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message 1: by Clarissa (last edited Nov 25, 2013 09:01AM) (new)

Clarissa Wild (clarissawild) | 30 comments Are you an author? Do you want to get more exposure for your book?

Selfpublished writers, or indies, usually have trouble finding places to show their books to the public. I know, because I've been through this myself, trying to get more eyes on my book, asking for reviews and showcases on other blogs. That's why I've decided to open my blog to authors who want to promote their book.

Your book could be on my blog for FREE!

Your promotion can consist of 1 of these options:
A Showcase of 1 of your books, featuring a cover, a blurb, an excerpt and a buy link.
An Interview, featuring at least 6 questions with your answers, your cover and a buy link.
A Spotlight, featuring a short bio with your photograph, social links, website links and short summary of all published books.
A guest post, featuring a short bio with your photo, social links and website links.
A Bargain Feature, which includes a deal price, a blurb, an excerpt, a cover and a buy link.

OPTIONAL: include a giveaway! (not available for the bargain feature)

(Note: Requires at least 1 prize you're willing to give away. Giveaway will be set up by me. It will last for 1 week. It will include: mailinglist sign up, facebook likes, twitter follows for both you and me. It can also contain: Goodreads shelving and/or following, and reviewing another book, if requested. Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for any costs whatsoever regarding this giveaway, shipping fees and/or loss of items. It is YOUR responsibility to deliver the prize to the winner. I will notify you of the winner's email address.)

I will promote the post to my facebook and twitter channels.

Example of a blogpost:

Genres I accept:
ALL types/subgenres of Romance (including erotic, gay, bdsm and all subgenres)
Women's Fiction general
Contemporary Fiction (Drama)

Picked one out yet? Here are the requirements:

Contact me through the form on my contactpage and include in your subject: Which option you choose (i.e. 'showcase', 'interview' or 'spotlight'). In the body, include: Name of the book(s), genre and preferred posting date/time (note: this does not guarantee a posting on the specific date/time!).

I'll get back to you as soon as possible. The contents of your feature do not have to be sent through this contact form yet, we'll do that via a private e-mail.

This promotion is FREE.

All I ask is that when I post your featured book, you will tweet it to twitter or post about it on facebook, for extra exposure.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!


>> Click here to contact me for FREE promotion <<

message 2: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Chanel (jackiechanel) This is great, Clarissa. You're too kind!

message 3: by Clarissa (new)

Clarissa Wild (clarissawild) | 30 comments Jackie wrote: "This is great, Clarissa. You're too kind!"

:D Mutual interest. ;) Contact me if you're interested! I have open spots for December/January.

message 4: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Tighe (rltighe) | 28 comments Hi Clarissa

Are you still doing this promotion and do you include short stories please?

Many thanks

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