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Sector 1 houses the upper class which includes Generals and Lieutenants along with government scientists and doctors. It is one of the only sectors which have been constructed to look like a normal town.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay When the thunder started, Andrew couldn't help but feel a bit of dread. It wasn't that he was afraid, no, he wasn't. It was more or less that the thunder hid the sounds of other things. Thunder took away the ability to listen for threats, and it left them with one less defense against the infected that roamed the area. Nikita's remark brought his thoughts back to the present though and he smiled a bit, the corners of his mouth twitching up slightly as he nodded. "Yeah. You could say that." Andrew kept his gaze focused in front of them, his eyes scanning the area, his training second nature to him now. It was that training though that had kept him alive so many times before. It was that training that made him confident that he would be able to protect Nikita if danger should arise. Still, as they neared the sectors he didn't relax, even though he knew that the chances of danger were very slim.

At the excitement that Nikita showed for learning to shoot he paused, turning to look at her, craning his neck curiously in her direction. "Woah wait, are you not allowed to shoot or something?" It was the first thing to pop into his mind, with the joy that she was expressing it was like she was a kid doing something their parents had forbidden. Of course if she was he would teach her anyway. It was stupid for her not to know how to defend herself in the world that they lived in. She deserved the right to be able to protect herself in the world that they survived in. She needed to be a survivor, and babying her? Sheltering her and keeping her from being able to protect herself? Well no, that just wouldn't do.

"You should be happy. A lot of people don't have the protection that you do. Sector 5 still has a lot of infected that slip between the barricades. The fact that your home is so protected is a privilege. You might feel like a prisoner....but it's better than fearing for your life, right?" It wasn't that Andrew was trying to guilt trip Nikita. It was just that he wanted her to appreciate her home more than what he felt that she did. He wanted her to feel more comfortable there, not like a prisoner. Like it was a sanctuary. He couldn't believe she liked being on the outside.......he dreaded it almost every day. But he did it to protect people.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Oh-ho....No. No. I don't do dancing. Never have, never will. Sorry there sweetie, but you will never be able to get me to dance." Smirking over at Nikita he was curious as to why she would bring that up so suddenly, I mean he'd expected her to bring it up sometime, but he didn't expect her to bring it up so suddenly and so soon. Either way he supposed it was to be expected, one could never hang around a dancer and not expect them to be curious about the dancing skills of the other. Personally though? Andrew knew better, he'd danced as a little kid....or rather he'd tried to. He just wasn't a good dancer....or rather he was born with two left feet. "And you should definitely know how to shoot, it's dangerous....especially since you're so thick-headed and insist upon sneaking out into the danger zones. You definitely need to be able to protect yourself other than just your knife." Listening to the tone of his voice it was easy to see he was poking fun at her, and her reckless behavior.

When her arm linked with his, Andrew was a bit startled, I mean he knew she was one of those optimistic people, but he wasn't quite so ready to see how hands-on she was. "Somehow I get the feeling you're just excited because your parents are against it." Great.....she's in her 'rebellious' phase.....great...just great. As they walked he could only listen to her description of why she hated being inside the walls. "How old were you? When everything happened? Where were you?" It usually depended on how people had been during the onslaught of everything that made them who they were. Judging from the cheer Nikita gave off he could only imagine that she hadn't had a very hard go of things. Probably was in one of the safe zones from the very beginning if he had to guess.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Andrew shook his head, "No. No, we will not 'see'. I can't dance. I don't dance. The last time I danced I'm pretty sure that everyone watching me went blind." Shuddering as if the memory was horrible and painful he couldn't keep a straight face for long and eventually a smirk cracked through his facade. "Alright, so it wasn't that horrible, but it was still bad. You won't get me to dance." Yeah, the only way that Andrew would ever dance is if it was for someone he really, really, really cared about. Otherwise? Forget about it. "And I have no idea what you are referring to. Me? Thick-headed? I don't believe such accusations." Of course, Andrew was just messing with her, he knew he could be stubborn. He knew that he could be very very stubborn. It was a fault, and not one that was likely to change. He could tell that he had surprised Nikita though, the way her eyes widened slightly around the edges, and the uplifting smile on her face, she was glad about it, and he could probably guess why.

"You know....you're very expressive. And contrary to belief....Soldiers are not robots." It was a bit hurtful, to be faced with those that despised the soldiers. All that Andrew did, all that the fellow soldiers did....or at least the non-corrupt ones, was all to protect the people of the sectors. Yet, for some odd reason people didn't like them. People mistrusted them and seemed to think they were emotionless shells, robots that were just supposed to do their jobs and didn't care about anything. It went with a famous saying; if everyone is constantly telling you something, eventually you start to believe what they say. With everyone always thinking soldiers were emotionless, a lot of them became emotionless. Stopped caring, started living by the mentality that if the people didn't like them already, might as well give them a reason to dislike them.

"And you shouldn't think of it in such a cheerful way. Guns aren't toys. It's not a game to be firing them...." Frowning slightly, Andrew shook his head, starting to doubt his action. Maybe she wasn't ready to learn how to shoot a gun. Maybe he should focus on training her in hand to hand combat first. "I've changed my mind. You need to learn other things before you learn to shoot a gun. I'll still teach you to shoot, but just not right away." Shrugging he paused, nodding as she told him that she was young. A baby when it all happened. "I was 7. The youngest of 6. We were lucky though, away from everything when it first started. We were able to live for another year before everything started going bad everywhere. My family lived in a pretty nice cabin, able to avoid most of the population..... My home burned. I don't have anything to go back to." Frowning, Andrew cleared his throat, pulling himself from the past. "Sorry. I zoned out for a bit there."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Yes, You're very Expressive. Every thought and every emotion is spread out across your face. Your eyes widen, corner of your mouth tilt, lips purse, brows furrow. You're the definition of expressive." Andrew shrugged, to be honest, Nikita was probably more expressive than children. To be brutally honest? She reminded him a bit of a cartoon character with all the expressions she could create. It was like her face was an open book, although maybe that was just because he was really good at reading people. Somehow he didn't think that was the entire reason though. It couldn't just be his skills at reading people, wouldn't that be egotistical? To think it was all his amazing talent that made her so easy to read? Ha, as if. Or maybe they were just soulmates and that was why he was able to read her so well.

Rolling his eyes at her show of sarcasm, Andrew paused, waiting until she was done with her little salute and statement, before suddenly reaching out and grabbing her wrist. Pressing his other arm against the small of her back he used his arm like a pole and braced himself before flipping her over so she was laying on her back. No doubt he knocked the wind out of her, but it wouldn't be anything that would leave her damaged or too upset for too long. "Oh yes...you're so prepared." Rolling his eyes he let go of her wrist and then waited for her to get up. "You need to be able to defend yourself in all ways, not just with a gun. Learning hand to hand combat will help you learn how to defend yourself when your ammo runs out. Help you become more proficient with that knife of yours." He didn't feel bad about knocking her to the ground, after all she had to know that the rest of the world wasn't nearly as kind as he was. If he'd been a killer she already would've been dead.

"And who bothers with homes anymore? I have an apartment." Shrugging he started to walk again, knowing that Nikita would get to her feet and then she would catch up with him. After all there really wasn't any other option for her, and if she was any sort of smart she would know better than to try and knock him to the ground from behind him. After all, resting on his back was a gun and while the safety was on, it would be reckless of her and only add reason to his cause for not teaching her to shoot right away.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay [I know he just has the best manners. Oh and I feel like, Lorcan would probably be Silas' closest friend and as a result Lorcan would probably know about Silas' ability.]

"You don't have to change yourself for my own personal taste, I don't care if you're expressive or not, it was simply an observation." Sighing in a slightly exasperated way he paused and turned to her, "Is this what it's going to be like? I'll make a comment and you'll think I'm critiquing you? Because I'll make it clear when I'm criticizing you." Andrew wasn't mad, but he didn't want her to think he was criticizing her every time he made a comment. Smiling slightly he reached out, ruffling the hair on the top of her head, wondering if that would bother her and watching her to see how she would react to it. "You're right. I have been watching you." Smirking, Andrew almost made a teasing comment, but he stopped himself at the last moment, reminding himself just who this girl was.

It was easier since he had continued walking after he had flipped her over and left her. She was definitely startled by how he had just attacked her out of no where, and that was the point, she was supposed to be surprised. She had to be ready to react at a moment's notice, because in a real instance she wouldn't be able to just think about things, she'd have to react on instinct. It wasn't that he was trying to be mean, he was just trying to make sure that she realized how much she had to learn. That she would be safer with some instruction. At her comment, Andrew smiled slightly and turned to look at her, "Sure, you are. Now c'mon. Your parents are going to get curious if you stay out much longer. Besides....My shift is over and I'm exhausted, so pick up the pace, Kita." Smiling at her he waited, crossing his arms over his chest, not in an intimidating way, just a mildly amused way.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Andrew wasn't surprised by the way that Nikita retorted by patting his cheek. In fact he found it a little average, but he was surprised to find he wasn't annoyed by it. Perhaps it was because he was more comfortable around her than he had been a few hours ago. That was the thing about living in the time they did now. People got attached rather quickly to other people, tried to appreciate them while they could and learn all about them while he could; before they lost that person to an infected or worse. Either way, he found that he wasn't as bothered by it as he would have been a few hours ago. Still, what did bother him was her reaction to how he had attacked her a few moments ago. With a groan he shook his head, "I give up. You're too stubborn for your own good and one day it is going to get you killed." Perhaps that was why they were soulmates, after all he was always too cautious and she threw caution to the wind.

Approaching the sector he didn't have to show identity to get them waved through the gates, after all the guards on duty knew him. Hell he played poker with most of them when things got a little boring and it was late at night. "That's a lie. I'm certain your parents care or they wouldn't keep you in sector 1. It's only because of your parents that you're in the sector you are, otherwise you'd be a sector 5-er." He didn't mean it to be harsh, but it was the truth. After all, Nikita wasn't a doctor she didn't do anything to help out for finding a cure. She was worthless in the eyes of the order of the sectors. She wasn't worthless in Andrew's eyes, but Andrew saw everyone as important in some way, he thought everyone should be able to live in Sector 1, that just wasn't the way things worked though. "Have you ever been to the other Sectors?" Andrew wasn't being harsh, just curious if she'd ever been to the poorer sectors, seen what happened.

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