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message 1: by Stewart, Moderator (last edited Nov 25, 2013 05:55AM) (new)

Stewart McFarlane (mcfarlane) | 147 comments Mod
This post is about a brave little puppy who pretty much rescued himself,then helped rescue his brother and sister.

Last week he tagged along with my pack of four dogs at the reservoir near our home in Thailand. He was very friendly to me and the dogs. Full of scabs,ticks fleas etc. He wouldn't be left behind, so we brought him home, then straight round to the vets for blood tests and a clean up. He is clear of internal parasites etc, and will start his injections tomorrow. He seems to take everything in his stride and loves all the dogs & my family. He is about 3-4 months and is a charmer.

Sometimes you meet a dog and something just clicks and you know you cannot give them up. We are calling him "Long Ma" which roughly means "Origins unknown". Our rescued Bangkok street dog, "Soda" (11 months old) has appointed himself the guardian and playmate of Long Ma, with Pepsi our German Shepherd, as their leader.

Five days ago back at the reservoir, our brave little puppy led us to an abandoned house, where we found his brother and sister, in a really bad state. No sign of their mother. I figured there would be other puppies around, but had no idea where to find them. Long Ma led us straight to them. They were really shy with humans, but are getting more confident with hand feeding. My two regular dogs and two others belonging to my sister in law, have already befriended them and are letting them get access to food first.I have already administered heart worm tablets and front-line. Since they are already sleeping in a house, with open access (ie no doors or windows), I am letting the 2 shy puppies stay there for now, but I have cleaned up and de-flead the rooms, and got them a comfy treated mat to sleep on. They are lovely puppies and will make fine dogs, given love,attention and some training.

Now we have daily doggie picnics at the reservoir, so Long Ma and his siblings can play together, and start getting used to people and a variety of dogs. Never less than four dogs, in addition to the three puppies.Also an assortment of fishermen, farm workers and food vendors for them to get to know.

I have posted pictures in the photo section.

Just to add to our interesting times, the little terrier bitch of my sister in law is getting frisky and is coming into season, and will have to be spayed, before she drives the rest of the pack nuts.

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Barbara (lv2scpbk) | 1256 comments Mod
I'm so glad you rescued this dog.

I'm going to look at your pics.

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