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Located beyond the walls, Times Square was one of the first places to be filled with Infected all those years ago. Once a busy hub filled with tourists, it now stands as a reminder of what was lost on that terrible day.

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It was hot. It was always hot. It was like she could feel the sun in her throat with every intake of breath. She could see the heat rising from the ground in the distance, muddying the view of the lands every way she turned. She sat in the shade of the truck, desperately scratching at her neck as if that could help with the heat. She’d finished the last of her water a few hours back, and her food had run out nearly two days ago. Or was it more? Anna couldn’t really tell anymore. Nor did she bother to. Time held no place in a world as ugly as this.

She looked down at her shaking hands. She closed her eyes, and suddenly, memory became reality, and her hands were gloved in blood, pressing down on a knife that was plunged deep into a man’s throat. He gurgled and squirmed weakly beneath her, slowly dying, drowning in his own blood. She said the words out loud like she’d said them just yesterday. "I’m sorry. But I have to find my sister." And then she felt them. Tears. Hot, prickly tears that raced down her cheeks. It had been years since Anna had seen, let alone heard from her sister, but she knew she was alive. She had to be. Or maybe that was just some delusion she continued to tell herself because she refused to believe otherwise.

Anna opened her eyes, shaking her head and swallowing the dry knot beginning to form in her throat. She looked around. There was no one. Nothing. The only thing she had was the truck she’d stolen from the men she was with, and whatever garbage was left in it. She was alone now. Completely alone. The men she’d abandoned, the ones who’d used her for her body and gave food and protection in return, were likely very dead. Or … undead. She’d left them with a pitcher of water, and at least one days worth of food. There was five of them. And she’d left them all to die.

She shook her head again, as if the action would eliminate all the memories of the past six years. She just wanted to be back at home with her sister. Laughing, drinking, fighting, calling each other names. That’s what she missed most. Those carefree moments when the last thing on her mind was running from the dead and fighting for her life. She raised a hand to her cheek to see if she was crying. But there were no tears. She had no more to give. Nothing left. All she could hope for now was that her sister was somewhere safe, alive, and happy.

Anna stood up, legs shaking as she stepped out from the shade of the truck. Immediately, the heat pierced her skin. She weakly brought a hand over her eyes and pulled the gun out from the back of her shorts and just walked. A few feet seemed like a couple of miles, and suddenly, at the end of the road was a bright light. She dropped the gun, "I’m sorry, little sister." And as a shadow figure approached her, everything went black.

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(Sorry about the weak post. I have lots of cooking to do for thanksgiving tomorrow.)

The heat was getting to her head. To her 2 minutes felt like 3 hours. Her body was stiff and weak. Oh how badly she wanted to move. Anna was unconscious but she was still able to detect the slightest of things as to was was going on around her. Her blue eyes opened weakly as the black figure that was walking towards her got more vivid. It was no zombie. It was a human. Anna's eyes closed again. To weak to talk. To weak to care. She focused on the feeling of her chest rising and falling slowly, her mind languidly awakening. ‘Four days.’ It had been four days since she left her comrades. She was still here, in the world filled with the 'undead' unsure of where to trek to next.

As she felt her body lower to the ground a rush of coldness pierced through her body due to the concrete floor. She could her a noise of someone's voice telling her to wake up. She was unsure if it was a females voice or a males. Then she felt it. The coldness of the water going down her throat. It felt refreshing. And yet it was painful when the liquid went down her dry and warm throat. To her it felt like thousands of needles.

Anna's blue eyes opened. The blurry figure of the human kneeling before her got more clearer and clearer; she could know tell that the human figure was male. She shot up, scooting away from him. She reached with her hand, feeling around for her duffle bag. "where is it? Where the hell is it! " she asked to herself. She scooted for the nearest corner and pulled her knees up to her chest. Her eyes showed no fear. Only determination and strength.
"If you going to kill me then just do it." She said looking him in the eyes.

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Anna cocked her head to the side slightly out of confusion. "But... Why didn't you just kill me... When you saw me on the ground. You're a Firefly. their all the same." She told him. Her eyes filled with hatred. But, when he offered her a place to stay and gave her food Anna didn't know what to think. She quickly stood up and wrapped her arms around her chest. "wait..." She said in a soft voice.

Anna knew she was going to die out here if she didn't do anything about his offer. She needed to find her sister. She just needed to know if she was alive. If she was safe. She could care less about this strange man. "Can I..." She said. Anna looked at him with her soft blue eyes.

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