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T.C. Filburn (tcfilburn) | 13 comments My debut scifi/fantasy/humour novella will be available to download on Kindle for FREE on Amazon for 3 days, from 29th November until 1st December.

Martifius The Wizard of the Eastwood by T. C. Filburn
Martifius was a wizard. A very bored wizard. Bored, and thoroughly fed up with his lot. His life as a wizard had just not panned out the way he had been expecting when he first learned of his talent all those years ago. His dream of visiting mysterious and magnificent far-off worlds and doing great and glorious deeds had long since been shattered into a billion tiny pieces of insignificant tedium. His expectation of becoming a mystical and mythical hero for children to sing songs about long after his days had really not been realised at all. His existence had been utterly and interminably dull for a very long time, and his powerful and merciless fraternity made livening it up pretty much impossible. Still, at least the pay was good!

A simple, humorous tale about one wizard and all that has gone wrong with his life, with wizarding in general, and with the galactic transport industry.

Martifius: The Wizard of the Eastwood is the debut novella from new author T.C. Fulburn.


Other territories are also available!

I'd also obviously be very grateful for any honest ratings and/or reviews (here and on Amazon), but if you just want to read and enjoy (at least, I hope you enjoy!) that's OK too!

Here is my author page:
T. C. Filburn

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T.C. Filburn (tcfilburn) | 13 comments Free offer starts today!

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T.C. Filburn (tcfilburn) | 13 comments Last day today!

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