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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) This roleplay can be about anything! A random story/idea, Hogwarts, Camp Half Blood, Panem, or anything else!

How to Roleplay

Go to the 'Create a Character' thread. Put your character's name, age, appearance (picture if possible), personality, family, history, love interest, whatever you want. Me or one of the other Moderators have to approve your charrie before you can begin to roleplay.

You can then go to the 'Find a RP Buddy' thread, and post a comment about what genre you're interested in roleplaying in.

You'll learn from other members, and have fun! If you have any questions, just enquire below, and me or one of the moderators will help you! :)

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Tegan | 13 comments Thank you for this useful and helpful information :)

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✿ αzzι ✿ (azziplz) Tegan wrote: "Thank you for this useful and helpful information :)"

Um, you're welcome ;)

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