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The Christian right is most known for their denial of inconvenient science, but in many respects, they’re just as bad when it comes to the facts of history. After all, no matter what the topic, they know they can just make stuff up and their people will believe it. So why not do the same when it comes to political history? Here are five examples.

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George King (kinggeorge) | 141 comments A really interesting article! Typical of the willfully ignorant, the Christian right, as described in this essay, ignore actual facts and create their own.

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Naomi V (naomi_v) | 98 comments don't forget sarah palin's outrageously twisted take on Paul Revere's ride.

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John Winsor (johnwinsor) My book, "What Your Preacher Didn't Tell You," dedicates a chapter to "religious right" misconceptions about the Founding Fathers. It also addresses science - specifically evolution, but the main thrust of the book is about the Bible itself. Among other things, I quote the gospels to demonstrate that Jesus expected to become an earthly king rather than "Son of God" and present historical FACTS that the modern Christian dogma was invented after he died and had nothing to do with what he believed.

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