and she sounded a little pissed off. Avery closed her eyes and sighed to calm herself down. She put her bread down and started to eat the meat that was on her plate.

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He smiled to himself. "You and I are on the same page then." He stayed quiet for a minute and looked at her. "Why are you here in the prison here anyway? I mean...I'd never expect a girl here." he asked. He eat some of his meat and beans. Swallowing it down with water. He ran a hand through his hair and waited for her answer. He heard a noise and jumped. Ready to defend himself. But it was only a shoe.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery looked off into the distance. Ignoring the sound. She thought to herself trying to find a way of telling him as to why she was here without telling the truth or a lie. She pushed her finger tips through her long wavy hair trying to come up with a solution as to what to say to him. "Hiding," she explained. "May not be the smartest place to go considering there are zombies everywhere. I guess I was a bit naïve to come here by myself, but I didn't have a choice," she said and looked back to Russell giving him a small smile.

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He looked at her. He knew when someone was lying. And she wasn't a exception. "You're lying. Don't deny it alright? Be honest with me and i'll be honest with you. But, I'll respect you and I won't ask question okay?" he said. Smiling. He went to open a small fridge he found that still had some juice from the old battery it was installed with. He opened it and produced a half of a chocolate cake. He smiled and showed her. "I though I might share a treasure with you. Since you're here." he said. "I said I would change after Rose died and that's what I plan to do."

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery raised her eyebrow. How could she trust this guy? She just met him. And Rose? Who was Rose? Her eyes sparkled as she saw the chocolate cake. She then looked back at Russell. "I... I'll tell you, but you need to promise to protect me," she told him. Her voice was shaky. She was scared. She wasn't able to trust anyone. How could she? For what she went through.

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He held her shoulders and looked at her. Helping her stop shaking. "Look, Tell me tomorrow. I have nothing better in live. Nothing to lose. But I promise, I'll protect you." He said. He grabbed a knife and cut her a piece of cake. "Here, just enjoy. I know we met. But your the only person I actually like. so, your in good terms with me." he said. He opened the fridge again and handed her a bottle of juice.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery had a big smile on her face as he gave her the cake. She looked like a small kid in a chocolate factory. Avery looked at Russell and gave him a small smile. "Thank you," she mumbled as she devoured the chocolate cake. After she was finished she took the glass that was filled with juice and drank it down. She sat up and brought all her dishes away and crawled back into bed. She pulled the covers down and crawled under them, making herself warm. She slid her hands down to her pant pocket, searching for her bottle of pills. Nothing. Where were they? Her heart started pounding fast. She jumped out of the bed and started searching for her pills. "Shit!" She said to herself after she remembered them falling out after that walker attacked her.

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He smiled again. "Looking for these?" He handed her the bottle of pills gently. "I heard you dropped them, so I picked it up and was going to give it back to you." He sat down. He held a military knife in his hand. He drank some more water. "Just relax okay? I'll be a few steps ahead of you." He ate the rest of his cake and put the plate down.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery sighed out of relief. She opened her bottle of pills to find that there was none left. "F***k" she said silently. She the placed the empty bottle on the night stand and crawled back into bed. Making thing herself all warm again. "I guess it will have to do tonight. I'll make a trip to the pharmacy tomorrow." She thought to herself.

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"What kind of medicine was it?" He asked. Looking at her. If she needed help. He would be the guy for the job. He got up and but on his boots again. Grabbing his shotgun and military knife. He knew where the Pharmacy was. Only problem is that at night it would be infiltrated by Bloaters and Clickers. "This is a suicide mission. But at least i'm helping her."

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery sat up quickly and noticed he was about to leave. "Don't go... Please," she said. Her voice was fragile and soft. "I don't need it. One night without it will be fine," Avery said to him. "You don't need to go kill yourself for a medication that I don't need." She said. It wasn't that she needed it. It was more of an addiction.

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He looked at her and nodded. "Okay then." he blew out some candles and tucked her in. "Rest okay?"

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery smiled then "thanks Russell" she said and then turned her face to the wall and closed her eyes. The smell of the smoke from the blown out candles made her feel relaxed for some odd reason. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.


everything was black and white. Avery was standing out in the open. When she noticed her father. "Father?! Father is that you?" She ran up to him but could not reach him. Her father turned around with a bullet in his head. He fell to the ground dead. Avery cuffed her hands over her mouth. The firefly laughing at her fathers death and her misery. After a few moments later thousands of clickers showed up and swarmed her.


Avery was screaming in her sleep. Her body tossing and turning. Oddly enough she didn't wake up even know she was screaming so loudly. She was covered in sweat. Avery gripped her right shoulder with her left hand. Digging into her own skin.

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He woke-up immediately. He ran to her and shakes her. "Avery? Avery wake up! It's just a nightmare! Wake up!" he said loudly. He stopped her from digging into her own skin. He held her close. Protecting her. "Wake up...please." he said softly.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery gasped for air and shot opened her eyes. She scooted herself up and pulled her knees to her chest shaking. She didn't say anything. She just sat there. Hair a mess. Eyes opened wide looking off into the distance.

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He crawled over to her slowly, he fixed her hair gently and held her. Not saying a word.He just keep her safe and warm. comforting her silently. He didn't understand what was wrong with her. But he promised himself he wouldn't let anything happen to her at all. He kissed the top of her head and stayed by her side

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery shook her head getting out of her gaze at the touch of soft warm lips touched her forehead. She looked over and noticed that Russel was there. She didn't know how he got there or when he got there. Avery pulled the blackest up to her chest and tightened her grip around the blanket.
"I... I'm sorry..." She told him.

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He nodded his head. Looking at her. "it's fine, just try to get some rest okay? it's been a hard day for you and you need the energy for tomorrow." He kissed her cheek and rubbed her shoulder before going to the other side of the room, He sat their and closed his eyes. It looked he was sleeping, but he wasn't

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery sighed and nodded her head slightly. "Thanks.." She muttered before laying back down and put her head, on the pillow allowing her head to sink into the fluffiness. She slowly pulled up the blackest so it were touching her chin and closed her eyes and fell asleep.

(( I'm not even sure if Fluffiness is a word haha))

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(let's make it our word okay?) He got up and checked his clock. it wash 8:30am. He let out a sigh and looked around. The room bringing back memories of him and Rose. He started to cry, but made no sound. He was alone in the world again. He wished that he could have saved her. But he couldn't. He felt helpless and weak. He closed his eyes and cried silently.

 [♔] .queen's armor. As the morning sun rose light seeped in through the cracks in the wall and into Avery's eyes. She squinted a but before she completely opened her eyes and looked around and noticed that Russel was in the same spot he was last night. She pulled the blackest off her body and touched the cold ground with her warm, unsocked feet. She tiptoed over to Russel and bent down getting eye level with him. She took her index finger and slightly tapped him on the shoulder. "Are you alright..." She asked in a soft voice.

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He looked at her, for a moment, just a second. She looked like Rose, but it wasn't. He wiped his tears away, putting on his hard shell. Rise wash dead, nothing was going to bring her back. "I'm fine....it doesnt matter anyway...." he whispered quietly

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery stood up slowly and arched her head to the side to get a different view point of him. She she tell that he was upset over something. But, he ovbususlity didn't want to show that he was so she just ignored it and smiled. "I'm going to make you breakfast, it's the least I can do for you for saving my life, what would you like?" She asked him with a smile on her face as she brushed off some visable dirt that was on her pants.

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He looked at her smiling face. His expression softned and he couldn't help but smile back.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery smiled and turned we body around and walked over to the refrigerator when she opened it she took out a carton of eggs and some orange juice that was in there. "How do you like your eggs cooked?" She asked when she grabbed the pan that was on the counter.

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He though about it for a minute. "sunnyside up, please." he said. He watched her for a while. He school it off and put on his jacket and strapped both his knifes in his boots. "Need any help?" he asked. Being polite.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery turned her head and smiled "no thank you I can do it," she said and put the eggs on the pan. She put a lid over the pan so they would be sunny side up for him. She garbed a cup and poored dome orange juice in it and walked over to Russel. "Here you go," she handed hism the glass and walked back over to the eggs to cheek on then

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He nodded and drank down his juice. He went to go sit down and clean his boots. After a few minutes he went outside to investigate the area, hoping no Bloaters or Clickers are around. He checked around the perimeter and sighed in relieve. No sign of the infected. He walked back to the safe house.

 [♔] .queen's armor. Avery was butting the dishes away when he returned. "Is there any sighs of life out there?" She asked a bit worried for other people.

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